Monday, January 30, 2012

''why?'' ask!

why are white women...girls and ladies, resorting to letting black niggers fuck them?
well...exhibit A...look at tha cock! see how thick it is?
thats an erection!...curved and swollen! she has no doubt that he wants her....that he needs her!
after he enters the pussy...he pumps a vigourous motion! this is called ''fucking!'' its done best by dark males with big apendages,... thats another word for ''cock''! she the blur in the pic? hes moving rapidly...and shes going to cumm! not just the vocal version you can get a woman to achieve....her whole body is going to cumm, it will tense up....and she will go limp afterwards!
she will be satisfied...and she will despise white males afterwards! stick your finger in your asshole and jack that perverted....selfish, dicklette! you are a secret...faggot...pussy, and everyone here is too! inluding me!

frigid more!

shes the cunt receptionist who is rude to everyone especially those nigger sales reps! she just blew him off...and its not the first time! he stepped to the side of her desk to let her have a look at his hard..throbbing bulge thru his slacks!....things are heating up....and it looks like this cougars gonna get it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what a coincidence!

i know you love watching big mandingo types, fuck white girls like this! coincidentally..she loves fucking them as much as you like watching!...further more the dingo loves 'em big and thick like this too!
she loves when they treat her like shit...and fuck her like a pig! thats all for now! she has to shave her pussy smooth for marcus!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

is this what you want?...bitch

this is where your secret black cock obsession is leading! you swore you were only gonna watch her jack it! but when it sprang from her panties, it smelled of your favorite perfume....and you had to jerk it! it felt so wrong..but yet so right! her hand felt good rubbing your ass....but when she licked her middle finger, and stuck it in your ass, you knew you were had! now needed to suck it!
its ok homo!...nobody will suck it like a bitch....boi!

Monday, January 23, 2012

what would they say?

what would they say if they seen your browser history? all those bookmarks and visits....and the commonn thread is big...nigger ...cocks!
theres more than you think looking here!
look at the texture on this motherfucker!....its ok to cumm now!

you love it!

this is how they dress for the niggahs! he hasnt even picked her up yet and look at how hott she is already! shes hoping he wants to fuck first and then take her out to show off!
''eat shit whiteboi!....this body is for niggahs only!''
her hubby bought those tits and the dress!...but hes staying home tonight. she going to an all black you think shes lookin for a gentleman or a rugged, thug with a hard black tool?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


these girls work together....the one on the right has been fucking niggers since high school! the one on the left is still naive to the power a nigger cock posses. her dark haired friend has been filling her in on how good tha cock hard and big it sexy they make you feel...and how hard they make you cumm!
blondies boifriend is hangin on by a string..hes lame, and deep down he knows shed be best suited getting blackfucked! those big dark eyes....thick red lips...and most of all her phat ass and tiny wet pussy! shes gonna make tha blackmans day....question is when?

Friday, January 13, 2012

heres what you dont see!

what do hardbodied little cheer sluts want? you guessed it....big...thick...hard black ones!
they want to suck them till hard....till tha niggah turns em around.....then dog fucks them! shes got her lips locked tight as her tounge goes to town on  his cumslit!
shes gonna drink it!...happily!

deal wit it!

your hoping he cant get hard...arent you whiteboi?
well...i hate to break the news to you...but it does!
it gets really hard! he can control it too, he cant last and last! and he gots skillz too...his powerful hips deliver deep strokes at her! she says ''oh gawd'' as she immediately feels shes gonna cum. he fucks her long and strong and is better in every way!
thats why whitegirls are fuckin them at alarming rates...and thats why your fuckin your hand! can you say ''obsolete!''

daddies little girl!

thats daddies little girl...she gets everything she wants! dads bought all those shoes for her! he pays for her nails to be done and her pussy to get waxed! what daddy dont know is that his daughter is black owned!..yup, she cant stop fuckin tha niggahs! she addicted! theres nothin better to her than having a new strange black thumper scraping the walls of her juicy hole! and she loves the feeling of them doing her bareback and releasing ''tha spunk'' inside her!
''hey dad...go fuck yourself!''

