Tuesday, June 28, 2011

look what mommy scored!

i hope her teenage son comes home early to see them stuck together! mom on top...cream flowing on his trunk...she turns and snarls..w/o missing a beat and says to her son..''go ta ya..fuckin room!''
mommy has no time for any white boi...man bullshit! shes got a hot hunk and her time is valuable! no lingerie....no anal beads...none of it! this nigger uses his big cock only...thats all he needs to make mommies cunt cream!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

you wanna know how the audition went?

this is stacy and shes 20 years old1 shes from the burbs outside of dallas. she was a cheerleader and homecoming queen...she was always the prettiest girl wherevever she went! so she went to hollywood to be famous...and have everyone she ever knew see her on the big screen!
its been a year and a half of going on auditions and struggling to get by...but theres good news...she made it to the third cut for a big part in a new movie! what she dosent know is that the person who makes the final decision is a big cocked nigger....and he needs his cock sucked! hes gonna make some small talk bout business..then lay it out there! stacy has to make a quick decision...will her friends know that she hit her knees and sucked it?? will mom and dad know she bent over and took it doggy?? will her bf, whos waiting in the car outside, smell the niggah funk on her??....probably not!
after this last test shot, the casting director will stand in front of her as she sits...he will adjust his cock at her eye level and ask her...''so stacy...do you want the part?'' she will say yes..not verblly ..but with her eyes, as her hands go for his belt! in her head shes thinkin shes gonna suck him and jerk him till he cums, (like she did those high-school whitebois) and he will be satisfied! she has no idea that shes with a blackma with a sexual appetite....that he needs a good sucking....and that he needs her hot wet pussy skin wrapped around his fuck-missile! it dosent stop there either...shes not gettin the part unless she wiggles her ass all the way onto him as he fires off deep inside her body!
as a footnote...she got the part! and aside from seeing her face when he was unloading hot-shots in her....his favorite part was watching her clean her body parts with baby wipes as she said..''my boifriend is waiting for me outside!''

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

pro dick hunter!

 this is sara swirls....you've seen her overdosing on nigger cocks over the years! she doin her job!
this is how she do it!! she goes down to the park..near the basketball courts...dressed like this! her only accessory is a pack of newports...niggers love a newport....and a white slut to go wit it!
here she is wit tha catch o' the day! a throwback niggah....he got a big hairy bush....veiny cock and cumms like yesteryear!

for andy!

 hey andy.....is this you? from your avatar i can see you being a smooth adult beiber look-alike!
did you buy him that leather cock ring?
well....enjoy that real black cock deep inside your ass!
if i were the nig....i'd make him put on his wifes tiny heels! whitebois ride niggers just like whitegirls do!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

oh yeah!

shes ready..and tha nigger is on his way up! she sits like this cuz she likes him to play wit her ass...then get right to it! yup 2 minutes in tha door and his black hips slammin full tilt on her fat ass! then when she good and creamy she goes in for tha suck! playin wit her puddin she left on 'em!
dats how white bitches roll when dere a niggah in da house!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

boy was she in for a surprise!

all the whitebois are always super polite to her...its because they think shes hott and she makes them nervous! the ones who have been lucky with her have had poor performances...they cant keep from cumming quickly as once they see her naked yhey lose control! some have managed to gain entry to her luscious pussy only to lose it after a few strokes!
her friends told her bout encounters with the black boys...and it peaked her interest. at a friends poolparty she found herself and her big tits alone with a black boy! he didnt seem nervous...but rather confident! he handled her tits like he was buying melons...then w/o asking her pulled he shirt down causing both nipples to apppear! again w/o asking he sucked them...focused on her nipples then bit them hard...but nicely! as he did this he fished out his cock...as he came off her tits he showed it to her! she was surprised to see the size....but she was also surprised to see it leaking and...drooling! he smacked it on her nipples and yold her ''take off ya shirt!'' he rubbed his cummy cock tween her slick tits...then pushed thru till he hit her mouth! as she licked and kissed the head he went for her shorts....she helped him as she wiggled free of them...al the while she started to suck! when he touched her pussy thru her panties..it felt like she had wet herself...she soaked thru them in minutes! the nig said ''damn girl you horny!'' not waiting for her answer he grabbed hold of her soaked panty crotch and tore them clean off her! startled she was his to do with! he fucked her at a constant medium pace....and at the five minute mark it was longer than any white boi had previously done! at this point he picked up the pace and she could start to feel what her friends meant by ''cumming'' at this rate she felt she could manage what was coming...but out of nowhere the nigger went to his third gear! her girlgasm closed in quick...it was very close and un managable....she gave in as he went rabid! blasting his hips in and out of her! she screamed as her nutt came right thru her and kept on goin......he doubled down againas the second wave came at her with no mercy! before she knew it he was up on her chest squeezing her tits round his cock as he pumped away! his grunt were signaling what was about to happen as he unleashed thick hot shots of cum at her face!
just like that in a matter of 20 minutes another whitegirl learned about the power and fury a black cock can do fo her!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

