Friday, March 30, 2012

fuck off! keep jerkin, boi!

suck it bitch!....look at him...thats a fuckin man! and thats what men get! and horny white girls that NEED to fuck!
you can call him a nigger...just not to his face!
he acts lie a niggah
walks like a niggah
talks like a nigger......
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


wouldnt it be great if....not only do tha niggers have bigger cocks!...harder cocks!...thicker cocks! better bodies!
wouldnt it be sooo great if they shot more cumm too! adding insult to injury across the board....AND they shot massive loads!...thick ropey pint o' cummm!
fantasy: stacy is a 22 y.o. secretary for a big black boss! he wears fine out like a beast! and packs 10 thick inches! he hired stacy to milk his cock take her tiny hands and dual jack his cock!  she knows to put a double large shot glass, in between...but under her massive white titties! she jacks his cock... and aims it at her neck when he cumms! her massive mounds funnel all the cumm down between them into the shot glass!
its literally a double shot....pearly and thick!
she then smiles with glee...looks to her boss...and guzzles it like you want her too!
its hi-protein for her! makes her titties and ass phatter! and her waist thinner! thats why she loooves her nigger boss!

i hope

would it be wrong for her to go ome and make out with her boifriend after toungin his niggah asshole?
would it be wrong for her to ask hubby to eat her pusssy, when it full of funky niggah spunk?

would it?

looks like but isnt!

looks like a pic i posted before but it isnt! shes equally as white and fine....but look at him! ghettto as a muthafucka!...and black too! dats a real niggah, and she eatin it up too! shes spread wide...allowing him to put it da balls! she can do this allday....and she practically does too!
just like so many white women do...when whitebois away....its time to get fucked by niggahs all day!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

a wifes tail!

her marriage was normal...or so she thought?
the girls at her office finally convinced her to come out drinking with them! she finally agreed and the girls made her wear a dress to have fun in! hubby said to her she deserved to go...and have fun! he said jokingly...''have fun...and remember to play safe!''
she went along....and when they got to the all black....all male revue, she said ''i gotta have a drink for this!'' she did...and as the girls laughed and cheered the drinks flowed! the hunky niggahs had a thing for miss jill! and when they needed a volunteer...the egged her on! she couldnt believe hot smooth and creamy thier skin looked!...and when she felt it!!!!....ooooh! maybe she did have somethin left in that cooter! he poon felt a jolt....electro tased and alive!  uh oh jill...hes about to sit you down in a chair and dance with his crotch close to your face! jills never smelled tha musk of a hot black stud....but shes about too! she  held his muscled thighs as he straddles her face! hes gyrating as whafts of musk enter her nose into her brain! its the thing daddy warned of....but hes long gone ! between the alchohol....the screaming and the gyrating black cock she has a moment of clarity! its sort of like when you start peeing while you sleep! it the same feeling! the air hits her panties wetness! and as she clamps her hand down there she realises another problem...her clit is erect and the pressure from her hand causes her to build! its sensory overload for her....just then he peels his bikini bottoms revealing a big, hard, black fuckpole! her hearing goes mute as slow motion takes over! she inches from the cock....the detail! she breathes deep, and this time the whiff finshes her! her body stiffens as her gasm t-bones her body from out of nowhere! is jill gonna open wide and take him in?...not here up on stage!...but she will put her tiny hand on it and tugg him! its on with the show and a gentleman asks her if she would lke to clean herself and compose her wits backstage. she agrees and as she saunters off she shakes her ass at the girls! she meets the hunk showman back stage....he beams his big smile at her and gives her a big hug! she feels how strong he is as he presses his hard dick into her womanly tummy! he tells her she has good hands and he needs to relieve himself before gong back! she volunteers her hands and grabs him...she uses both hands and goes under his balls too! he asks her if she likes it and she giggles yes! heasks her if she ever touched a black one...and shes says no, as she bites her lip! hes been there before with a white woman thats ready to blow! he puts on a condom and lets her think! he pussy makes the decision and her action is quick! she sinks down on him as her wetness glides with! upon relaxing she relises she stuffed full....and its hard as hell! he gyrates as her body responds with! once again she opens her eyes but its too late to react...the freight train orgasm is already upon her! BLAAAAAAMMMM! jill is done...and she will require the services of buff black niggers from now on! at least she played it safe!

good cucky hub!