Sunday, January 8, 2012

tha real deal!

one by one...every white girl and woman will eventually seek this out! when she does you will become meaningless to her! are you scared? are you so scared that your horny for him? thats a niggah bull....a real strong motherfucker....with a cock that plows pussy till it cumms hard....everytime!

and on the 4th day.....

lisa and her perky tits took a trip to da islands! she loved it but was a little alarmed at the natives roaming the beach naked. thier cocks would always be hard and lewdly bobbing as she walked passed them. by day 2 the images were swirling in her head as she proceeded thru her day 3 she engaged conversation with one of the they talked his cock went rigid...she couldnt believe it when it formed a huge drop on the head...then drooled and hung like syrup! he non-chalantly wiped it away as her body shivered in tha heat! by day 4 her body demanded her to explore tha dark side! look at the length on him....he drove it all in for her too! he gave her the full island experience she will never forget!

just a small town girl....

at this point she helpless...his cock is swelling, cuz his nutt is approaching! she was just about to tell him to make sure he pulls out! at the same time his cock went into overdrive, he bit down on her neck and tounged her ear! helpless to tha feeling she pulled him in  and spread wider...thru her moans her body signaled him to cumm where he is....deep inside her body!
right on her family quilt!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

how does it make you feel?

this is tiffany..shes 18! she would look good suckin on a big juicy niggah cock, but her family raised her not to do that! her father provides her with tha finer things lfe has to offer!

of course she fucks niggers!...shes hott! heres the kicker...
she loves em huge, and thuggish too! she cant resist a niggah that demands it from her....smacks tha shit out of her....and fucks her like a rapist! how times have changed....your jerkin and shes throwin tha pussy at himm...beggin himm!

heres some proof!

 would you believe shes almost 50? her black stud is only 18! but even at 18 he knows how to treat her like she needs it!....hubby too! wifey has the dog collar and hubbys ass is full of butt plug.
she loves the way he eats her pussy, he young and inexperienced, but his efforts are unabandoned as licks her like a savage beast!
 she loves being treated like a dog....and fucked deep and hard like one too!

the best part of fuckin young virile niggahs is they always stay hard, and keep tha cumm cummin!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


shes just 18....and shes struggling with her thoughts!..her body is developing at a rapid rate...and shes confused at what it is telling her. she bought that bra/panty set only 2 weeks ago and yet her tits want to heave as the material presses her sensitive young nipples as she moves! her panties ride low as her cheeks pull the material back tight into her toe! just walking causes her pussy to drool as her phat ass flosses her hard clit! shes ripe...and mother nature is telling her she needs an alpha...its echoing her head....its screaming....'' cock....biggg! she tries to relax and watch mtv, and she sees, hott....blackmen, adorning the screen and entertaining them! she knows now....she knows she wants them! will they make her feel better? she wants to know....she wants to experience black love!

where is this blog going?

remember the first time you seen a white girl experimenting with a nigger on video? it caught your interest and you really liked it..your interest grew and grew....remember when you ralised it was the niggers cock that is what turned you hard? you tried to look away and said ''i just like when white girls fuck them!'' you cant deny it now..can you? are you wondering whats next?
it may be something like this!....shes gay and her fav is whitebois! just like you...the ones who like girls, but black cocks too! well here it is probably want to jerk her before you start toungin her asshole like a pussy....have you had one in your mouth? have you experienced what those white girls have lusted for? his breathing gets heavy..and his body gets rigid...the growl before his nuttz contract then hurl...have you?....some of you curious slut bois have....but have you gone to the next level?
eventually the nigger wont have tits...but he will be thick and big! he will smack you...and tell you your a slut homo! he will tell you to get on your knees and start by sucking his balls!

have we answered your questions?

its a new year bitch...get to work!