Monday, January 31, 2011

true story!

this little fatty is single! on one of her late night jaunts to the super market she was surprised by the african immigrant security guard! his big white smile and friendly personality drew him in! she talked with him and he truly complemented her on her looks! he told her he was going to wait for the bus, but she offered him a ride........ all the way to her bedroom! do you think the ben and jerrys was going to put a smile on her face like that nigger did?
ps. hes on top of the world right now, hes in her nice apt. her hair smells of fresh shampoo and shes cooing on his every pump! say it bro!''i love this country!''

become bro-active!

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heres what you do!

you wanna try something besides jerkin off and squeezing 2 measly drops of inactive tired sperm on yourself?
heres what you do! create a fake e-mail (like the one you used to go surf bbc sites and craigslist)! email this pic to your wife, gf, (max, even your daughter) or your mom! write to her as if you were the nigger in the pic! tell her you seen her at work or school, and your sorry but you think she is gorgeous and you want her so bad! tell her you know she is involved in a relationship but so are you! tell her if she is offended that you are sorry and ''no response'' will end this email here! tell her if she chooses to ''reply'' that you will be very discreet! thank you ''your secret admirer
try it.....pussy! what have you got to lose? do you think she'll erase it and not say anything? do you think she will show it to you and be alarmed? or will she save it.....and savour it? or will she periodically check in on it and verify that the cockhead really was that big???? worst case you can always email it to yourself too and play like its a massive spam hoax! anyhow go fuck yourself! enjoy!

watch and jack...pussy bitch whiteboi!

 look at him boi....and take your time....nobody can see you as you stroke it a few xtra times! his big strong cock gets you horny, huh? admit it! hes fuckin with your head! c'mon man admit if no one knew you'd let him throat fuck you, and as you hear him grunt you look up and see his nostrils flare and his eyes start to roll as his cock clam dams your throat for a second before gravity kicks in and it falls to your belly! well dream on cuz this nigger muthafucka only likes super wet and luscious white girlies! and they looove him! they love how he looks so unassuming but shines with confidence! thats called swagger, bitch! and you have none....keep jerking b4 you go soft! below is a pic of where he puts that hard fuckstik!
yeah you like that dont you? have you ever had a piece like that? some of you may say yes, up until a few years ago whitegirls were still not wise enough to know any better! these days they carry a few extra pounds (niggers love that) in all the right places! they dress sexy and act demure, until the nigger gets up to speed and starts his all out assault! they fuck them hard and the girls love it! hooked on niggers fo life!

just a regular mom! anywhere usa!

this is a regular mom in the usa! she may be your next door neighbor, cashier at walmart or a teller in your bank! you see her lookin sexy but you look, capture the sight and crawl away and jerk-off! thats what bois do! somewhere in her day this is what she does! she throws her head back, spreads her legs, beckons her pussy to excreet her private stock of carnal cream and coaxes the nigger to fuck her pussy! believei t!


big thick white girl enjoying what florida has to offer! look at that niggers body! do you think he can fuck her till her head pops off? hes just doing his job, literally! all he does is work out and cruises the hotel bars, he looks for white women on business or a solo vacation! he fucks them and keeps them company while down south, the women oblige his services by emptying thier wallets for him while they are there!

ancient chinese secret!

ladies, and whitebois too. were you wondering how asian girls and women keep thier skin so smooth and clear? i hope this photo is real! if so it deserves ap photo of the year! look at how big the nigger cock is! and yes some cocks actually shoot cumm at a high rate, volume and speed!



this is your future....if your lucky......boi!
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rollin the dice and cummin up!

day after day, night after night, white girls are saying ''fuck it!'' and taking a chance on black niggers! this is what some of them are coming up with! her previous bf was 6'' and fucked like a lesbo! she in the big leagues now! say goodbye white boi, she will only want hard pounding, big, heavy dicked, sweaty niggers fucking her from now till the end of time!

in back of the family car!

yup! thats our daughter in back of the family car getting fucked by a qualified nigger, dad! go ahead take a closer look back there when you get a chance! do you see a small kinky nigger pubic hair? how bout a snail trail? smell the seat! take a whiff real deep....thats niggah ass sweat! now jack that little cock and if you listen real close you may hear the wails of your daughters voice as she echoes........''im cumming, gawd cummmin!!!!!


cant remember where i got photo and cant remember if i posted b4 or not, anyway...........
i think photo may be doctored but its really becoming a joke with these fuckin niggers and thier perfect bodies and cocks! why fuck a whiteboi anymore? why when you can lay your pussy out there and niggers will swarm you with cocks and bodies like his! ask yourself as you surf and jack....
are you equipped like him?......... boi!

pic=1000 words!

jerk and accept!

it was on thier bucket list!

