Saturday, October 30, 2010

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daddy has a no tolerance policy when it comes to niggers and his baby girl! he hates those mutherfuckers and the way they blatantly stare at his daughters ''pudgy'' ass in public! they stare ''hungrily'' as they rearrange thier junk and watch and wait for daddy to sleep on it! well daddy cant be around all the time, she slipped thru his fingers! here she is ''droppin it like its hot'', doin a booty dance in the back seat of the family car! the brother is gonna fish his cock out and hypnotise her with his own little ''cockwaggle'' dance! hes gonna say ''i dont have a condom, do you?'' to which she says ''no!'' they fuck anyway, and at the time he swells, she tells him ''dont stop!'' its his first white girl and his excitement brews a little extra cup o' cum for her! daddy daddy daddy! you cant stop what is only natural, now concentrate on your wife before she does the same! cucky punk bastard!

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after 10 years of marriage you've both felt she needed more. after the porn and big dildo high wore off, a decision to bring a black man in to ''pinch-hit'' was necessary. this is the pic the both of you decided on to see what you can get! hub was in charge of narrowing down the finalist for her ultimate approval!
   heres hubbby in the family car doin some research with one of the frontrunners. hes got a great shot at winning his wifes charms. he was so friendly and non threathning. he wasnt very shy either, as soon as hubby said he wanted to document his cock on video, he immediatly shucked his pants down and was hard in seconds! hubby thought his cock looked a little dry and would look more appetising  for wifey if it were a little moist. homey had no problem with huby spitting onto his hand and fisting it a couple of times for the pic! you thanked him and told him you'd contact him soon! hubby raced home to show his wife what he found for her, shaking like a schoolgirl!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

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white wife built for niggers, garter and stockings wagging her petite fat ass to some dancehall raggae. she really needs a bbc, and she'll probably seek one out in the future! watch the clock, her weak dick faggot hub cums in like 40 seconds!no joke, 50 strokes and hes done, i counted. he tries to put it back in after he cums, he sees shes clearly frustrated, he pumps like a school boi and goes soft 10 seconds later. he then comes over with a tissue to clean that weak cum off her. i like the way she keeps playin with her hair like shes goin out after this weak shit! dude let her live a little, give her a bbc, you are much better suited to jack off and watch! she'll get fed up soon and dump him. you know black guys are hittin on her fat ass everyday, we'll have to wait a while i guess!
ps -check vid at 10 second mark, it sounds like he pulled a light-sabre from his ass b4 he walks into frame?? this punk is really weak!

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this is what happens when a white girl hasnt got her daily dose of niggah pipe! she becomes hazy and starts to pout. her breasts heave and she crosses her legs tightly to simmer her pussy!

dont be offended here!

dont get bent out of shape over my posts!
im married with a teen daughter!
i have sucked this cock!
i want my wife, daughter and mother to feel it in thier cunts!
i took this pic!
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isnt being anonomous great!

its ok!

some smart ass black boy thought he was payin your wife a complement when he said your wife had nice breasts and he wanted to grab them! you thought she was going to smack him, but she said ''go ahead its ok!'' instead

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6'3'' 225 pounds of pure muscle. shes 4'11'' 96 pounds of pure lust when hes around!
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thanks daddy!

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their like magic mom! when i used to be flat-chested i would stand in the corner all alone while the girls danced with the boys! but the other night when we went out i wore that brown sling top, the silky one, with that victorias bra! omg the guys wouldnt leave me alone! it was crazy! i met the nicest guy mom, marcus, hes so hunky! hes black! but not like black black, hes lightskinned and so muscular! mom you have to meet him, i think im in love!

youve known her forever!

 yu've known her whole life! you know her whole family. you're her neighbor and a family friend! you've seen the bois tease her about her ''raggedy anne'' hair. she grew up with normal childhood insecurites. at 18 you seen her hips swell and fill with anticipation! her ass sweel and switch as she walked to the bus stop! now you see her new hair-do and how it looks like a kinky slut curl. you see her suburban attire leave for a new hip-hop look!
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do you know where your daughter is?

of course you dont dad because your a white and maleish! only black dudes and white girls know about black/white parties! theres only a few rules, wear white/black. pick a nigger(s) and give him all of yourselves! no parents allowed and NO DADDY you cant clean all thier cocks with your sissy tounge! thats for freshman cuties! other than that have fun, condoms not required!

wanna experiment?

just do it! her favorite thing is to sit back, relax and have whitebois take thier time and experiment with her goods! she loves when bois grab her cock and thier realisation of how thick, hard and heavy it is! she loooooves when they finally go in for a taste after an hour of clamouring and infatuating over it! the bois suck the head and dabble like little girls, she then takes her large hand a palms your head like a volly ball, getting your throat to take part in the action! her favorite thing is shooting loads all over them as well! shes a big shooter! shes also a big dunker as well, but we'll save that for later, for now just suck a relish that hefty cum load boi!

this is what happens when parents dont filter thier kids internet!

