Monday, April 30, 2012

who knows?

who are they in relation to each other?...
who knows?...heres what ia apparent tho! the woman and the man, could give a shit about the bitch suckin tha cock!
thats what whitebois get!...and the sloppy leftovers!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

the niggahs reward!

shes ravishing....her body is on fire! look at how she presents herself for her big black lover!...shes all dolled up in lingerie her hubby bought!
normally she dosent eat cumm....but in this case she will!...its the least she can do for himm....she knows he can stay hard for 2...even 3 cumm blasts, so she slowly and methodically gets low to suck his massive, rock-hard cock!!!
his second load is gonna meet up with this one soon!...except the point of entry will be different!

white girls eating hot niggah cooze!....its really catchin on !

Sunday, April 22, 2012

its the same for them!

this pic is a vid capture..obviously a horny white dude wiyh a camera. he vids this white lady walking the she gets in proximity to the niggah..she gets caught in his web! she gives him her attention...but she seems nervous...she checks his cock as he lays it on her! she takes his number on his phone....he knows she'll call him...he knows she wants his strong black body to pound her hard!

she did it!

shes 18 now...actually 18 and 2 days....mommy and daddy are not going to tell who she can and cant fuck!...any more!...and neither is her x boi bitch! this is her cover photo to her new blog!...and for all those who dont like it!....tough!
she explains in her blog why she like em dark and thuggy! how she likes the sex...and tha equipment too!
hey dad...did you ever think your little girl could handle 10 thick inches like a pro?....with her mouth...and her bald snatch?.....stay tuned!

Monday, April 16, 2012

haha...go fuck yourself!

hey pops!...just wanna let you know!
this is your daughters pot dealer!...yeah she smokes chronic!
after school she goes over his house to blaze-up!...she knows the deal too!
suck that thick cock!....and then ride it with her tiny...wet pussy! she do it good too!...oh yeah, since her school is helping her with birth control, its never with a condom! lie dad! see for yourself...go a head and check her panties!...they're the really tiny one with the huge glob of molten cumm in them!...she smokes everyday too! you know what that means!...right?

heres another one!

the nigger cant wait for her to start suckin it! hes takin in her sultry eye makeup....her pink-red lipstick, those blue eyes, that platinum hair....and yes!....those fat white tits too! he cant wait to show her how much cumm resides in his hefty nuttz!....and neither can she!
shes hot to trot...and strictly for niggahs!
dont waste her time whiteboi!...keep whackin it!

more is better!

does this make you hard, boi? it does it to me!
not only do i love watching mature white women fuck young black studs....but i love to watch them melt from a big sexy nigger kiss! lewd!
 especially when the nig is balls deep...and then puts his tounge way down! over!

the message!

the message is simple!
''dont talk to me whitebois!''...''i only fuck niggers!''

would you like her to tell you that?...would you?
the niggers like to suck thier tits, real hard!...give em hickey, wit a bite mark!....''wear dat bitch!''

Thursday, April 12, 2012

rich...bossy ..niggahs in charge!

she loves a dominant..alpha male!
those are your present you bought for your wife!...dosent she look happy, now that her boss is putting his foot down?...along with his big black cock!
yup!....hes a rich niggah....hes her boss too!...hes also her master...and tonight hes takin her out on the town! hes gonna pump his hot nuttt all over her body!...and on her clothes too!'ll see her later, and she gonna tell you in detail how powerful of a nigger he is!
check his finger boi!....''fuck you!''

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

its even hotter!

its hot when you see girls in porn, letting niggers fuck them for a small fee!...its even hotter when you know shes not getting paid for it!...her own free will!
its double hott when she gives her hot young body to an older experience cocksman,with the right equipment!
look at her cumm round his ridiculous root!

dont fuckin fag!

i know what you are thinkin whiteboi! you are thinkin its big!....but it cant get hard!....think again!
it gets real hard....really really hard! flash some white pussy at this nig....and he fucks ike a jackhammer! his balls are small cuz the whitegirls keep him drained! he seems unintrested in life....people think hes dumb....but fact is hes drained and his body is busy producing more cumm for your whitegirl!
this is where black cock goes!

doggy!..but of course!

what if?

pure niggah fuck machine for your enjoyment! do i need to point out that ridge on his cockhead?...or his big boiling balls full of thick..virile cumm? do you think hes capable of fucking a woman as hard..or harder than she needs? do you think she will want to kiss and lick his smooth black skin?
have you ever seen a niggahs pubic hair?....go look in your wife or daughters panties....look real close!....good luck!

what happens when...

what happens when a neglected wife comes home to find her daughter getting fucked by her bfs big, black cock? this is what happens,..dipshit!
your daughter winds up giving your wife little baby kisses as her deepfucks your wifes cunt! they tell himm how small and useless yur puny dicklette is!
your daughter asks mom...''mom arent niggers great?''...''he can fuck all day too!'' mom just grunts, as her cunt delivers more viscous cum for him to slide on!....all this, while your at work!