this fag hub always wanted to kiss and touch his wife as an orgasm rocked her body and make her shake unconrollably! of course she could never rattle like that beneath him, so here they are...... shes approaching the point of no return and theres hubby leaning in as the nigg burys his head and pounds her hard!

couples retreat!

being a nigger isnt what it used to be huh? boy how times have changed! but one thing always remained constant! niggers have big thick cocks! like this one here. i hope he has a big thick load too. and after he fucks this guys sweet emo wife, and takes control of her body and soul, i hoe he fires his thick nutt into hubbies fag hair-do!!!

your fucked now!

your new wife wanted to take in a little ''island life''.
the nigger tour guide got hard in his white speedo, looking at your slim and sexy wife! at first she noticed he swelled and leaked a big glob of precum seep thru his swimsuit. she nudged you to take notice that his cock was getting hard. you both watched out of the corner of your eyes, chuckling, as the waistband did its best to detain his cock as it stiffened and bent lewdly till........the head popped into view, slick with his pre-cum coating!......
whatever the story is behind this photo i dont really know. all i know is that this petite, hot wife/gf is giggling as she nibbles on a severe nigger and his giant cock/ ball set! wish i had a pic to share of her sliding down onto him as she donates her soul to the nig!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the extinction of white bois!

some girls say ''size doesnt matter!'' those girls havent had a thickk, hard, niggah cock fucking at them with primal fury! ''once you go niggah, you'll always want biggah''!
at one time a white cock would do it for her, make her cum and make her fall crazy in love! this niggah here is twice as fat and twice as long as any boi she ever had! does that mean she will cumm 3 times as hard and fall 3 times deeper in love?

makin it hard for daddy!

when your son came home from college you were crushed to see his new identity! your wife was very accepting and you soon swallowed hard and accepted as well! the pill daddy couldnt swallow was that his son was a slut for high school black boys! yup! your little slut boi loves all black gang-bangs! daddy nearly had a heart attack when he came home unannouced and seen 5 naked big cocked blacks naked in his house and his son was dressed in his wifes lingerie!

theres a big nigger cock for everyone!

 how'd this happen you ask? well this little whiteboi went to visit his highschool gf one day, when he went in the backdoor he was startled by her screams of pleasure! he looked in and seen her, mid-fuck, with a nigger! he never seen this side of his gf, screaming in orgasm, sucking at her assailants neck, mouth and nipples as he drove it all at her! tho hurt by her betrayal, he knew this was best for her and left her to be with him! here he is now browsing the internet looking at ir porn and blackmen solo jack vids in his sisters clothes! he will be found out soon, but he will embrace his love for hot black boys like his x-gf did!
he will jerk-off and loosen his asshole with the black dildo he bought downtown! (pictured) he will eventually find a black boy his age that is bi-sexual! he will let the nigger boy fuck him hard in his faggot ass everyday before mom and dad come home from work! this boi loves to get fucked by niggy face to face like a good bitch as the nig hold on to his boi cock like a handle and drives him down deep!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

check out this link!

real cuck shit here! i've seen small pieces photos of this scene, but never in entirety! the nigger involved is a real nigger, older, rugged, thuggish with a big black weapon! he got a cockring to stay filled with blood for this fiasco! wife is semi-hot and got some years on her but... hub is a real cock-hound and cant stop sucking the niggahs cock! he even wants to be the inserter for his wife! love this kind of shit! rub it in real good niggahs and white cunts! i also love the way she smiles as hubby gets in rhythm with his mouth and hand goin on the nig! happy jerkin and if you come by a post like this or your favorite white girl bouncing on a nig, post in your comments! dont be greedy this is all free game, wide open jerkin season! thanks

true blood!

her bloodlines run deep and she is 100 percent caucasian! her family owned slaves! she was raised like a kennedy and her hub in the like as well as his yale education! but yale never taught her faggy white boi how to pound a pussy hard and make her cumm till her toes point!
the 21st century will rewrite her family bloodline forever! eventually she will submit to a nigger! he will fuck her properly and she will lust for him to infuse and infiltrate her family tree forever! a short time from now she will be at a family function with a black baby boy suckling at her milk ladden tits! the daddy may not be present!

plugg and play!

just add white pussy on top! add cream and let bake at 98 degrees for 45 minutes! ths pic should be the cover of your daughters biology textbook!

trick clothing!

under normal conditions(parents and whitebois) you cannot see all of her! but during optimal conditions (in the presence of blacks) her breathing increases and her breasts swell and heave, causing her nipples to apear and signaling the primal black to spring into action!

for now!

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do you know what they are looking at?

