Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i know what your thinkin....

i know what your thinkin...but we're both wrong! think hes just bargin in on the pic with these two first timers, and that hes not reallly fuckin either of them!
well your wrong...he may be pushy...but hes gonna push his cock in both of them! tonight each of these girls will feel his oversized...hard as granite black fuckpole! they're both gonna cumm hard for thier first real gasm!...thanks to a big...pushy nigger!

the tip-off ...then the reaction!

they came out tonight w/o thier boifriends!.....they went in search of some black action! they went where da niggahs go....the one facing the camera seen him coming....tall and strong....confident yet chill....smooth and coco brown! she nudged her friend...''look at this one!''
this is thier reaction....welcoming smiles (that say..''pick meee! horney!)
oh yeah...check out how the one in stripes pokes her hot ass if he wont notice!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

thats what they say!

they say the darker the berry....the sweeter the juice!
this pale white slut can attest to the fact!...she asked hub to get her a dark a black one! you can see hub did good! not only is he a black mutherfucker...his cock matches!....big and hard!
now keep filming us how she cumms!

Monday, February 27, 2012

let dem niggahs take over!

es 45 years old...but shes still got it! it took her 18 years to figure out that white bois suck! the divorce is final and this red hot mama is ready to party! shes already found out about the super-powers niggahs posses! she likes em young....young and hard! her current fucktoy is only 20 years old....his cock stays hard like a pipe, and never gets soft....unlike pathetic jerk-off!
as you could tell she dresses like a hot minx....and she loves to go out with her hot stud dressed like a trashy whore!!!
she especially loves to smear her love in the faces of white pieces of shit like you!

go on...jerk that white dickey to the thought of that young buck, thrashing her.....making her cougar cunt...cumm!
you know you like it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

dumb mothafucker!

you called her when it got real late....she answered too! she told you..''im fine, i'll be home soon, im just finishing my drink and i''ll see you in a few!''
stupid whiteboi! girls need niggahs!

thanks google! that curious white girl you know googled ''big black cock'' lead me here...just like it did her!
i jerked myself...but she wanted it for real! her pussy got warm and it was so sensitive upon touching it! was way different than normal! she thought to herself...''the next time one of those black motherfuckers, hits on gonna let him have this sweet pussy''
thanks to google and the internet...whitegirls can now cumm like they deserve!

ps..yeah its fuckin real! and it gets harder and hornier when it sees that pink slit!....fuck off!

go home!....piece of shit!

you went to the bar to get were only gone for 5 minutes. you knew she was drunk...but!
you stands there as she dosent notice you....shes looking at himm, and the way his big lips treat her nipples! you quickly realise he is a giant black, nigger!...a real stud fucker!
she will leave you no choice but to go on w/o her!...go home and jack off! she and her cum filled pussy will be home later!
white boi piece of shit!

its true!...isnt it?

you gave up on thinking you have a chance with girls like this....even if you had the chance, you'd probably step aside at the chance of watching her with a young niggah instead...wouldnt you? you want a nig to climb in her window while her parents are wanna see him whip it her get weak as he sucks her tounge and mauls her tits!....she hits her knees...voluntarily!
she looks up at himm as she sucks his bulbous cock head!
she takes her she honestly enjoys the feel of a real,cock in her mouth! when shes ready she stands and turns..offering herself to himm, doggy! he stays cool, as she backs up to get it!
its true isnt it?

uh oh.....who gives a shit!

her fag hub has been away on business for almost six months! she gave in, and fucked her black neighbor bout 3 months ago...since that day she fucks him every chance she can...every one in thier building knows whats going on....they hear her getting split open at all hours of the day...she dosent really give a shit tho...the cock is THAT good!
her hub is due home in 2 days!...she should be preparing for his arrival....but fuck it! she cant stop! shes thinkin of breaking the news to him, just like this!
riding...while cummin hard! and pregnant! fuck you whiteboi! niggah got needs....and so does she!

the things they do fo niggahs!

shes married....and she cant stop fuckin those black cocks! but its hard getting rooms and finding places to cheat with them..yeah they fuck in the backseat behind the supermarket...but he wants something different today....he texted her to meet him at the park...
**meet me at the park..**wear somethin panties or bra***put your hair in pigtails too!
**be ready to get fucked hard and take ma cumm ta go!
this is how she greeted her hot stud!

what happens when.....