yeah right dad!

you found these pics on your dads computer....they were from his hunting expedition he took last year! there were many pics of guys posing solo!
there were none of him doing the ''deed''! thats cuz when daddy gets to suckin he focuses on the cock..and the balls....maybe he should have taken the wife to document how good daddy sucks niggahs!

just the beginning!

she discovered the joys of fucking big niggers at age 33! she quickly started fucking as many of them as often as she could! she held deep resentment toward white men for depriving her for so long! she now takes pride in smearing her love for niggers in the face of bois! these days she loves to hang out at starbucks and have her big baby boy suck on her milky tits hungrily for all the bois to see!

inside scoop!

 this is kennedy kressler...these pic are from gloryhole.com.
her white boifriend cheated on her and dumped her for a stripper! she wanted to find out the best way to get back at him.....and this is what she did! she dosent say this in the vid....but...she did email the pics to him to inform him that shes glad he dumped her..''nigger cock is so much better than yours anyway!'' ''plus they no how to fuck like men!!''
look at the glint in her eye! revenge is best served wit a nigga dick!
 at this point she was wondering if she made the right choice in plotting her revenge!
but as his head broke the plane into her body she knew it was the right thing to do!
 she cumming like a woman here!
''do you see how wet niggers make me?''
she begged for his cumm and swallowed it too! it was the very least she could do to repay him for his royal fucking!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the things they do fo' niggas!

her lover...a big dicked nig...wanted to do a little ''roleplay'' in public! he wanted her to wear her slutty heels..the pointy ones that make her legs look thick..the big fullback pantys..that make her ass look like a bargain...and the little sweater...the one he seen her with when she was out with her hub!!
the plan is she waits for him in an ally....downtown....he stumbles upon her....and without sayin a word fishes his cock from his pants and withdraws his cumm directly into her stomach!
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pussy eluded him all his life! in his generation this pic was grounds for death! but look how times have changed!!! what do you yhink the age difference is?
this little minx got tired of sucking him behind the 7-11...and letting him put his bulbous 11'' in her on park benches! she decided to invite him to her bedroom in her parents house! the nig was so excited to finally fuck her on a mattress! he asked her if she owned any lingerie...and of course she didnt, shes too young! but she said ''my mom does!'' so she went off to her moms room and goot her stockings and garter belt then strutted back in for him! his cock leaped and drooled at the very sight! they fucked hard like animals all day and that trashy fan in the window kept it ghetto for them! after taking all his cum deep in her teen hole she folded mommies lingerie and put it back in her drawer! do you think her parents will smell the nigger next time mom dresses up? will it mysteriously turn mommie on? only time will tell!

happy fathers day!

her parents caught her having sex with a black boy and threw her out of thier house....they havent heard from her for 6 months. homie wanted to get at her dad and e-mailed him this!
not only is he her boy friend...hes her pimp/manager but he hold the pink slip on her pussy!

ps-this is a prime example of black/white erotica!
you couldnt get any more nigger than this guy...and you couldnt get any more lilly than her! anything he wants she does! she licks his asshole just like shes probing his mouth too!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

just like her mom...kinda!

her mom liked bikers too...white ones like her dad!
her dad still rides.....ad still hates niggers!
he would die if he only knew.....that his daughters body is like a turnstyle for niggers cocks!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


all niggah! he aint shy! and he sees you lookin!
it aint gonna suck itself! now get to work....bitch!

heres the reality!
 its big...as you can see!
its hard as you can see!
he could fuck like a pornstar...as you could imagine
''any questions..muthafucka?''