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how bad do YOU have it?

braless, pantyless and her daily shaving has left her gorgeous cunt smooth as silk! her buttons on her blouse are open because her nigger lover is on his way! he will smother her mouth with his big lipps and he will suck her creamy tits too! when he sees just how horny she is when his cock goes deep, he will bite and suck her neck and titties! he will leave his mark on her and tmrw she will not reveal her breasts so openly! she will need a full top and coverup on her neck to cover the hickeys and bite marks that he stamped on her!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cant contain herself!

shes about to be picked! shes been covered to this point and fairly conservative. but she had a couple of drinks and the club is swarming with niggers! they are stirring the hive and shes seen some of her white counterparts getting groped and rubbing up on thier stingers. her breathing increases and she stirs in her seat! it causes her tits to heave and appear, and her dress has hiked up as well! uh oh! heres where she just made eye contact with a hot fuck machine who is oozing black lust! shes gonna get it.........tonight!

black sex only! for now

its a new woman in a new generation! she loves sharing her professional life with her white hubby, the stability and comfort! her hub would rather jerk off online and not fuck her! so they just live together as a couple! when she needs to be sexually satisfied she calls on the niggers! happy wife .... happy life!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

check out this link!

worthy action! young ams, like the way he humps at her, almost like a rapist! he shoves and stirs as she moans like a teen! enjoy!

take notice!

when whitegirls see him on the street, they take notice of his pronounced features. his thick lips, his big nostrils and big biceps! they cant help think that his cock is thick and strong too! all that combined with his confidence and swagger and that bitch is tangled and wet in his net! he wont get caught up in her tho, this nig gots plenty, so its just catch and release!

you were gonna say somthin?

i over heard you sayin somethin about ''stupid niggers!''.
say it boi! all i need to know is how to thrust ma black dick in and out o yo niggah lovin daughter, john!

im askin you f tha last time! boi

are you sure you want me to put all dis in your wife? final sale, she may not be returnable afta dis!

Friday, January 14, 2011

food for thought!

this young lady is a medical technician! to be specific, she works at a planned parenting organisation. not the type where you get abortions, but the type where couples who cant conceive can go and review potential sperm donors for thier ''problem''. this young lady helps these couples. she sees white male after white male who has a low sperm count or weak, insuffcient sperm out put daily! at this point its almost amusing to her! thats because they actually are a sperm donor center as well! she sees white males and what they have to donate, just a few cc's of slow swimmers! she also sees what black men have to donate! some of them fill the containers to max capacity, where there is hardly any room for air! the blackmen love handing them thier heavy bottle, watching her smile as she feels the hot wad in her hand and says ''thank you'' (utterly impressed)
on a recent trip to the office you noticed thetech coming out of one of the rooms and she was pulling her top back over her bra, like she is here! you then notice a big stud nigger bastard come from the room and hand her a full bottle! you over heard thier conversation as she chuckled something about bigger bottles next time! but what really hit you hard was when she coldly told you that the bank was full, and she directed you to the bathroom and she told you to donate into the toilet if you like, we're not accepting anymore today! truth is your sperm is not wanted, white men sperm produces slow, weak fag boi cucklike sissies! when women want children they want strong seed that will jolt them so they can feel like they have been fertilized!
i lost my train of thought on this post cuz i have to jerk-off, im sure you can write the ending.............
as long as you dont break into the sperm bank and drink all of it any ending will do! enjoy!

your wife is an A+ employee!

you were wondering why your wife made the cut, and was spared her job after the big lay-off! its because her nigger boss loves her fat-ass and the way she dresses for work! she know how to come in his office in the morning and leave her panties for him! she know how to let him ''no-string'' finger fuck her and feel her white juice! she knows when she sees him on a long telephone conversation to unzip him and suckle him! she knows how to accept all his jizz and not spill a drop as she swallows his excess! she knows more than you know, jerk-off!

this little piggy?

some little piggies get whitebois and some little piggies get...............
a big fuckin nigger with a fat horny dick that likes to skull fuck and titty fuck her white tits then blow his load on her face and chest.........while staying hard he puts it back in her mouth, he then slaps that ass like hes at a county fair and fuck her like a dog! donkey plunging into her depths before fertilizing her egg with his tribe!

in your face!

white dads stare too long as thier dicks stiffen instantly! white mom ''whoop'' as that bolt of lightning zaps thier clit like a tazer! white bois linger and pretend not to watch! yup! right in public they tounge each other and theres not a fuckin thing anyone can do! cry away whitefolk, when night fall comes shes going to slide her white princess pussy down on his black..... really black cock! hes going to blast away inside her and its going to be cuz SHE wants it that way! when he said he was gonna cum she just kept ridin away and said ''cumm..... cumm in meee daddy!''


wtf! comments please!

flaunt your love fo niggahs!

look at thewhite couple in pic 2! (background). she had a little too much to drink at the family-friend function! her switch that says ''act like a lady'' is broke and she just ripped it off the wall!
she backed it up on the dancefloor, deeptounged him and groped him like a criminal! to make matters worse she was caught by her aunt with a mouthful o' nig cock later that night in the bath room!

internet pimped!

shes been fuckin niggers and degrading white dicklette bois for years now! (note the tattoo on her thigh, only black prostitutes and white nigger slave whores have that) she met a entropronurial niggah who knows the benefit of having his whiteslut do black dildo cam shows for whitebois as they drain thier credit cards online! yup! all those hard earned white dollars go right to the nigger so he can get some new rims fo his benz! keep jerkn boi, nigah needa mink!

dont fuck up!

