Friday, December 31, 2010

movin out and movin on!

her name is isabella amour, shes a porn star!
in reality shes probably 20 or 21! that means a few short years ago she was in high school! you know her friend all know that she moved away and is doin porn now! what do you think the girls she knew think when they google her and see this vid in private? what do you think the boys think? what do you think the x bfs think when they see her performing?

ya think?

      dont you think they make a great fit together?

believe it!

white men hope white women will not see this pic!
truth is hes bigger, harder and very much more physically fit! he has stamina! and his flesh runs hot!
and obviously has an edge where it counts!
give up!!!!

strictly niggahs!

these two have been fucking niggers for years, can you tell?
you can huh? you know to stay away, dont you? they have that swag that look that says ''sorry little fucker, only huuung niggahs fuck my holes!'' now take your pic and go away and wank on yourself...... faggot!

a little dissappointed and a little happy!

you wanna know what her look is sayin?
well she dissapppointed in her whiteboi, thats hes so inadequate, lame and weak!
but he just threw on a porno and when the nigger on screen unleashed his wand, it gave her hope! that glimmer is sayin she needs some o that!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

the truth!

 this lovely lady had it all at one time! a 4,000 sq. ft house, a life of leisure and a hubby who could afford her everything! (except a good proper shagging)
she left it all behind her in the divorce, she didnt want any of it! all that she needs is an apartment of her own where she can enjoy her black cocks! the bare essentials do it for her! a bed and a nigger.

relax baby!

all that is required of him is to supply the big hard nigger cock and a dose of cumm at the end!
she tells him to lay back and relax as she sheds her clothes. she then kisses his mouth to shoow him how receptive she is. she will follow that up by worshiping his cock with her mouth.... slowly...taking her time sucking on him! she will then mount him and ride away!! all the while hes just relaxing letting her do all the work!
being a nigger.......not what it used to be!

out of my way!

stay back whiteboi! ''i've got niggers to fuck!''

closet freak

she happens to be in her closet, but what i mean is she hasnt gone public yet with her dark obsession! she hasnt told anyone and nobody knows that she loves to lend her body, sexy firm tits, mouth and pussy hole to thugish dirty nigger boys and men!
kind of like some people found here!

do you think shes ready?

dadaddy! i think im ready, can you send in the niggers now!......... please!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

can anyone id her?

the cunt in question is the pear assed pigeon toe on the right! i think they are both pornstars but not sure! i've had this pic in my hardrive forever, and pinkies fat slant ass drives me crazy! if any one knows...........

ps. i like to think they just spotted a big nig, who they are goin to harrass till he breaks down and lets them suckle on it!

hands on your hips!

 what do al these sluts have in common?
well for one thier all sexy bitches that fuck niggers!
and for two, they all know the first rule when in the presence of a hot black male! they all pose and stick out that ass and those hips! they are all showing them that they are ready for them to mount!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

im not sure!

im not sure if this is sarah plin or just a look-alike.either way she needs to feed those hips and thighs to niggers, immediately! and tape it too!
if its sarah, how hot would it be if she went black, a video surfaced, her and young thugs smokin crack and fuckin while her daughter fluffed and that boi shes married to cleaned up, daddy went gay..................


look at those tits! today shes playing the casual dumb slut role! she with cucky and hes hungry! he loves toeat thick wads of cum from his gfs pussy! he also likes it to be deposited by young blackmen!
today he is going to get his wish! a pack ofyoung black boys are gathered nearr the store entrance finihing off that blunt!

this cougar got game!

this little honey has got game and then some! her game is to go to the mall in the afternoons! she knows that all the young blacks go there whenever they can! she prances around in little oufits like this to stir the hornets! theres no doubt they swarm after her! when she gets them good and rilied she saunters out to her brand new range rover! she loves this because she knows only the boldest or the horniest black boys will follow her and approach her! whenever she bends into her truck she knows she will always be greeted by a hot stud when she comes up! today is no exception, and the young black asks her about her new truck. he says he was thinking about buying one and he wanted to know what she thought of it. she knows he cant afford one because f his security job, but asks if he would like to test drive hers if he wants. once behind the wheel she asks him if he would mind driving her around on her errands for a while. he says ''sure'' and there off. she makes sure to show him all of her juicy thighs and even lets her panties peek for him. she asks him to go to the drug store so she can get some femminie products. (lube). wilein te store she takes off her panties so she can show him a little more when she gets back in. she loves the suv tint so she can find a nice spot jump in the back and romp and roll all over her young black joystick! that is her game and she works it to perfection! she does all this and is home by 4:30 to turkey baste allthat cumm from her snatch before hubby gets home from work!

your x girl friend!

