Monday, November 29, 2010

the real deal!

you always talk shit about black dudes! say some bullshit now! spout some shit about niggers now! boi! thats gonna rewritwe history! it long! its thickk! that head is unstopable too!
heres one myth thats true about black tho! this sexual creature will gladly take pleasure in making a whiteboi get on his knees and pay homage to his black cock just as much as fuckin your daughter and making her be a bad little slut!
sit there and stroke in awe, and when you are in public he knows your a faggot fo his cock! boi!

at the mall!

her daddy keeps close eyes on her! he sees the way men look at her, especially blackmen! when out in public he sees big black nigger, blatantly gawk at his little girl! he cant help not to think how big thier cocks are and what they can do to his pettite baby girls life, let alone her holes! daddy cant deal with the thought very well, so he become that overprotective dad! she hates him for it and shes beginning to rebel. shes rebeling right now!
shes on her half-hour break from her job at the mall, shes showing her big fat tits and plump juicy ass to a young horny nigger she works with! in the bathroom stall! the sex will be awkward, but very hot. no condom will be used and the heightened state of arousal will keep them joined as ropes of  scalding nigger cumm jets at her uterus wall! pinging deep in her like a handball hitting the wall! ping, pang, pang .... ping, ping, ping! then as he pulls slow from her, her tighness milks whats left in his shaft! at the 28 minute mark of her break she pulls her tigh panties up over her slick pussy, holding and cradeling his babies as they chomp at her fertile eggs!

do you know where your life took a turn?

it was when you seen that nigger fuckin that white girl in porno right? then you rewound the tape and seen her face as she came on him, for real! then you seen her juices coat his veiny cock! it spiraled...... fast! now loo at you inspecting it! wishing he was infront of you! as you release you dicklette, you grab his with 2 hands! the word ''GAY'' appears in neon light but you dont care! as it straightens and stiffens, a big clear dollop of pre-cum sits at his piss slit!..... you cant believe yourself as you tounge it off. your amazed that it tastes good. as you look at him you lips move over his cock ridge. you suck his head as he releases another dollop. your schint winks as you grab his hips preparing to get him in your neck! ..... omgawd niggers and thier fuckin big giant fuckin cocks are ruining my life! put it in my ass, bareback and blow my bowels out already! this is for you andy!

thanksgiving fuck-up!

the boi is your son! the man is your bosses son! you and your wife invited them, and others over for thanksgiving dinner. after dinner timmys mom suggested he take marcus upstairs to his room to play some video games! marcus seen timmys bookmarks of all his sissy boy sites and suggested that timmy play with his joystick instead!
marcus didnt give a fuck that this fag dude was sucking his dick, he just closed his eyes and pretended it was timmys wide-hipped mom who was throating him! the fucked up part is after timmy took a break to digest marcuses tribe of nigger babies he wanted more and asked marcus if he can suck him again! marcus said yes, and the second time they werent so lucky and when tims dad went to check on things this is what he seen!
ps- marcuses finger is deep in timmys ass right here! and when timmy first felt how hard and dense marcuses cock was, he came his pants at the shear weight and sight of it!

right behind your back! sucka!

 this is your gf at your companys holiday party! you are just out of the pic on the right. the guy holding the camera is black! and hes been exchanging glaces and flirting with your girl all night! as he takes this pic his hard black 10 fuckstick is showing in the front of slacks! she reciprocates by tounging the rim of the cup! all this is going on as you stand next to her engrossed in a boring conversation with one of your co-workers!
as you go to get another drink your girl makes her move! homeboy flexes his dick lewdly making his slacks move violently in front! as she puts down her cup, she quickly scoops her top down flashing her hot white tit to him!

without saying a word she puts it back in her shirt and proceeds to walk to a secluded part of the party! the nig instictively follows! when in the clear she lifts her skirt with her back to her stud. she reaches for his zipper and easily fishes his pipe from his zipper! she holds his ready fuckpiece by the base and wipes her pussy with it! one swipe, two swipe.... then she backs up on it! her wetness takes 6 inches on the first plunge, so she regroups and urges her pussy to react quick and flood her canal! her being doesnt let her down, and on her second plunge into the unknown she comes to a stop as all 10 inches reside in her, his hot balls resting and smothering her clit! after her standing 8 count they resume thier departure to arrival action! the suddeness and risk factor build her quickly! her orgasm comes quickly and oh so hard! startled, she stiffens, causing her whole body and pussy to grip and tense. moments later.... pump, pump he releases deep, causing a flood of heat within her! as they release with a sticky ''pop!" they glance as they resume walking back to the party!
later that night she asks you who was that tall black guy with the black slacks taking all those pictures? you realise who shes talking about and you tell her ''thats my boss, marcus!''