instictively she knows! when encountered by a big, stud nigger.....arch your back.....really arch it.....spread your cheeks and let da niggah go to work!

just when shes ready!

when horse jockeys are comin down the stretch, they go to the whip....to get a little extra ''somethin!
when niggars are takin white ladies down the ''streatch'' and they think they had it all.....tha nig cracks 'em on they asses to keep 'em up to speed! this also lets tha lady give off her ''cunt butter'' or clam batter so he could gain full entry!
this kind of stuff is only for niggahs to know!

dont wait up for her!

shes an hour late already! this is the start of round three! she'll be home in two hour to pack her shit!
while your strokin...imagining her gettin fat nigger dick......shes really doin it!
your numbers up...punk!

ps-dat chicks in disneyland and da nigger just lettin her do her thang!!!

if you cant beat 'em.....fuck 'em

years of athletics kept your son in great shape! you thought he was going pro! but as he was getting older the competition got harder.. johnny couldnt run and jump wit da niggahs no more! did you ever think he was going to be an exclusively black owned porno sissy? huh dad? niggahs love takin your pretty boi face to face!

arent you proud .....dad?

props to original capper!
your boi was the first sissy slut boi on the block wit a niggah pimp! you should be proud dad!
the black johns hold on to his clit like a handle as they fuck away at his mangina!
niggers can be mean too.....but your son loves it!

i told you...they dont give a fuck!!

i told you before! niggah fuck your whole family!
you know the nigger gonna fuck your wife and daughters.....but when you seen your boi clinging to tha niggers neck....stirring his shithole on the nigger you thought,,,''hey there might be somethin with des niggars!

had to steal this!

props to whoever capped this! you made me cumm!
this teen boi never did quite recover from seeing his gf getting fucked by niggers! he turned himself gay to get his!
fyi- when niggers are doggy fucking him..he cums hard w/o even touching his clit!!


look at how bored she is! she sucks hubby for a minute or two and.....he squirts like a teenager would!
her anger and frustration causes her to turn to chips and ice cream....which causes her hips and ass to get nice and buttery!
she gets weak, her self-esteem plummets and she becomes vulnerable!
thats how niggers like em! plump.... frustrated and horny!
you can bet hes not gonna miss his chance to make a first impression on your wife!!

heres a thought!

normally i would not find this lady attractive...but seeing her taking that black snake makes me want her!
would i desire my wife more if she were trading places on her back with this lady?

ps-whats the ratio on nigger to cock on that guy? hes about 150 pounds with 4 pounds o' dick!!!

if i were.....

if i were her..this is how i would smile at hot niggers!
i'd tell them ''what are you looking at nigger? whip out your cock and fuck mee!''

you can..huh?

 do you see big freakish nigger cocks goin in? and out? as the white girl moans around him...as thier lips cling and expand as his cock head reveals itself? you wanna be her dont you? take that tiny pink tounge and lick his engorged piss-slit.... trying to simulate stabbing his slit with your tounge like a tiny wet cock!

its true!

the thought of girls like this, meeting blackmen at a park so they could kneel down and look up as they suck thier big cocks, drives me crazy! she put on fake lashes and slut red lipstick just so he will say yes to her! she hopes he will like the way her mouth feels on him so he will want to bend her over and fuck her!
thinkin of what niggers and thier huge cocks will do has driven me to increase the size of the dildo i use in my ass while jerkin off! i went from a dildo the size of a large finger, to one about the size of my own dick....4.5 inches long x 1.5 inches thick!
will i have real mansized dick dildos in the future? or will i have real, black niggers, sawing in and out of me? only time will tell!


she comes from a high society white waspy family.. they dont hate niggers.....its just that they dont acknowledge them! niggers are not part of thier businesses, family or thier posh country clubs.. they take pride in thier ancestry of fine euro-american blood! do you see her long thin lips and nose? its a far as you can get from black!
her family is in for a big surprise!!! shes been fucking blacks....and she encourages them to fuck her hard!!
thier big swollen chocolate cocksticks do not go well with storebought condoms! recently one broke, and a big tidal pool of nigger sperm flooded her insides!!! yup, so potent, that shes growing 3....3 black babies are on thier way, and your daughters womb will be delivering them! so say good-bye to those family traits dad....these babies are going to have dark, broad noses and kinky hair!...at least you can say someone in your family will have a big cock!!!!