you were takin by surprise when you seen your x gf at the club! by the way shes blushing so was she, especially since her hand was all over his lap! you havent seen or spoke to her since the break-up! thats why the conversation later that night was awkward:
you; ''how you been?''
her; ''good!'' ''and you?''
you; ''alright''.. ''is that your new bf?''
her; ''deshawn?'' yeah, hes my new man!''
you; hes black!
:her; yeah! he is! but all the guys ive dated in the last 3 months have been black!
you; really? thats cool you like black guys now?
her; like? yeah... no i loove black guys! thier tha best!
you; wow! thats crazy! your having sex with them and everything?
her; (sarcasticly) aah? yeaah! and everything! thats what i mean by the best, silly! the sex is amazing! i never knew i was so.... so slutty!
you; thats funny! your so funny!...
her; theres nothin funny the way.... they.. do it!!
you; oh really?
her; yeah really!
you; whatever!
her; yeah.. whatever is right! why dont you go home and pet your little baby dick!
you; baby dick!? your a stupid slut! what are you talkin about?
her; yes.. its small like a babies and you cant fuck worth a shit!! i am a slut now that i have big.... black guys.. in my life who know how to fuck mee!.... i wated 3 years with you! feebling and fumbling..... i think your gay and should suck off your stupid friends!
you turn to leave. and as you do you see her race over to her man... as she leaps onto his large body he catches her, by her ass as thier bodies melt together in a hot, deep kiss! now your ready to go home..... go home and jerk off to!

on the contrary!

whitebois may think she is disgusted or maybe even held at gunpoint! on the contrary loser! shes ultra worked up from just suckin on his master cock! now shes lickin his nigger shit hole and shes looooovin it! shes gonna suck and nibble on the back of his ball sack too! then shes gonna turn him over and covet his pipe with her silky sheen! shes goin to look right in the camera as she slides down him. her eyelids get heavy and as she gets down her eyes roll! she stays down and stirs as her mini-gasm registers! her mouth ovals as a natural ahhhhh! emits from her diaphram!... you cum! as they just get started! thats why she fucking niggers and cleaning thier assholes and not fucking you cuz your jerking off! now say it! ''im a jekoff!''

do you understand?

do you see that? look at his cocks head! hard and bloated with his blood pumping thru it! its the perfect tip for his hot vessel and white girls love the way he ''saws'' it in and out of them! slicing them with power and skill! the real icing on the cake is that after he works them and makes them cum, he fires hot wad after hot scalding wad in them at point blank range! her fertile egg breaks just from the impact! his little ''piranha" puddles dont even have to attack it! they just swim on over and pile on!

claiming his prize!

all the whitebois want her! they all kiss her ass and do anything for her! when homey seen her little cunt outfit, he knew he needed some of that! the whitebois were just as helpless as the black king told them to ''get lost''!
he fucked her hard and long! he pulled her hair! he made her suck his big cock as he degraded her ''white slut body''
suprisingly she liked it!... she loved to be dominated! it made her feel like a woman... in the presence of a man.... a real man! not a boi!
watch your women, bois! if they dont go by peer pressure or fre will, they just might get snatched!

trophy wife snatched!

this photo was taken just at the very moment!
honey here has got her nigger bait uniform on tonight! except shes the aggressor. she just told cucky to wait for the car,  she'll be back ina minute! shes braless and pantyless! shes thinkin its only gonna take a few short steps and a few deep thrust to scratch that itch she has!

takin advantage of at christmas!

she went to christmas dinner with her boi friend. the family that was hosting was black. there were many adolescent black boys in attendance! they kept asking to take pics of her with thier cell phones. it made her boi friend uncomfortable, especially after he overheard them talking about how they want to fuck her titties! there was nothing he could do since he was a guest. at the end of the night she went to get her coat in the spare bedroom. when she opened the door she couldnt believe what she was seeing! one of the black boys was fucking the fur lined collar of her winter jacket, it smelled just like white girl! she walked over and grabbed her jacket from him, as she did his big, hard cock wagged to and fro as a big dollop of cum leaked from his manly head! stunned.... she held the jacket close to her chest. not yet aware that the fur was lined with massive amounts of his thick virile load!
she never did tell her boifriend what she seen! and on the car ride home she sat quietly thinking about how hard and big that boys black cock was! it didnt help that his horny pheremones in her hood were infiltrating her nostrils at such close range! after getting home she attacked her bf for sex! after being let down by his lack of sexual ability she went home. she later relieved herself at her house with her big hairbrush handle thinking of the young black stud cock! its only a matter of time before she gets the courage to take the plunge!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

love this!

i love seeing white girls goin in with thier mouths wide open, totally agape! it speaks that thier ''all in''. that thier goin black, thier goin big and most def not goin back!

how sweet!

yes he did! he buried his hard african cock balls deep in her and fired off! hot thick shots of cum as he stared down on her!
look at thier expressions in this pic;
hes got the look of ''yeah i conqured dat pussy!, cmon girl i gots anotha baby in my ball fo ya!''
shes got the look of '' i'd love to stay and take another pic, but he has to coat my womb... again!''

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

check this link!
28 min. amatuer, clear vid. girl is chunky, the boy is hungggg, thick and drooly!

white son!

whitebois at an early age are realising they cant compete with black boys!
they realise they are closer to skinny whitegirls than blackboys!
in fact they want black boys to want them, so this is the outcum!