are you really ready?

alot of whitebois here fancy thier wifes or girlfriends getting fucked by niggers with big cocks! i admit its great for jerking off!....but could you really handle watching her get pumped by a big black cock?
whats gonna happen when she stops giggling, and he latches on to her tiny pussy with his hungry lipps?
when shes laying on her back...stomach tightened, and shes looking at him...lashing and sucking her hard! when she puts both hands on his oily..nappy head and pushes him in deeper? how about when she arches her ass way up in doggy style for him?...looking over her shoulder. you watch as he enters her...her body snaps! as a orgasms tasers her nerves! he grabs her feet firmly and locks his thumbs thru the $350 heels you bought her! her breathing becomes synch with his thrusts! you notice her hips swivel...and as he slows down she starts fuckin back at him....hard and deliberate! she looks at you as she smashes into him while biting her lip! can you handle it?...bad news....hes just warmin her up! can you handle it?.......

under 20....and under black rule!

what do all these girls have in common?
they are all under 20!....they all still live with thier parents! and they all smell like nigger sweat and spunk! yup!....tha niggahs cant get enuf of these fleshy white gals...especially since they can take black in all thier holes! ...tween thier big, young tits too! ''if thier black daddies want it....they are game!
this gal was having trouble with the bois cuz shes a little overweight.....she found that black boys dont give a fuck bout that! fact, they love all of her!...and sheloves them back for it! thats her bf and hes only 18! yeah....peep his cock!...its bigger than enormous! it never gets soft either!..he young...and hes black!....really black! he makes her shake when she cumms fo' real too!...better not let your wife see his shit...or the house will be filled with his black babies!
daddy warned her bout dressing like this!...but she loved the attention! she left the house covered by a sweater....but now daddy cant see! off with the sweater...and off to the mall!
...have you ever noticed how many niggers hangout at the mall?....your daughter has!
she only giving handjobs to them now...and letting them feel her tits roughly. but her pussy is getting hotter, and it wont be long till she lets one of them inside of her warm body!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

growin up...and fuckin niggers!

shes had sex with whitebois before...but she about to get ''fucked''!
hes gonna work this little bitch....hes gonna ''powerfuck'' her brains out! her body will stiffen....accept what hes giving to her! but his constant assault will continue until......a real orgasm shatters her body!
she will eventually go back to whitebois and settle down!....but she will never forget how tha niggah made her nutt so hard! eventually her marriage will weaken and she will seek out what her body needs and craves!
thats when you will find nigger cumm in her panties!...globs and globs of molten cummmm!...if your lucky you will catch them doin it!......faggot bitch!

''gay 4 black''

someone here, coined the phrase gay 4 black!...props to you! i understand cuz i have been 4 some time. the question you know where your obsession is heading? do you know that there are straight blackmen that love having thier cock sucked by a married white boi?..its true! i have had one! he looked down at me as i sucked it nervously! he tried to make me feel comfortable....but yet i was nervous! i settled down when i realised i was only sucking black cock! did i lick his balls? hmm hmm! sucked them too! didnt eat his hott nutt....but he did shoot on my homo neck and shirt!
did you know how much heavier a niggers cock is?....alot! enjoy jackin off....someday you will know...and when that time cums.....suck bitch....suck!

a or b?....bitch!

white bois are afflicted by big nigger cocks!...would you
a- want to fuck her yourself?..
b-be in the same room as her, as she shows you...up close and she enjoys huge niggers and thier awesome cocks!
which one ya want?

Monday, April 2, 2012

stupid whitebois!

it turns you on to see hot girls, dressed like this...dont it? its easy for you to think that they're out lookin for niggers....isnt it?...especially with all dem niggahs behind them! thier white bfs are home...jerkin off to ir porn...fancying thier girls gettin black fucked!...little do they know that its really happening!
soooo sexy....and sooo ready!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

niggers dominate!

these ladies used to be ''normal'' women....women that enjoyed hanging out with thier gfs...a cocktail...and regular sex with whitebois! that was all fine and good....until they cock!
they would have had a chance....but the nigger stayed hard thru her orgasm....he seemed to get even harder, as he doubled his efforts, and linked her up to the next gasm! she was sold on these black ''fuckmachines'' after that! a good blackfucking did her good for a while...but now the greedy bitch needs more!
she now likes when tha niggah puts a leash on her and treats her like a dog! would you believe she even acquired the taste for her lovers piss? well its true! after a couple ''cum shots'' she loves chasing it down with some hott piss....straight from the source!
this fuckin slut...loves beng dominated too! she fancies a good ''rape fuckin'' from her lover!