her 2 sides!

ask her husband and he'll tell you shes a fucked up, wicked bitch whose frigid!
ask her black boyfriend and he'll tell you she a submissive morsel, who melts a the site of his cock and would do ANYTHING to please him!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


did you just say ''oh my gawd ....nigguh!'' under your breath?
you seen that collection of skin behind his head and realised he prob got 2 or 3 inches to go once the blood rushes from his brain to his extremity! be careful cuz once his cock fills and the oxygen is limited in his head the nigger will instictively find a white hole to bury his cock in!
and that goes for you yoo boi!....niggah dont give a fuck!

in case you didnt know...pops!

hes the same age as your daughter! and that dick is not visable when hes with her! unless you have x-ray vision and could see thru her body! she likes him to lay just like he is here! she then mounts him till her tight puckered ass-hole meets his balls!
you see that crook halfway up his cock..dad? when your little girl stirs herself on him the tophalf of his dick hooks inside her and manipulates her teeny g-spot! yup...you teeny daughter has orgasmed more times in her life than your wife has!!
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tell the truth!

are you jerkin off right now? are you! are you looking at this niggers big, thick cock and ballsac...and your really hard?
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look how thick it is! thats right! blow up the pic and stroke yourself before your wife gets home! if you had any balls you would e-mail this to her!
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a little story 'bout her!

this is stacy! shes 18 now, but had those big tits since 15! shes been sexually active since 15...all with inexperienced white boi fag jerkers! stacy is a prime example of why parents are scared to let thier daughters date black boys.
only one year ago, she had sex with a black. it was like nothing she ever experienced before! the very next day , the boy was waiting for her at the bus stop....they fucked before school! he was waiting for her when she finished school....and they fucked again! after practice he was there again...and they fucked! this went on and on, and stacy realised if she cut out of school she could fuck for hours....and if she quit practice she could fuck during that time too!
by the time her parents found out what was going on, her grades were too far gone and she had already been released from the team! her parents tried to intervein, but stacy wasnt having it....the black cock had bitten her hard! she rebeled in everyway...till her parents kicked her out!
she now works as a hooker.....to make her way!

Monday, June 13, 2011

fuck you ....boi!

dis pussy fo niggahs! see hows shes dressed?
she know nigs love gold an da bling! so she dresses like this for them! she loves her ass and pussy finger like a bowling ball till she good and frothy! then she loves em doggy...pushin tha air out of her squishbox! keep jerkin boi!....she loves their big grabby hands to manhandle her hard tits tooo!
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mommy and daddy dont know yet!

so young...and her first cock was black! yup! all her friends started having sex before her...but her friend confided in her and told her that she had sex with a black boy....but dont tell anyone! she went on to tell her ''black boys are like 10xs better than any whiteboi!'' and she also told her ''you're gonna looove them!''
here she is texting the boy a pic of herself!
she said ''where are you? my mom and dad left for work..and im all alone!''

you wanna know somethin about her?

this is hardbody..lindsey! she worked her body hard for two reasons....whitebois and........
you see,..shes a stripper and shes all bout tha money! night after night she struts and peels her clothes off of her perfect body for whitebois! she gets all of thier moey too!
but after closing time she takes all the money and puts it in a bag...she then waits for her ride from her man......deshawn! she never counts it....and dosent want to either! its all for her nigguh!
oh yeah...the other reason she works out hard is to keep up with deshawn and his fantastic cock! thier marathon, all out fuck sessions are brutally aerobic!
another fact about lindsey......she loves to have her ass smacked hard and she loves a good crack across her face right before shes about to suck cumm from dees cock!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

its not cooincidental

when you see white hips that flare...with a nice gap in between you immediately think that girl fuck niggers!
well this is janet mason and her juicy body that was made for nigger enjoyment! her ass is fleshy! her hips are like handles so the blacks can assist her in devouring all the pipe! and the gap tells whitebois...thats what big hard nigger strokes will do to a gal!
fuck on...... honey! and let that cuck suck tha cumm!

while on vacation!

