Tuesday, August 28, 2012

married...but so gay and horny!

daddy cant take it anymore!...he must bring his black cock obsession to reality....just wait till tha nig starts pumpin ejaculate....thick hot gobs at daddys grill!

Monday, August 27, 2012

notice the details!...know you will!

you wanna know?

theres places in your community where young black niggers stick thier cocks thruwalls for gay daddies like you!...but if you wanna play...you gotta pay!...loook at the definition on that cocks head!...wanna feel it in your mouth?...give him a fifty and let himm donate some seed to your stomach!...alot of niggahs know there is a market for fags like you!
wanna know where you can go?..need an address?

holy shit!

think you could really handle bein a cuck?...when she looks at you....disgusted!...she then tells you to clean his cock off!...you freeze...till she barks!...''cum on you faggot!...you know you wanna suck his black cock!''
its warm from the friction of your wifes cunt!...and you love it!
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take that!...whiteboi!

why do whitebois love this sooo much!
who really knows....but its soo fuckin hott!

Friday, August 24, 2012

or how bout this!

i love when you can see how hard it is in a pic!
white girls love his green eyes...and african features too!..smooth...hardass niggah!
he never dissappoints either!
post this on  the back of the door in the ladies bathroom!

hi tabitha!

this is a dedication to tabitha west!...do you like this nigger?...do you?...i like your avatar...can you post more pics?....i love how you talk filthy too!...tell us all what you would say to this nigger as he fucks you hard...as he makes you nutt!

tell us about yourself you dirty nigger lovin bitch!...btw we love you for it!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

youn niggah!

hey bois and dads....this is whats goin in that young white pussy!...when the scent of that fresh young slit hits his nostrils, it triggers that 10.5 inches to a 12er....his head swells and throbs...his shaft thickens...and he cant get any harder!....crazy huh?by the fifth stroke hes balls to base ..giving her a feelin like she never felt before!..she wraps her legs around himm and pulls him in for a big juicy kiss!....he stuffs her full as she feels his big soft lips!..
''omfuckin god!'' as she feels his heartbeat in the head of his cock buried inside!...he resumes his deep strokes as a real orgasm blindsides her!....whack!...here cums that thick creamy sauce you so often see coatin niggers cocks as they plunge in an out!...''bhaybyyy!''..she exclaims....signaling him to ''do his thing!''.....''fhuck yo phussie dhaddieee!''

its not a photo shoot!

homeboy loves starin em down!...white couples at the beach...just like hes doin here! you see that look?...
it says a couple of things...
1- ''cmon honey!...you can have all this...and that smooth hard chocolate bar in my bathing suit!''...
2-''fuck you white boi!''...i will fuck your woman so hard
she will love me!..

he does this every weekend!...and by no stroke of luck the women return solo!...''gotta fuck that niggah!''

Saturday, August 18, 2012

love this pic!

i dont know where this pic is from ...or who these people are!
but it still makes me cumm every time i see it!
a fine white woman....without a care in the world...in fact, she has nothing to do but let ths ghetto nig fuck her however he likes!
hes ghetto as shit...but theres no doubt he has 12 inches...(judging from his african traits) buried deep in her!
and she loves it too!...when he startss grunting....she nods her head, telling himm to seed her hot...white...married cunt!

not a tuff choice!

haha! look and weep whitebois! niggah got whiteboi beat by a long shot!...easy choice for her..huh?
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

if you cant beat em'

this little bitch walked in on his gf gettin fucked by a nigger with a foot long cock!...immediately he knew he could never do better than that black mutherfucker could...he now spends his afternoons dressed in his mommies clothes jackin to black guys fuckin white girls!...his fondness is so great he will soon lure one to his parents house to fuck his homo hole!
this harry potter look-alike is gonna be the new star of the movie ''homo alone!''
''if you cant beat 'em...fuck em!''

she still has braces....but she already knows!