most whitebois catch the big black cock influenza in thier 30s and 40s...most wind up divorced..and eventually go gay! some get lucky and wind up as cucks....they get to watch the action live, instead of the internet!
but theres a whole new generation that catch the black bug at an early age...the ones that catch thier high school sweetheart riding a young hard black one...she dosent stop after shes caught either...she looks at you with pity, and keeps going! when these bois realise young....they go black and gay with fury! this is bobbi...hes only 19! he caught his girl getting fucked by 2 niggers after school. he liked it soo much he got tits for himself...he only fucks niggers now....older big black niggers!

jerk it boi....jerk it!

do you like it? talking to YOU.. do you like looking at pics of niggah cock? this cock is going to fuck a tight white girl this weekend! shes gonna see dem niggers in a whole new light afterwards...she will love it...and love them! she will see bois like you as.....whatever...non threatning...pieces of shit!
now scroll down and recognise the power and lenght of a real man!

Friday, February 17, 2012

her reponse to whitebois!

shes only 18...but she already figured out that whitebois suck! she met a black guy at a hip-hop show, and he set her staight! first night...and she came 3 times...she shook till her toes curled...then cracked...then cramped!....and he still hammered on! he didnt ask her if it felt good...or was he hurting her.....he just fucked her hard like niggahs do....and she loved himm for it!
now move on boi!...shes got a big one that needs her luscious lippps to suck on!
piece of shit!....loser!

oh so thats how its done!

look at the fag...hes hopin his girl is gonna ask him to help her! he is jealous of her....he also cant believe shes doin everything that homey asks her to do, either! she sucked it till she gagged....she tounge reped his huge piss slit....she sucked his balls and licked his ass too!

later when hes nearing the end...fag boi wil be amazed at how she nods ''yes'' when the nig says he wants to cumm deep! yeah...seeing normal white girls like this go apeshit over huge niggers is what we want...right?

Friday, February 10, 2012

whats up!

''whassup boi? wanna know why your girls been actin funny lately?...cuz she cant get enuf of it!...yeah,...she certified she crazy bout ma cock an da cumm!

...look at how massive his cock is!...look at that fat head in tha foreskin!!!! thick as fuck too!...not to mention tha lenght!...yikes! and from the look of his awesome body....niggah fires hot... thick....shots o' cumm too!

fuck off, whiteboi...niggas stomp white pussies!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

no bullshittin!

she had the night free from her weak ass whiteboi...
look at the outfit she chose for her evening! it makes whitebo wanna jerk....and it makes the niggahs hott to fuck! she got her hair..2 toned...and that suit is skin tight! yeah..her ass is THAT phat...and her waist is so small! no panties or bra and yes....the attention from tha nigs are making her nipples hard and aggrevated!
go home and stroke it...imagine how those nigs are treating her!

you really cant blame them....

you really cant blame white women for wanting to fuck niggers...can you? thier cocks are def alot bigger...they are def in better shape!....they have swag and are smooth mutha fuckers! all of that combined with the taboo, and its game on!
if you were a hot bitch, and needed to cumm fo real,you'd fuck a nigger too!

his cock has muscles!

his cock is so muscular...can you notice? did you cumm? solo pics of hot niggah cocks can make you shoot...can they? me too! hard dick niggers are infectious...they fuck white women hard...but they fuck whitebois even harder! tmrw when your at'll see this in your minds'll remember how hard it was....and how thick too!...
wont you?
fyi...this blackmotherfucker has got me so twisted i have a dildo in my ass, almost as big as jackin off too!

its real!

shes here in town on business...her work is done...and now its time to have some fun! she fucked him last night too, and today she went and bought that slutty little number for him to enjoy!
coincidentally her white fiancee is home watching ir porn...fancying his girl getting power fucked by a well equipped niggah!
''hey whiteboi'' white pussy fo niggahs isnt just fantasy anymore!.....its real!

its good to be black!

this bro was just out and about, when he bumped into these two horny bitches! he wasnt even lookin fo tha pussy...but they gave him tha look...and made him an offer!
have you ever had your dick in a chick...while another tounge fucked your ass?...this niggah has!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

its true ...isnt it?

can you cumm just lookin and strokin it to big black cock? what are you thinking? is it him fucking your woman...or is he telling you to get it hard!
you may be gay!....actually your def a fucking homo bitch!

you know you wanna!

create a fake email....then email this to your wife, daughter or girl friend! attach a short note
tell them...''this is how hard you make my black cock!'' ''do you want to see it?....feel it?''


you left to go take a leak...just for a minute! she pounced on himm as soon as you left! she didnt stop when you came back either!..yeah shes humpin his cock bulge!...and yes he IS fingering her pussy in public! soo wet too!


ugggghh! she gotta hard...thick niggah, stuck in her ass!..and she love it! look at her lookin back at him...''gimme it daddy!'' once she got him alone, she hiked up that dress and lubed her ass for him...she still got her lipstick on!
''fuck mee hard.....fuck mee now!''