daddy watched from the balcony as his little daughter went down to survey the pool! he thought she looked too innocent and fuckable as she left with her hair in pigtails, tight boy shorts and HEELS! he watched her saunter out, and as all the black boys hooted and hollored at her she stopped in her tracks! all thier testosteroned attention  ''stung'' her little clit! she had to stop and cross her legs to keep her body from flooding her ''area''
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look what it does to them!

this is a pic of a white woman moments before she plunges into infidelity! she dropped the kids off at school, and her bi-curious faggot hub is at work downloading porn! only her and the black service worker nigger stud are at the house! shes been watching him from the upstairs window.. thats where her blouse is.. just watchin him made her warm and shed it. his body is making her sizzle and contort! her brain is hazy and confused! she steadys herself on the doorway as she reaches for her camisole top unknowingly! her breasts heave and swell as her nipples harden! her ass rises and pushes out as nature would have it! her legs straighten past normal as her blood courses thru her extremities! shes numb but o' so alive as she unconciously walks herself into the world of ''blacksex''

are you like me?

whiteboi fantasy!
you see her waiting outside  the 7-11. you drink her in..phat, white juicy ass as it jiggles and fights to free itself from her panties and shorts! she paces and waits like a puppy tied on a leash! suddenly she perks-up as you see a big nigger emerge from the store wit his 40. oz! she lunges and clings to him as he non-chalontly grabs a whole handful of her ass! as they walk away..you follow, entranced by how her firm ass jiggles! you watch them walk to an alley...and as he cracks his beer she entertains herself by rubbing his big cock thru his baggy jeans! thinkin nobody can see them she fishes him from his pants..she jerks him as he swigs, then looks for her permission to bath him with her mouth! as she sucks him you get spotted by the nigger! he crooks his finger to wave you over! (you do as he says, since youve been jerkin off to this same scenario for years) as you get near he whispers to her ''we got a visitor" you hear the loud pop as her little white mouth releases his cock and its bulby head! she looks to her man for assurance and sees him smiling..as she realises whiteboi is no threat...but just a pervert she look to you and says "wanna watch me fuck a niggah?'' as you nod yes... she turns her back to him....never stopping or letting go of jerkin his cock! she hooks her finger in the pack and pulls her panties and shorts down for him.. she looks at you as she wiggles and aims him at her tiny target! as she backs onto him her look changes from ''your a white piece of shit'' to staring right thru you! you watch as her eyes flutter and her throat squeeks out moans of pleasure! shes looking at you but you might as well be invisible! you catch him smirking as he clutches his beer and stands stiff! its a quick, audible fuck as they both peak and cumm on each other! as she pulls off, you see her drop his cumm from insides and you see it drop as in slow motion! you ''snap -to'' as you hear it impact the floor! you hear him laugh as she wiggles her shorts back on, she then turns to attend to him with precious care as she puts him back in his boxers and jeans! you stand rivetedto the floor as they turn and leave with no acknowledgement! welcome to the new world.....watch and learn boi!

this is what happens!

you watched her trying to contain that fleshy ass all day with that tiny bikini! you were trying to figure out how to say something to her. as you were watching her you seen him!....
the big cocky nigger....he just walked to her and started spittin game on her! she warmed up quick..giggling ...then touching him! your dick got hard and jealous as you seen a real motherfucker in action! he grabbed her ass after 5 minutes of talkin, and his big black hand lit the fuse as her pussy heated and leaked! you watched them as they walked to the hotel as she shook her ass and toyfully pulled at the strings of her bottoms! you stood there in disbelief knowing that as soon as they got to the room she tugged those strings free and b-lined to his black fuckpole!!! have fun jerkin off, while she rides and grinds him all day and night! ....jerkoff!

how long can she hold out?

 4 years of massage therapy schooling. happiliy married with 2 kids. great job with a proffesional sports team! day after day, its the same thing! hot , smooth, big dicked nigger after big dicked nigger! mommies gettin weaker and weaker!
the nigs eyes are closed, and as shes sizes it up, shes feeling her pussy respond!
its gonna straighten and rise and stare at her!
she lifts his balls and massages his taint with her thumb! her pussy acts as a dam...holding back her saucy juice!
as he hardens and swells she strokes from base to tip....
feeling the power!
as his cumm rockets thru his tip, her lips give way as she floods her panty crotch!
how long can mommy resist peeling down her shorts and giving herself the pleasure a big nigger cock can only give?