Friday, January 25, 2013

just sharing!

just somrthin i wanted to let you know!

did you know that it takes some prodding to get a thick black dildo past your ass ring...a little lube too!...but after it makes it thru the swallows it up on its own!...if you are built like me...your gay little sphinchty has its own ''gravitational pull''....its true!...if my dildo didnt have balls to stop him, who knows how far i would inhale him!....

there is nothing better than seeing a new vid or pic.....strokin with one hand as i use the other to manipulte the black dildo in full strokes in and out of myself!....

you wanted to be cucked!

the reality set in as your wife told you to suck him!
''dont whine when you suck him either!...moan!...make it bassy so it vibrates his bawlz!...get those sperms movin!''...''you sound like a high-schooler!''
the nigger was smirkin like he had you by the he had you!....all the while you sucked, he flexed his cock to pump pre-cum in ya mouth!
she chimed back in...'' honey call him a nigger!...he loves that!....but do it while it in your mouth!''
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''enuf!'' she said as she straddled him!....''now watch a ngger take ownership of mhy pusssy!

''fuck you!''

this is the email she sent to her x hub after the money from the divorce was wired to her account!
the text read...."fuck you!''....haha! the nigger is rich thanks to you!///and he owns your wifes cunt!
have fun imagining how big his cock gets when hard....and how he power washes her womb at point blank range with thick niggah jizzzzzzzzzzzzz! punk muthafucka!

no explaination needed....right?

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this whiteboi who will remain nameless, has been kind enuf to show us all what hapens when he has had enuf of watchin girls and niggahs!...he girlfriend was among the casualties of the ''black revoluton!''....yeah, he caught her getting her brains fucked out by a hung black stud!..she offered no explaination....she didnt need to!...whiteboi still likes ir porn....but its better to watch with a big black one in his ass!....whatta bitch!

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shes not lookin 4 a whiteboi!

this is how whitegirls dress when they want to cumm!..its how they dress when they want a big hunky nigger with a big cock to crash into them, again and again!

shes fresh off a break-up and ready to try what white girls are ranting about!

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 not only are niggers fuckin whitegirls in record numbers. the rate that they can close the deal is equally impresive! is a big hunky black nigger with a delivery of water, so the little slut can stay hydrated! 30 minutes from now he'll be on his way...he will be satisfied with what she gives up to him!

look at how interested she is in those big muscular arms!...and that smooth black skin too!....she already wants to see if he tastes like chocolate1
she makes a comment on his muscular body....and in return he compliments her back...especially her big tits!
this pic is important...up until this point she was unsure!..but at this very instant her mind is made up!..the way his big hands, handle her...the feel of his solid chest...and when she tiltd her head, she got a musky whiff of man to her brain!

he lets her feel his big soft lips for a second....then follows it up with his intrusive tounge!.....the contrast of smooth and rough registers as her pussy preheats! this point she can ''give a fuck''who sees her!
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she sees a big dollop form at the tip....she then observes it drool and hang!....her thirst for him quenches as she moans again!

'' gawwwd!''
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niggers laugh at bois...and the fraky shit these bitches do!

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after he licked her pussy, with his ravenous tounge....she begged him 4 it! she came right out of her shell and told him!...''now fuck me!....i need to feel your cock in meee!''

Thursday, January 3, 2013

do you.....?

some niggers know bout us bois that are infatuated...obsessed, with the big juicy black cock! to some it turns them on to have the whiteman kneel b4 them and submit to surrender thier manhood....thier marital vows, and inhale the black cock!...its the ultimate victory for the blackman! gag and take it deep you bitch!...lick the balls...and swallow tha nutt!

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this is a pic she took of him shortly after he arrived at her place on thier second meeting!...shes fetching some cocktails in the kitchen and snuck this pic!...shes giddy like christmas!...and shes gonna play with her new toy after she unwraps it!
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white women and girls discover nigger cocks in different ways!....we love them all...but this way is hott!
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you know you should ''never say never'', julie!
yeah....she found a nigger who always had coke to sling!...he would always hit on her as every nigger does...but she always had the money!...but julie lost her job and her habit grew....yeah....she eventually resorted to giving her body to him in exchange for coke!...for a measly $50 in coke the niggah can keep her around all night in some sexy lingerie....yeah...he can also blow as many lods as he can into her as well!...secretly julie has accepted that a good, deep, roughfuck from a nigger goes good with a coke-high!...he will eventually pimp her pussy on the streets, but hes gonna enjoy her for awhile!.....

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hey and your wife did a good job with baby girl!...the genes really worked good! hoever dont get too attached to your ''perfect'' white genomes!
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merry fuckin christmas

mommy couldnt resist when she seen black santas pants rise and stir with his big thumpin mule log!!!!
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read carefully and understand!

this is karen and she is 29 yo!...she emailed me this pic...she is of irish descent and she tells me that all of her brothers, father and x-hub all hate niggers! she goes on to tell me that she dosent care what they think....the fact is she loves the black man and the sexual prowess that they posses! she also states that this is the outfit she wears when one of her many black lovers comes over to roughly fuck her horny red frame!..the house belonged to her hub which she got in the divorce...he tried to claim adultery...but never won! he caught her getting her brains fucked out by a huge specimen of a niggar!...she loves this blog and loves to hear of white boi bitches succumbing to the fact that its all about the cock and the black studs that weild them!....shesays if there is a good reponse to her post that she will send some pics of her with the many niggers she entertains! away please!....i need to see this red bitch creamin on a niggar cock!...thank you