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its only natural

this is joey, and 6 months ago he lost his high school gf to a young black man. shes been tweeting him and all her friends about the power of bbc and how enlightning it is! unable to resist the relenting threads, he becomes envious and his perversions get the best of him. here he is in his sisters halloween outfit from last year, he found it in the attic! the 10 inch black dildo he bought! hes started his own blog and has a great following, but what he really wants is to get his baby back, and its ok if she brings her new beu with her, hes finally ready!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

you been duped! boi

its 10 pm and your wife just finished blowdrying her hair after her shower. you know she has a busy day tmrw and she says honey i have to go to the atm to get money so i dont have to do it in the morning. she bolts out the door and speeds off! this is her in the bank parking lot! hes hard when she gets there! she quickly sucks the head like a mature pro! she swirls the tounge and gathers his pre! witin 90 seconds shes up and poised for her descent! by the third stroke shes in mid season form, rhytmically ridin his thick black dick!
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she'll get the last laugh! punk

whats goin on here you ask? the girl on the left is denise,she has a black bf. her bf recently told her between her 5th and 6th girlgasm, that he wanted to fuck her friend janice! denise wants to convert all of her friends to bbc and make them ''believe'' as well! denise also despises janices' husband bob, he thinks hes such a ladies man and he even tried to press up on her one time! denise is giving her a present at one of thier hen parties.  janice takes the trophy home and hides it deep in her panty drawer. she dosent ever touch it, but thinks about it from time to time. eventually her curiosity will get to her, along with denises testimony of how black men and cocks have changed her life! she will use it and love it! she will eventually crave the man it was modeled after!
sidenote; i would love to be married to this girl and introduce her to that demonic dildo! look at that thing! look at the head and those evil ridges behind it! not to mention all that shaft! those balls look hard and i would do my best to bury it all and jiggle those stones on her clit! imagine workin her, rubbing it over her slit, then popping the haed in. watching her clamp down as i ask her ''do you like niggers now?'' teasing her i  work her with  3 inches as i suck her tits and let those 3 gills grab her! eventually i work the whole thing in her and bite the base and hold it in my mouth as i fuck her with my neck and head! are you with me?

you yhought you were slick!

you thought you were slick when you put in that new home office! its really just a place you can go and jack off to in private! she knows what your doing in there, she hears the ''clicking'' of the lotion as you jerk yourself useless! you dont realise you ''ooh and ahh'' when those windows open and make those bbcs come to life! shes listening! and when she knows your locked in she does a little work of her own, shes on the same sites you are stupid, shes seen your computers history! now sneek down quietly and watch her! shes watching dancing with the stars, the black ones! tivo!! over and over!
why dont you get it out in the open and take her dancing this weekend!

shes disowned and she dont care!

this is debbie, shes 20 years old, and shes from texas! her dad hates niggers, especially deshawn! 5 months ago daddy cught his daughter riding deshawn, cowgirl, with 10 of his jamaican descent thick inches stuck inside her! daddy told her to ''get tha fuck outta here!'' and ''take that NIGGER with you!!"
well...... thats what she did! they went to stay with deshawns aunt in arkansas. they realise her daddy is a rascist piece of shit and to pay him back they are sending him a christmas card that says ''fuck you grandpa!''
they heard daddy had a heart attack and dropped dead when he seen that rugged nigger with his dirty hands on his daughters big milky tit! it was either that or her huge belly!
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you may be gay if.....

your not sure who the female pornstar is.....
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when you see or talk to a black dude do you wonder if .. he too has a cock like him?
when you see a hot girl, do you think i wanna fuck her? or do i wanna see mandingo skewer her?
when your dreaming, and your being chased, and you cant run from your attacker is it a life-sized mandingo dick that chases you down and thumps you?
if you answered yes to some of these questions????????
you may be turning gay!

mine, mine, mine!

fuck off cuck! she still has that string on her lip, the rope at his base and her fingers to lick!
shes really happy, but your about to piss her off!
as you say''lemme lick your fingers, lemme lick em', please!''
shes growing tired of having to let him leave every night! and having to share him with you! shes realizing your really a ''homo'' whos leeching on to her good times!
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she says ''honey, cant you just suck on my dildo tonight!

lets break it down!