15 years ago a girl of her age would still be fumbling around with white penis' having..... fun and giggling!
nowadays the word is out amongst her friends and whitegirls everywhere...''its ok to let niggers fuck you...whitebois wont protest...and they always make you cumm!''
more and more of them are sayin that...they're also sayin that whitebois REALLY suck when it comes to sex!...
she still has braces and a hello kitty sticker on her phone, but shes already has taken a cock bigger than her mother...and has cumm harder than mom ever will!

that is until her mom cums homesand finds her daughter cummin like a banshee....mom willl take notice...and she will son need to take action as well!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

shes the worlds worst secretary!...but this little hot wife knows how to keep  her job!...the right amount of lipstick...the shoes and stockings!...and a fresh red dye job keeps her black boss hot...and roaring to fuck, married white pussy! hes just finishing up on a call as she starts her way over to his black cock!


this is his post on craigslist!...its free for white girls and ladies...he loves first timers and how they marvel at it!...sooo long!....so thick!......soooo hard! they've been known to suck it for hours, b4 sliding down on that amazing cock!

you can visualise it, cant you?

oh yeah...he has a similar pic for white bois too!...faggy hubs and bois must pay up to be near his cock tho!...and there is no touching, homo!
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you want the number?

does this make you horny?

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Thursday, August 2, 2012


you wish you had that nigger dna...dont you?
swaggy black mutherfucker...smooth, black adonis! bitches of all shapes and sizes swoon to the new hot trend...they all want tha niggahs!
its been so long for you now that your perverted mind envys her..dosent it? you want to tounge his ass boi? get himm hard? till he turns and forces it in your mouth? its ok to be a niggers homo boi! its ok!
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tough choice

the one on the left belongs to a guy who works out with frequency...it dosent make his cock bigger, but it does cause him to hammer into white bodies harder!it gets really hard and stays like that for inordinate amounts of time too!

the other is practically useless...its small..unkept...and only gets semi-hard when its ready to pout!..even then it a fuckin joke!
white girls need niggers to fuck them into oblivion!

thats her moms bf!

her mom finally gave the boot to her lame assed husband...the divorce is final and shes free to live her life!...she went out andgot a real man....with a real cock! a man who knows how to pump his hips and hold his nutt till a woman cumms!...a nigger! mom fucks him daily...at least twice! once when she comes home from work...and at the end of the night! her daughter hears the passion echo thru the house daily!...shes even caught a glimpse of that fuckpole on a couple of occasions! the image has been burnt into her brain and she cannot get it off her mind! homeboy knows mommy is gonna be late tonight, so he hatched a plan to let haley unexpactedly catch himm with his pants off!...look how interested she is!...shes hoping he will be bad and fuck her sticky pussy!..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

thanks abe!

people speculate as to why abe lincoln freed the slaves...the truth is abe wasnt a humanitarian...rather he was a giant perv who loved to see big bottomed white girls like this one, gangfucked by packs of swarming niggers!
he loved to see thier resistance turn to unbrideled lust!...see thier tounges intertwine as they shoot deep in her womb!
...thanks abe!

suck it motherfucker!

she used to have sex with bois now she fuck niggahs! whiteboi cant tell her shit no more! the nigger on the left fucks like a ''rhino''....he beats thefuck out of her pussy till she cumms hard!....then he fucks her more!
if he says fuck my homies she does!...and if he wants to pimp her out ...she does it! nigger cock aint nuthin to fuck wit!

john freeman, cumm now!

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enjoy stroking to these

true story

she loves sitting on the steps waiting for her oppourtunity...
''excuse me!'' she says to the big black nigger passing by!
''do you know what time it is?''...he looks and sees that little white pussy staring at him as he says the time...she lowers her hands to show himm the topps of her tits...she lowers her glasses so he can see her eyes...
nowadays white girls..ladies and women make thier moves on niggers! they dont waste thier time on white faggot bitches!..