this is how its supposed to be done! back where her and her hub are from they cant experiment with te blacks...they are too high profile! but hubby keep her goin by keepin her black dildo collection large!...the porn collection too! her fav dildo and porn star is mandingo! she creams hard to himm...she loves the fact that he looks brainless and packs serious..thick inches! it almost like a guy liking a brainless bimbo!
dingo is the womans version of a ''bimbo'
welll...they are in vegas now...and hubby did his research and found a big...buck niggah to do the deed! his wife spent the day getting waxed...her hair and nails done...and she even got a spray tan! shes gonna leave on her nice jewelry with her new cammy for the introduction. hes on his way...and shes slightly nervous at the reality! butterflies are tickling her stomach as hub gets his shutter speed on his camera! do you think 47 is too old to get pregnant?...we'll find out!


white...white girl...and yes hes black as shit! look at her young tits! firm! his cock got no slack in it...especially when her tonsils are encasing him with her juice! twenty minutes from now shes gonna show him how wet her young pussy gets! smooth she waxes it!....and how creamy she gets with her pussy butter! yeah its real...and hes gonna hold it till his glossy pubes touch her clit and fire hot globs in her!

you do realise it.....dont you?

you see how much cock he has....dont cha? did you zoom in....blow it up and inspect it? thats a good boi! you do realise hes not even fully hard...right? you do know that he gets harder than a mutha fucka...right?
scroll down cunt! still gonna get bigger and harder!
say ''niggah''....whisper it to yourself, as you jerk your fag stick! look at the ridge on his mighty cock! you like that? its gonna get harder when the girl with the fat-ass walks in his trailer....but you wont be able to see it then!...when they see each other its ''game on'' theres no time for pica and video....ts just pure fuckin lust!
she knows hes in there! and sheknows hes hard!...shes been there before idiot! she knows that cock like the back of her hand! incidentally...she loves bein taken on these same steps....just like she is here! her feet hang, causing her to stretch the back of her legs, as she pokes her ass to him....doggystyle! they only do it outside when its dark tho! now go on....beat that little dick!

heres a hot interracial tip!

have you seen a fine white girl getting fucked or suckin a nigger, live...with your own 2 eyes? in person...hearing her moan....hearing him grunt?.....
i have!....on several occasions! for those of you who havent been here long....let me repost my technique!
go to where the young people know that place in anywhere usa, where there are lots of bars and clubs! dont go inside....the real deal is after they let out! here you will see them match up and pair off! look at the crowd...listen for her!!! you will usually hear a shriek from may see her head pop up out of the crowd....she will also be wearing something like the girl above! the shriek will be caused by the black guy giving her a big hug and lifting her off her feet. he does this to show her how hard and strong his body hot he runs too! as the crowd disperses you can find them...shes tucked in close...''feelin him''...he takes it slow, as they walk back to thier car.....this is where the fun begins! if the crowd disperses quickly, she may feel she is in the clear to feel his lips on hers! i've seen it happen...from the dark vantage point! i've seen white chicks sitting  behind the wheel with thier door open blowin niggers as they stand with thier cocks gettin head! ive seen girls takin the cumm and spitting it....ive seen them jerk the load out after suckin them! on 2 occasions i seen a nigger bend one over tha trunk....pull her skirt up...panties to tha side, and fuck her in her heels, as she stands on her toes, bracing herself stiff from the onslaught! i've also seen them get in the car, as she rides the cock in the back seat!...believe it or not this was hotter! eventho i didnt get to see his cock entering her...i was able to get close enuf, without being seen, to her her moan and scream as the nigger supllied her with thick inches o' dick!.....some may call it perverted.....but its true! what!

props to artist!

props to this artist for hitting on so many aspects of relation between frustrated white women, dominant niggers and useless whitebois!
-the whiteman used to hold them down....but the tables have turned, and now it tha niggers time!
-how weak the boi is....and how buff and strong da niggah is!
-how the woman dosent care if he snaps him....shes creamin her kini from how her lover feels sooo creamy yet hard! cant tell....but every boi here came to this pic!

they dont build 'em like they used to!

you've heard the term before...its usually because its a piece of shit, nowadays! this term stands true for most things nowadays!.....except for whitegirls!  they are not built for whiteboi compatability anymore....these girls are built for niggers! look at her...shes 5'8'' and 170 lbs...even if you had the dick of a nigger you couldnt satisfy her! she needs the size....along with the stamina and horsepower to take her hard and long!
she really has no choice, but.......... to fuck niggers!


we have come a long way in ir porn...just a short 10 years ago, pics like this were hard to find....real amatuer girls with 2 and 3 black niggers off tha street! nowadays you can find galleries with hundreds of girls...getting fucked...suckin....rimming...eating cumm and even black breeding with them! this one caught my eye as a thumbnail, and i was surprised when clickin on it! enjoy whitebois! this girl need multiple niggers to get off! shes not happy unless black cocks are in her holes hands or mouth at the same time!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

hooked on niggahs!