can you see now? boi! good now, look close,
do you see:
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-how obedient and relaxed she is?
-how pale she is, and how chocholate i am?
-how classy she looks and that thug tattoo on my stomach?
-how i make em melt, and eager to serve?
-the veins on my arms, the muscles? i will kick your pussy ass!
-how hard it is for her?
-how fat my nigger head is? huh, pussy!!!!!!!!           
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daddys plan?

daddy hides in the closet, this is his view of his baby girl. hes staying put for now! when the black man comes he will unzip and place his mandingo meat between her gap, she will feel his heat, she will handle him by squeezing her thighs and flexing her ass cheeks. his cock extends 6 inches thru her ''gap'' passed her ass! just enough for daddys mouth! as dad kneels and sucks, his babydoll slides her slick spandexy crotch along his veiny hardness, till moist! dad releases the cock and peels the shorts from her sticky mound and pulls them to tha side. he then grabs the "man" by the base, feeling his own dicklette twich and spit! he forges thru and places the man at his daughters entrance. daddy tickles his baby asshole with his tounge and as the butterflies tickle her, her knees give! impaling her oh so good. as the two stay frozen in lust, dad licks the black balls, enticing him to move and pump his baby girl! as dad tugs his sac with his mouth it fuels the mans steady rhythm. dad stays put and focused for her cream, lapping as it appears. he stays and is quick to place his mouth on her mound as they disconnect! daddys smarter than you think!

shes been to and seen the posts

                                                                                                                                                               shes seen the posts! shes seen john persons, shes anonomously seen zagg and scarf posting like maniacs! it drives her crazy that she looks like this girl in the blackfucked cartoons! she knows the blacks want her, they hit on her every day! shes seen many black cocks rise and salute her in the confines of thier pants! shes seen them manhandle thier denim and thier sweatpants, as they twitch at her! they niggers have been knockin on her door! will she let them in?
well its that time of the year, its almost halloween! its the time of year where girls can put on garters and stockings and dress like little whores! all in the name of halloween. this year bonnies going as a bbc cheerslut! shes hoping to meet ''cockzilla'' this year! do you think she will find herself a big black one to slide up and down on?

thanks baby boi!

this white wife found her hubbys computer open one day! shes seen all your pics of those ruthless nigger men having thier way with those whitegirls! she couldnt help to notice the looks on some of thier faces either! while you were working she went downtown to buy that dildo, it has 3 ''d'' batteries in the shaft, its heavy like a maglight, so after the head of it breaks the plain of her pussy the weighty momentum assists in driving it in!
by the way its 7:10, her husband just left 5 minutes ago, and she wastes no time going to her stash and getting her friend out! she hasnt even had her morning coffee yet and shes on  top of her robe in the middle of the floor.
this dildo will serve its purpose for a week or so. after the batteries run out she will find the real thing with a big thug attached to it! you will find her with him witin 2 weeks time! you will love it!
within 3 weeks time she will be using that dildo on you because her nigger lover has rendered her pussy unable to perform!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

at the mall!

busy texting her friends, amy walked right passed the girls room to the janitor closet! looking up this is what she seen! omg!!!!!!
the cock belongs to a 51 yo skinny blackman named willy! yeah she took her time then backed that ass up!

nigger after nigger!

hair dos change and so does the black cock! this is all the same girl! notice thier all black? does it hurt to see real life documentation? or do you love it? something tells me your balls are getting tight and your wee-wees stiff and your about to cumm knowing that she really loves to fuck young hard cock! you are so lame!!!! you fuckin squirted loser!

out the way boi!

 this is kim having fun! she loves rastahs and plans to move to jamaica when she gets older! in the pic above shes rubbing his blunt as his fingers work thier way to her soaked crotch!

here she is letting him and every whiteboi in tha house know that she needs it big and black! biting her lip makes her cunt flood! kick that leg ho!

 she cant wait to get home so shes gonna suck him in the car daddy bought her!

this is her too, with a different hair style and a different niggah boy! they all fuck her!!! by all i mean every nigger that wants to!

opposites do attract!

shes 18, rich flawless and wants for nothing now!
hes 39, homeless and has no front teeth! hes got nothin but sure wouldnt mind some young hot white pussy!
ahh niggah you wish is my command!
ps- do you see how hard shes cumming in pic 2? niggah racked that body and she trembled!

nice fit huh?

thats pornstar jada stevens! she cant be more than 2 or 3 years removed from high school! of course the words out that she moved to l.a. and does porn! all the girls and boys back home have googled her and seen this vid! especially her x bobby boi, who gets super excited when he jacks like a rabbit to this! bobby sees clearly that jada has no room whatsoever for bois in her life! and are some places you might find her!