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love this, always!

twirl that tounge in that niggers mouth! then suck his big snke like tounge and feel his large lips and how much more he has to offer than whitebois! open up! let the nigger have his way as you spread em wide and tell him "take that pussy! take it niggah!''

love this!

ummm! just a typical white girl! she never fucked a black nigger before! shit she never really did anything brash or abnormal in her regular white life! all of her sexual encounters have been with whitebois and fairly standard! she never dressed as a sex slut before. she never had sex in public, or restroom, or in the back of an escalade! but all of that is about to change! pretty little doris here has just tasted a big black niggah cock! soon she will be transformed to a filthy talking, waton nymph cunt who loves to ride it 24/7 and bareback too! cant wait for the vid hon! cant wait till he pimps you out to whitebois and i can look into your hole first hand!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

need to know!

need to know if theres a video out there?? more pics does anyone know?
she looks like a real mom. she didnt even bother to take off her glasses before stuffing her throat!
btw look at the physique on that nigger!!! holy fuckin fuck machine!! do you have a cock like that boi? do you have a drivetrain like his to  go with that cock? so ask yourself...... why would she want you! do you think she wants a lame fag to just jerk off to her and dribble on his own balls???

even tho!

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she found out that you love niggers, and that you love seeing big black cock pumping in and out of white holes! she found your file labeled ''bbc''! she found it all and it intrigued her! she sent you out to fetch her a big dicked nigger bastard! you did it!
but now its payback time! here she is, she just jumped her asshole off his cock and she tells you ''suck his cock while i smoke this cig.... suck my ass juice from his big, dirty, nigger dick!'' as you get in the rhythm of bobbing your head she blows smoke in your face and chuckles "your a faggot...your a real life fuckin faggot, bitch!''

young white dom!

shes a big white girl! she used to be the captain of her volleyball team! now she catches volleys of sperm from niggers balls!
shes a new breed! shes had niggers before. instead of just laying down and submitting to nigs and letting them have thier way with them, she likes to lay out what is expected of her nigger! she tells them ''you gonna make me cumm,, niggah!''  ''you gonna lick my pussy and tounge fuck my asshole too!''
hes her personal joystick and hes ready to serve!

troubled daughter!

as this young girl is entering her late teens, her parents have had trouble disciplining her! shes  been staying out passed her curfew. her group of friends have changed and her parents suspect drug use! authorities have recently found out what shes been up to! here she is in a police photo in the mall parking lot after hours. shes on drugs alright! mom.. dad.. your daughter is hooked on afro-cum, once ingested the results are nearly irreversible! she will crave ingesting it orally, as well as vaginally!
and by the look of his giant nigger nutz, your daughter may have been exposed to a lethal dose!!

daddy gonna show ya!

heres daddy giving a little demonstration on how to service  ''tha niggah''! stroke his balls honey as daddy gets him good and rigid!
is that daddys liitle girl or his little fag son?? im not quite sure but i definetly think they are related.
my question is, whos taking the photo??? mom...


omg! look at this! if your here daily, your cock is rock hard! mine is!
the perfect little white plain jane... look at her swervy little body, so creamy and white! perfect little tits with a-plus nips! she threw on super high heels, just to slut it up! i think this series is awesome cuz the nigger is just a standard black guy, extra dark, and extra hung!

i love the pic below, she seems like shes exactly where she needs to be forever! love her doe like eyes and that teenage color nail polish!
what puzzles me is that his foreskin is still covering his head and he seems hard as coal??? uncircumsized nigs have this sleeve like sheath that encases thier veiny cock thats unfamilar to me...does this super nigger have more to grow??

would you rather be the nigger sining that fat black snake... or would you rather be her....having him slide into you???

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh yeah!

drive that dick... nigger! fuck her deep so we all could feel it!
loooove seeing her feet point to the heavens! her toe knuckles are cracking right next to his ear, fueling his swelling cock and impending blistering hot cum blasts! and that look on her face is priceless! squeeze your cock..... niggers fuck women hard and good, boi! you suck.....out of business!