just to piss you off!

look at how she puts herself out there! shes sooo tired of her white fag, jerking boifriend! she loves to dress like a smoldering piece of nigger bait to make her boyfriend nervous! she loves getting hit on by blacks infront of you! she loves to giggle with them and eventually say something under her breath while moving in close to his fit ''fuckmachine'' body! after ignoring you she exchanges numbers with him, they even call each other to confirm the connection right there! when you display your jealous dismay at her, she pawns it off as you being a baby! moments later she teasingly grabs at your crotch, feeling that your excited she asks ''are you mad?'' ''or excited!?'' shes getting wiser to the fact that you want to see her fucking niggers! once you slip and she sees your harddrive and internet history your goose is cooked! i hope she finds this blog in your history! bookmark here! only kiddin!

how much?

i've been seeing ads on craigslist to have a couple come and fuck in front of you for money! how much would you pay to watch this girl fuck a big dick nig? and what special requests would you have?

custom made for niggah delight!

you want to be her! dont you? look at her plump thighs! her fat ass! her perfect creamy tits! thick blonde hair and bald puffy pussy! she will have niggers eating from the palm of her hand! my question is, if you were her would you be submissive and lay down and do as he wanted? or would you dominate him and make him jump thru hoops for your jewels?...... im having trouble with my fantasy, on one hand i'd like to play the little girl role, actin shy and naive as i strip naked and crawl over and kiss and lick him before letting him fuck me slowly! on the other hand i'd want him to lick and suck my pussy as i call him a nigger! as i tell him his big giant nigger lips suction my pussy so good! i'd make him stroke himself and ask him ''do you want to fuck me nigger?'' ''do you want to put your big blac cock in me,.... mutha fucka?'' let me know what you would do

thanksgiving tales?

thanksgiving is always a good time of year! a time when people invite people from thier past and future endeavors, to come celebrate with thier friends and family! i know you've been at a holiday gathering and been in the presence of a friend of a friend for an afternon or so! tell us about it! was she wearing her nice holiday outfit, her thick sweater with her nipples making an apperance? hot heels and leggings? did someone have too much to drink? were there blacks there? please tell us something hot!
my fantasy is of a single mom with 2 daughters. her friend from work sharice invited her over her house for the holiday! when she arrived with her 2 nicely dressed  white daughters, the black boys went crazy for them! while mom ate and talked with her friend from work her sons and nephews were in the other rooms with the girls feeding them alchohol and weed! the girls eventually gave in and feated on some black bone too! they eventually left happy with a cream pie baking inside thier baby pussies!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

growin up quick!

this is stephanie! shes 18 but has two older sisters. her oldest sis, danny, whos 22 has just gone black! thank god for facebook and her sisters phone conversations, she gonna save her baby sister years of frustration by going black now! shes only a rookie, so when that first blackboy grts a old of her hes gonna teach her to go deep, fuck with no condom and how to dress like a good little slut! that gorgeous face and mouth will have  veiny, huge nigger, pumping his cum in it very soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

your lucky day, faggot!

your wife talked it over with her lover. not only can you watch, jack and clean, but today thier gonna let you play..... with your mouth! you were so excited his ultra big head got lodged in you fag throat! thank god they knew the heimdick manuever! thats the technique used when an inexperienced cuck, fag, sissy get niggah caught in his throat!  a good slap in the face usually dislodges it, but sometimes an index finger to the manpussy startles him enough to expand and release!
easy boi, theres no need to rush, hes not going anywhere! in fact hes movin in!

happy thanksgiving!

thats mom licking all of her baby girls cum from her mans cock! baby girl has been away at college, moms been working and fucking since shes been away! baby girl came home for the holidays to meet mom new boyfriend. mom couldn stay in the kitchen for longer than a half hour w/o getting her dose of niggah! in a few short days baby girl began to figure out what was going on! mom was all too excited to show her and share her nigger stud with her as well! thats not all her butter on his cock, theres also some of his man gravy as well!!..... hungry? boi!

she loves her niggah fuckdaddy!

shes 4'10'' and 95 pounds! but believe it or not she can suck all of her daddies 10 thick black inches with that big mouth! she lives to milk his pole with her baby pussy too!
another one has figured it out!
keep jackn fag!
nice huh? 18 and a pussy like a faucet! pink and tight! loves black boys! especially when her parents are at work. she puts on an outfit to show her every curve,...........
then its game on!!! he fucks her for an hour and twenty minutes, three loads in her and he never goes soft!
what would you do?