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


whitegirls gotta have it! when she arrived the seats were already folded....she jumped in the back a started taking off her clothes! she sprawled out....doggy....arched and wet! she was waggin her ass as he entered! she just wants him to pump her hard and deep....cumm and go! its ok....she just needs her daily nutt!

Monday, February 6, 2012

the progression!

you and your wife supported her thru ballet....then gymnastics....then onto college and the volleyball team!
shes done well, as her and her body have become strong!
you may ask ''what is next'' for our young strong daughter?
the answer is....big....thick....hard, thug cock! a black one...maybe even 2 at a! maybe she'll do real good, and go into porn, so you can attend like you do her games!


you watched as they kept making her go thru the scanner...again and again! it was too late...and embarassing to tell them, that she had a clit ring on!
she was taken to the backroom as her bf boarded the plane! once in the confines she was interrogated by the big black supervisor. she confessed it was her jewelry ''down there''...and he confirmed that with the big black security wand! he told her to face the wall...spread her legs to shoulder width, place her hands on the wall and arch her back! she complied...with a severe arch....and her puffed pussy stuck at himm! he rubbed the wand near...again...then once again! he told her he would have to make contact, to ensure it was jewelry indeed! as she took a deep breath she arched and spread even more! this time he rubbed it over her mound and bumped her clit! as he located it he asked ''is this it?'' as he rubbed te blunt end on it....she gasped ''yess'' he continued, then stopped! he told her to hold her position,and as he looked closer he seen her puff, nestling in there was a bump of jewelry! and a small slice of wetness! he stood and talked in her ear as she stayed spread. his thick voice asked ''i need to see it'' as his finger pressed the ring to her button! his voice combined with his touch, caused her to stir.... naturally and instictively she pulled her sticky spandex down for him! 2 fingers assaulted her as his hottt lips clamped her ear! she squirmed and pushed at his fingers as his tounge lashed her ear then bit her neck! ''oh my gawd!'' she exclaimed, as his big fingers pushed up and inside of her body! her body shook and reacted letting a tidal of juice at his digits! he frigged her boxx till her eyes rolled....then he knew it was time! as she recoiled he dug his shclong loose....whap! as he slapped it against her wett...meaty boxx! she arched even further, stood on one leg...and spread in anticipation!

are you scared?

are you?....
you can see his hardness...cant you? what effect will it have on her tiny pussy?...will she cumm for real?....he answer is yes! that thick vein at the 4 inch mark, wraps around his shaft!...and she will take notice everytime it slices past her clit! she'll spread wide and brace herself! you do the same cuz afterwards shes gonna love all niggahs!


are you imagining that shes looking up at you with that look in her blue eyes? what were a niggah?....a stud with a big thick....juicy cock? she wants his thick load....she wants that cock ...deep in her body!
blacks make her wet and freaky! whitebois make her dry and frigid!
so fuck off...weak bitch! black niggas only!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

watch...and learn....bitches!

 you like seeing big niggers fuck dem white girls? yeah you do! look at his body....look at his bulge! look at how hard it made you! silly fag...thats gay! its ok tho! i'd lick his nipples and suck it hes soo hott!
hes not interested in bitch bois tho! he likes whitegirls....thick ones....ones that are sexually frustrated from weak bois! he trolls the beach and looks for em!...wait there goes one now!

she sees him!...look at how she sticks her ass out for him! shes practically sayin ''cumm and get big black stud!'' he dont miss this kind of stuff!...and soon he'll be stuffin her full of his thick black pipe!

hey dad....mind ya business!

dad did a little snooping in his daughters email....he had a funny feeling when he noticed her dirty panties in the hamper! who could have came sooo much in his little girls cunt? well dad if you really want to know....then check her e-mail!!!! well he did....and this is what he found!
you like that daddy?...she gets his big black cock....hard!
hard as a rock! he gets it all in too....with force! and she loves himm for it too! she loves it soo much she cant stop him when he starts his cumm! she takes it all in her body...and wears it home! now lick that gusset you bitch!...ya know you wanna watch himm fuck your princess!