Monday, December 20, 2010

made for each other!

big creamy, white lady.. plus big creamy choco nig equals?
she needs a big strong, cocky nigger to bring her out of her shell! shes dancing around sucking it... so he grabs her by the back of her head and shoves it at his niggery dick! its just what the doctor ordered too! she dosent need a whiteboi who asks ''does that feel good?'' or ''am i hurting you?''
she needs a confident man to handle his biz and fuck her like a slut! make her cum and tremble too!

the same look!

thats the same wide eyed shocked look shes gonna have when he finger fucks her tight glossy hole! by the time this nigger gets at her with his nightstick shes gonna be ready and willing!
she'll tell him to ''fuck her hard'' and she'll finish by telling him to ''take that pussy!''

you got another thing comn, boi!

believe it or not, this hot piece is with that soft whiteboi! she thinks she really likes him, but shes young and doesnt know any better! she thinks that sex is overrated but still enjoys it somewhat! she is still blinded to the fact of what blackmen can do for her body!
do you think her beau wants her blackened?

a whitebois acceptance!

this boi is only 19! his gf of 3 years left him 6 months ago for a black boy. hes spied on his x and seen her havin sex with the big dick nigger! it turned him on watching her cum and give herself to the black boy!
this fag here knows he cant compete with what the nigger bastard has to offer! not only is he jealous of the way the nig fucks his x, but he is also jealous and envious of the way his x cums on the black boy!
the rest is history and this boi is on his way to transform himself into a bbc cocockslut of his own! stay tuned as you may see black cocks ripping sonny boy here as his cock leaks with every black thrust!

an inside look!

just like crack! they give em a sample and let em think on it! she feels the heat emminating, the heft, she also feels that ridge on his shaft!
later when she takes a tinkle, she fels what it did to her panty crotch!

she tries to make a getaway, go home and rethink what she seen! but the nigs know that they have to strike while the pussys hot! they go for her sensitive areas, tits and pussy! thier tangled in the web, and below they get thier taste!

uh hmm! right in the parkin lot as club goers shuffle off! this honey needs a dose of vitamin N before she goes home! to be continued.......


she knows her body! her prescription is; NIGGER COCK!
she knows that bois cant scratch her deep, she needs niggers to dig that ass cleavage! bang her thru her cheeks and penetrate!

this is what they do!

yeah shes been feelin his hot cock thru her thin dress and micro panties all night! by what hes packin she knows hes a hot commodity. she needs that footlong, but she needs to sweeten the deal!
she knows the niggy cant turn down 2 wet little slits! so she fetches her little cunt friend and tells her all about the brother that is good to go!
she tells her friend ''there is plenty for the both of us!''

Sunday, December 19, 2010

make it easy!

you wanna get that thug niggah cock in your wife, daughter and yourself all in one shot?
invite him to invade your home! act surprised daddy!
an evening where you and your wife can watch your daughter struggle, then grow accustommed as she pees herself an cums involuntarily on her captor! watch as your wife fucks him for your families freedom! then come to your families rescue as you try to save them with your throat! they say that a family that plays together stays together!
do it daddy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

trophy wife!

her rich, older hubby bought her those tits! she wanted them that big so she could wear tops like this!
she did this for 2 purposes;
1-is to scare off all the whiteboi jerkers! one look at her, and off you go with your perverted glances home to jerk off!
2- is to attract only the boldest, most aggressive blacks! it dosent hurt that when she sees a big, buck nigger she points them at him! she aims those nipples right at his big nigger lips as she goes about her biz! when confronted she blushes and her gaze goes from her chest to his bulge, signaling him to help himself! helplessly she permissively lets the black stockboy paw at them with his large hands till he finally fishes them out to suck on! all this happens in aisle 3 at 2 o clock in the afternoon!

you hope!

heres the reality, boi!
you only hope that our fine whitegirls like this dont get persuaded to fuck blacks. but eventually they do, even these ultra beuties!
and when they finally do, you have to just accept it! theres nothing you can do about it! you take that anger out on your cock with your frustrated fist! dont you?
all the white money and gifts and security you can provide her with cannot replace the feeling a ghetto nigger with a real cock can give her!

merry christmas nigger!

the nigger wants her...she wants him...and most of all you want them to be together! share whiteboi, do it! make a nigger happy this holiday season and feed him your plump and juicy wife!

Friday, December 17, 2010

the ultimate fuck-you!

i love it when i  see a nigger kissin a white bitch in public! i really love it when he kisses her so lewdly in public! but when i see a ghetto nigger lewdly kissin on a hot white suburban girl........ i go fuckin nutz!
by the looks of this girl, shes down for it all! she gonna tounge that niggers ass, shower lick his balls and then jam her throat on his fat black cockhead!
niggah gots plans fo her too! you see he a pimp and this bitch is down to fuck whitebois so her niggah can get paid!
does your dick have that kind of power?

hes your opposite!

he has a cock-you have a peani
hes richard mann- you are dick boi
hes big and black- you are small and pink
he fucks wet pussy- you fuck your hand
care to draw any more differences...... go ahead!