sarah palin!

i hope this becomes reality! i hope her daughter jumps on board too! how awesome would a leaked video be, crush her marriage, and have every one of her mid-america, haufrau fans running to the internet in secrecy to watch the link! using thier husbands hammer handle to fuck thier cunts! jumpstarting thier dried pussies with veggie oil and a rolling pin!!
i bet palin is a filthy fuck too! screamin her chicken head off, and beggin him to ''fuck me nigger, fuck meeee haaaarrd!''

they all do, or will!

your bosses wife, the hot cashier, the lady from the insurance office, your kids teacher!!!
they all want a thick, hard, bald,  fit niggah to fuck them hard and make them rattle like whores!


which one you think had the biggest appetite fo niggahs? rich white girls and thug niggys! omg! i hope one of thier daddys sees this!

go for it! boi!

you can do this if you try! boi. niggah loves the role reversal! and you bet when hes about to cum his big hands will grip your faggot ass head like a softball, and pump his balls down your gullet!
''do it, let yourself go, open wide, and suck niggahs off!''

holy shit!

you always knew she was a wet creamy bitch! but as you came up to have a look you noticed a loose hair!!! a kinky... pubic???? hair!!! when you seen the tidal flood of thick, copious gel flood from her you realised!
NIGGERS! it was a looose pube from a nigger!
yeah boi! your girls perfect ass and pussy got niggah jacked! now stick out your tounge and head butt it!

bet you couldnt tell

look at these 2 whitebois! they decide to take thier bbc obsession into thier own hands! (and assholes) they made the transformation and can readily find nigger cocks to throat them, young or old, day or night!

is there any doubt?

certified pledged slut forniggah cock! its a my space honey! those fat tits love gettin sucked on by thick nigger lips! her fat ass loves big cock to pound at her hard too! face it if you were her, wouldnt you fetch a big niggah with a awesome cock to act like a slut with?

went too far!

originally you were just taking her to the park so you could voy out with her bbc dildo while you wanked! when a young black man approached, he seen whats goin on and asked if he could wank to her show too! you both said yes, but she wasnt quite expecting to see how big he was. after ten minutes she asked hub if she could suck him and you hesitanly agreed. after 10 more minutes she turned around and shoved her ass at his cock, this time without your permission! you watch in horror as your wife of 10 years had her 1st real orgasm! you were left confused and envious. confused mostly because you werent sure if you envied her or him more!

ps. look at the black dildo at bottom of pic!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


first off i  would like to apologise to all who missed my daily posts! since about a month ago when i started i have been delving deeper into my interracial and black cock obsesssion. the culmination of a decade of whackin my cock to whitegirls gettin blackfucked then to black cock obsessed then black trannys has resulted in my absence from the daily. i have in conjunction with this blog reaching out to make my fantasies reality. thanks to the internet my fantasy was quickly answered and has resulted into a 4 day extravaganza, where i left my real life behind and entered into a world in which i maybe cant live with out!
a couple of weeks ago i contacted a ts, black of course and we have been exchanging emails for about 10 days. my wife has been away on business  for 3 weeks. i took the time to meet up with my internet aquaintance. during this time(4 days) we did it all, more than once! i called into work sick two days in a row! today is wednesday and it is my first chance to share my experience with all of you!
5 days ago i had a virgin ass, i often masterbated with dildos, but never had a cock in my ass! today things are different. during this time my ass has been able to accomodate most of a 10'' black tranny cock! during the 4 days i had to spend at least 8 of those hours sucking on, licking, or just jackin black cock! there was one stretch where i sucked for nearly 2 hours straight!
during my decade and a half marriage to my wife i never once shaved her. i can now say i have shave around a black cock clean. we showered, spooned, cuddled and yes we kissed... alot! my tranformation from a guy who loves girls to bi-curious, to bbc obsessed, to performing full ''gay'' acts is complete! at this moment i consider myself straght-with a wild side! i know what i have done is completely gay, however i dont give a shit!
most of my fantasies came true this last weekend,but we plan on meeting very soon to do it again. i hope to document this situation on video as well!
i plan to go into further detail here on this blog on specifics of what went down. including me in her boyshorts, getting spanked on my butthole and balls by her hard black cock! i also plan on elaborating on how i was finally devirginsed at 45 years old. it was slow and erotic and worth everything!
thanks to all who have joined, posted or e-mailed me and enjoy the blog and my experiences!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

you just fucked up whiteboi!

