Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hey bro....

fyi...just to let you know...while your at work daydreaming about black men....your wife is in the kitchen of your home shes on her knees, struggling to get out of her clothes!
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Friday, July 20, 2012

goin out bitch!

her soon to be x boifriend has been accusing her of cheating on him....his insecurities, and lack of manhood has him convinced that she fuckin niggers! the niggahs do sweat her and push-up on her everywhere she goes...they even try to pick her up when she was with her boi bitch!...shes finally had enough of his bullshit...inspecting her underwear...checking her phone and she even caught him spying on her a few times!
shes sending this pic as a farewell message....the text attached read..''im going out with the girls tonight...hip-hop like my dress?...i hope theres no black guys there!''...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

you thought wrong!

whiteboi chartered a nigger and his boat to show them around! he treated tha nigger as if he was a slave....she didnt care for it fact she was more interested in the throbbing bulge twitching in his shorts, than the scenery!
her pussy gushed when the nig told the whiteboi to enjoy the view!

i confess!

yes...i call them nigger motherfuckers! may seem that i hate them...but in fact i envy them!...they make me hard....i love watchin them fuck too!
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i have sucked a niggers cock and i loved it!

down to the facts!

lets face facts!...white girls are hott and they take care of themselves!....the same goes for most niggers as well! they work out and look good! nothin like the beach to seperate the men from the bois! these juicy gals want the same thing in thier men...juicy! no place like the beach for them to see a hott blackman in as little as possible! get lost whieboi...these women need a proper fuckin!

have you seen?

have you seen the articles in your wifes magazines?...''how to keep him faithfull'......spice up the bedroom!''
on and on they go! these advice columnist are either running out of ideas or they're getting smart! last months edition of madamoseille had this article! was loaded with confessions of women who now swear to the nigger, fuck gods! long will it be till a nigger catches up to your woman?

breed em black!

nice looking lady huh?....her mom has a rack like that too!...and 24 years ago her mom had a hankering for some black was really taboo then, but she carried thru with it. the sex was unabandoned....wild and freaky! it ended with the nigger ballz deep in her mother....blasting gobs of hot cumm...point blank at her uterus!....this is the result!... her mom, only fuck niggers! tonight she will let another one suck her tits hard and bang away at her wett pussy!...soon there will be a third gen of blasian hotness!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

theres no doubt!

theres no doubt that shes in this position just for tha cock! would she date this ugly nigger? would she marry this spook? the answer to both is no!
but will she dress up...put on some a room, and let him fuck her tiny pussy with his big and hard black fuck piece?....the answer to that question is a big....YES!

''ill take care f you!''

hmmm! nothin gets her hotter than servicing tha black nigger! she knows thats sticking her tounge in his ass gets him hard as a convict! slurping his balss and hott nipple play gets him hard and horny to pump her like a beast!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

hubby is a pussy!

hubby shoved every phallic like object he could find in his wife! no avail! shes demanding he take her pic and post it!....her request is for niggers!....ones that can fuck hard and deep....cummm and keep on fuckin!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

they really do!

this young black nig is only 20 yo! whitegirls think he is fine....and many give up the pussy to him easily! they freak-out at how hard and heavy his cock is....but they are still intrigued!
he loves looking at thier tiny white hands try to encircle his girth!....they always come up short...but that just turns them both on more!

hes fucked over 40 white girls with that monsta!

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you love it!

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broad daylight too! they are sooo hot for niggers and thier hot cocks!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the pic dont lie!

she was wiggling around on the dancefloor with her gfs just an hour ago..thats when she felt a big hard bulge pushing against her hip! to her surprise he was and handsome!....she thought....''why fuckin not!''..she just blew him..and hes still hard and ready! hes telling her he wants her pussy, as he snaps the photo!....she squirms and smiles, signifying that, ''sounds good!''

big black niggers make 'em go crazy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

not no more!

when she was younger she was always teased....the ugly duckling!
now that her hips filled out...and her face seems angelic!...too late whitebois, she into black guys only!
fuck off! shes got niggahs to fuck!

staged but hott!

look at that big nigger and ask yourself why!!!! why would she not want to suck his cock and see how much cumm a stud could pump on her!

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this young bitch couldnt take it no more...he found a nig that wanted a white bitchboi to suck his big cock!

the nig told him...''use yo throat bitch!''
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good fag!

survey says!

being a whiteboi isnt what it used to be...its more fun to be a nigger nowadays....or a white bitch!

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she showing how down she is!...niggah is eatin it up too!
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she did it!

hey boi

start lickin from his black shithole...then work your way towards her distended cunt hole for blacks!...dont forget that wifey nutt either!

its good to be a nigger!

heres why...not only cuz shes hott...but shes gonna beg him to go balls deep...request himm to fuck her harder....and when hes ready....she gonna wrap her arms and legs around him tight...and take his load inside!
not finished yet!
when she comes up pregnant shes gonna tell himm she ''wants it!''

Monday, July 2, 2012

boi 4 niggers!

 you've seen what white girls do and give to tha blacks!...
but white bois give it up too!....

white piece o shit!

she loves it!...she loves having her pussy get hot as her hubb tounges away....the nigger is really verbal toward the fag too! hes tellin whiteboi how hard hes gonna make his wife cumm!...she just moans as the niggah does what a niggah does!
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this cock is so hott, i had to repost! this is what makes whitegirls and women want to try them!....this is what turns white hubbs into groveling....cocksuckin homo fags!
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only a matter of time!

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