the girl is the whitebois fiancee. the boi is taking the pic! the stud nig plays football for the bois favorite team! boi noticed him while on vacation and said hello. while taking pictures she snuggled up next to his strong body. he of course put that big paw right on her tiny little ass! look at how happy she is to have a big strong man next to her! you found out he was staying at the same hotel as you! later they chatted and planned to meet when you went to play golf the next day! homey shot a hole in one as she fell on top of his 9 iron! you never did find out!

need to know what series this is from!!!???

get ready boi! the vids are comin, hardcore cuck! finally a nig thats not scared to let whiteboi suck it while he fucks the wife. i have a feeling its grip and cram johnson but not sure???? does anyone know
links are appreciated as well! you scatch mine, i scratch yours!

any info on this clip?

this is not the girl in the link attached, but dosent she look great with the nig? i love asian girls goin big with the blacks! they start with the tiny asia bois then bypass whitebois right to the big leagues! whiteboi cant even cuck the asians anymore! does anyone know where to get the rest of this clip? its short and dark but she looks thin and hot!!! i love the asian guy come crawlin in to play with her tits at the end, right when homey pulls his cock from her mouth and tounges her down! thats what you get for overcharging me for that tv!

hot link and a question!

for whatever reason it is, we all love watching white girls gettin fucked by black men! but has your obsession grown? do you want it filthier? do you like the girls calling him a nigger? do you wonder why there is not more name calling? do you want the cuck to be humiliated and have to suck tha niggah? do you like when she takes the time to humiliate his pathetic cock? well heres a link. she never says ''nigger'' but she calls him a ''black muthafucker'' a good 25 times! she also takes time to humiliate hubby a couple of times! its a pretty good vid and its about 50 minutes! check it out

by popular demand!

it seems that solo black cocks are getting commented on the most here! the whitebois (you) have spoken! the traffic to see them up close and full screen are off the charts! whitebois want to see these cocks up close, every vein and how the heads are so bloated and ridgy! makes you really hard huh? scared in a way? so turned on tho! get ready for this link! it may really change the way you think forever! its the perfect storm. its long, its so thick, the load threatens, as it shoots, pumps then drools! the nigger is fit too! theres no doubt that this man was meant to convert women and girls to want to lay down and take him! this nigger has got it goin on so much i bet some of you nig curious bois would pay some dough to play with it with your faggy mouths!

Monday, November 8, 2010

natural selection

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she told her boyfriend that she was out with her gfs! thats why her nose was growin so long and sexy!
she was really out hunting fo niggahs thats why her ass was so deliciously plump on this hot evening!
yeah she got herself noticed by every hot niggah in tha spot!
she narrowed it down to 3 of them, paid for the hotel room and had all of her holes rotated! they threw in a lube job fo free!


this is bobbys mom! bobby is 18 and he wants his divorcee mom to get back in the dating scene! he hatched a plan thats gonna land her a big young black schlong, that she can fuck with her mouth and head!
hes been inviting all his black friends to his house after school. before they get there he takes his moms panties and leaves them hanging on the hamper with the crotch exposed! once the black boys go to use the bathroom they cant help notice! they immediately grab them and take a whiff! once they smell that white pussy that was recently encased in them they cant help. they cant help wrapping them around thier sturdy cocks and wankin. not even the toughest detergent can wash those alpha pheremones off her silky crotches! the next time she wears them the pheremones infiltrate her most vulnerable zone! her fuse will subconciously light and pretty soon your mom will be on her knees servicing all of your hung, young negro friends! atta boy ,bobby!

it really is upon us!

 look at cuck jerker! his woman is givin her nigger master everything she got! shes leakin heavy cream all over his balls, combined with her own nut! she will put up with you watchin for a while, to take pic, videos and cleaning. that will grow old quickly and you will have to find your own cock to suck and sit on!

whhiteboi gettin a jump on it!


this boi is learning early! he seen his mom go to the blackside at an early age. he actually came home and heard her from outside, instead of barging in, he went and spied on her! he didnt go gay that very minute, but it planted the seed! he never seen such a display of uninhibited lust to this day! the tool the blackman weilded on her was another he hasnt seen to this day either. he realises he has no chance on bringing women this pleasure. instead hes choosing to feel what he seen his mom feel years ago! hes still a wank virgin who still gets off dildoing  his rosebud and shaving his whole body. he exercises to look more like a female! months from now when school is over he will travel to another city and give his best attempt at sucking black cocks lke a serial blower! have fun danny! i mean danni!


her racist parents believe kathy was abducted! and they think that ''that nigger was involved! they found her panties with her dna at his house!
his story is, that he was fucking her so hard in her horny body that she disintegrated!
here are the only crime scene photos at the trial, you decide!

on her phone!


young white bois often jerk off before thier dates so they can last a little longer! this is what blacks do before that little white bunny come to his house! jealous? envious? loads 2 3 4 5 and 6 are gonna be milked by her!

would you?

would you;
-tounge her ass?
-let her tease and tickle your balls as you submissively nibble her taint?
-stuff her balls in your mouth and swirl your tounge?
-take your time and lick her shaft? tounge the head? throat it?
-as she fucking you do you want her to moan like a woman? or would you rather her grunt like a bull?
if you said both, grunt and moan your not alone! i would like her to be submissive at times, and dominant as well!
i would spread and let her fuck me face to face as she holds my dick like a handle as she sweats and grunts till she fills my man ass with her black babies!

black cock diet!

thats your x wife! you hardly recognise her with her new fit body, her new hair cut and of course that ''glow'' she has now! after the divorce she hit the gym. thats where she met her former trainer and new bf marcus! she took some of the divorce money to buy some tits! the rest of her attributes were earned tho! she cut her body fat by drinkin his cum daily! she also does at least a 1000 ''squats'' a day as well!
the squats are always done on his big nigger cock tho!

no fuckin way!

years ago she wouldnt give him the time of day! but that wall came down hard, right on top of your tiny dick! your going out of business whiteboi! hes damn near homeless with 2 dollars to his name! but she found out that his cock hangs half way to his knees and she got to have him!

look down below! look at how open she gets fo her niggah!

they see you!

well he sees you! your not on her radar anymore, you had your chance white jerk boi! she only fucks black ''MEN'' now!
you fumble for your camera phone but you miss them in passing. luckily he decides to grab some cheek as you gather your wits!
you just walked passes your x wife of 8 years and she didnt even see you!

little bois! is all you are

you learned to jerk in your teens! look at you now! still jerkin after all these years! the internet has got you goin crazy ,boi!
you hot wife is growing tired of you jackin like a teen ager! shes turning into a hot slut but you pay her no mind, but the niggers do! oh yes, they see the buety in how her ass is plumpin up and how her tits fill her shirts! her pussy sizzles but all you want to do is jerk like a closet fag! big black dicks on your harddrive, cucky caps littering your desktop! if she finds your password your gonna get punished!
this is a representation of your bored, neglected hot wife! and the obsessed jerkin, nigger curious fag you are! you want ''mommy'' to stick that black brush handle into you right? do you want her to say ''nigger'' as she does it? yeah you do, bitch!
this pic may be fake, but oh so hot! makes you stiff and your ass pussy is winkin! mine too you weak piece of shit! thats why your faggot ass should be here with me tounging my worthless white balls as i post!
she was once shy and demure property of a whiteboi. she sucked him and fucked him, and acted naughty at times. now.... now she fucks niggers and she loves it. she screams as orgasms shatter her being. she spreads wide and gasps for air as they assault her smooth white holes! she dresses sexy and fucks and sucks in public for them! anything they want they get!
while you jerk to this shes getting nude black pipe slid into her!

worried little jerkers!

sorry i havent posted for a week. i've seen the traffic and how your little dick bois check in to get something for your peckers to get hard from! lost little puppies so hungry for some dirty filth. your a perverted wanking boi! you need to be sissified already! you need to come home and see your woman laying exhausted on a big niggers cock! you need him to raise up and beat you and have you clean his shaft as he fucks her for you to witness! your little dick is heating up as you read this isnt it? thats why the future of whitebois is to suck fresh cum from white pussies and black ball sacs! thats why you'll be wearing panties soon with a dildo in yor ass as you jack to ir porn or hopefully witnessing the real thing! now stick your tounge in his ass and let hm blow inside your wife so you can get it fresh!!! jerk it boi, say ''ima faggot''

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

alone in her room!

18 yo chrissy! this is what she does in her room whil mom and dad watch tv! shes got black porn, full screen on her laptop behind her, and a big dildo wedged in her wet baby hole! look at her arm shes taking the pic herself! and by the look on her face this 18 yo is about to have a girlgasm come crashing down on her that many women will never experience in a lifetime! god bless the thick niggah schlongs and the babies they rode in on!