look at her!! shes not on drugs...shes not a junkie!...but she is strung out!...shes strung out on black cock! shes fucked off her husband....her job...and her kids!..all for the love of black cocks! she was doin good till the first nigger had entered her....since then she fiends for it like a crackhead! you see her as you pull up to the super market...shes shaking her legs with anxiety as you watch her ass wobble...her nipples poke thru her thick top, as her eyes stare blankly, a thousand yards away! you watch her every move...thinkin that shes vulnerable and can be had! you think to move in and ask her if she needs help. just as you get out of your car you hear it....the bass from tha hip-hop music! a young black thug parks in the handicap space....he barks...''HEY!'' as you see her snap to attention and quickly walk up to his open window!!! you watch in disbelief as she staggers while talkin to him! finally she stands still with her legs slightly watch her stand as they talk...she appears to be listening, as you fucus in on her cheeks from behind! you watch as she see her tighten her cheeks...then loosen! the differential from tight to relaxed is obscene! she continues to do seems as if shes juicing her pussy!...cuz in reality, she really is! shes waiting for him to cue her to ''get in!''...eventually the nig cant take it anymore and calls her to!she hustles, and moves swiftly on cue! time stands still as you realise she'll do anything for his young hard cock!....just another whitegirl addicted to niggahs!

Friday, March 23, 2012

why should she fuck a whiteboi?

look at that cock! it makes white men hard and curious!.....everyone knows your hard....wishing...hoping...and jerking! imagine the effect it has on tha pussy! its shaved and ready!.. none of this ''wait till im hard!''...bullshit! hes got the good to back it up too, he can fuck hard and long!
niggers like this have actually made me shove large objects into my asshole while jerking off!...niggers like this have actually made me answer/place ads on craigslist looking for the motherlad! i hope one day to meet a dominant nigger like this...he pulls his cock free when we meet, he smiles then grabs my hair and pushes me to my knees! he says ''whaddaya think bout niggers now...boi!'' he says ''i want you to lick ma niggah nuttz b4 i fuck your faggot mouth!'' he tells me to stand as i pay homage to his cock...he then shoves his hand down the back of my pants as he finger fucks me like a high school girl! its then off to the house where he shows my wife that im ''gay 4 nigs'' he takes her forcefully...but she soon relents to her primal need for what nature intended! the stronger...alpha beast to fuck her, relentlessly!

believe it!...its over!

her big cocked black lover dosent care that shes a little ugly! her tits are plump and her legs are skinny....her pussy is tight as fuck too! she always wears something hot when she shows up for her ''fuck session'' too!
homeboy loves pelting her ugly face and tits with his thick load....especially when she starts getting filthy! her lust for them...combined with her guilt, gets her mouth afowl! she coaxes him to dig her pussy deeper, by calling him a ''niggermotherfucker!''...its true!
''fhuckk meee nigggah!'' is what she says when she wants that spunk! she then goes home and washes up b4 her punk-ass hubby comes home from work!
do you think your woman dosent know about black mens cocks?

Thursday, March 22, 2012


shes in heaven!!!the nigger drives into her balls deep every time!...only to withdraw it, till just the head stays.....bam! driving back in, till the balls smooch her ass! his perfect body is relentless...his small waist and bubble ass provide the constant assault she needs! thats what you call ''takin tha pussy!''
you think she wants him to pull out and dribble on her stomach? or does she want him to do it harder, and fire away as he thrusts jets of molten hot wads at point black range! its lust, motherfucker....and you cant cut it like niggahs do!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

fuck you!

''fuck you, muther fucker!''
this is how niggahs roll...big..thick...potent, cocks! girls and women go crazy fo this niggah!...they suck it till thier soaked....then they ride it , and milk it with thier cunts!
its the way of the world....niggers now run shit with male superiority!
''fuck you...whitebois!''

Sunday, March 18, 2012

perfect day!....

things are workin just fine!...her fiance has taken her to the islands for some relaxation. the sun is perfect and the sand is hot....she cant get enuf of it! her boi is taking her pic before he goes on back to the room, shes gonna stay awhile... but his fair skinned, pussy ass has had enuf for today! shes going to walk the beach, and enjoy the suns rays till it dips under the horizon. everything is perfect...and shes yet to see what is waiting for her down the way!...............
she wasnt able to resist!..and she never really had a thing for black guys either! but this is how she discovered him....hard as a rock and oooh so perfect! as they talked he stayed they laughed it twitched and bobbed! there was no ignoring the elephant in the room, and his cock became the topic of was the perfect size for her...and she told him that between her soft moans! was slow and sensual, with lots of wet kissing as they grinded...first as she leaned back in doggy....and when she sat on him cowgirl! but her legs got tired and she sunk on him....balls deep! she became weak and he knew to lay her down and drill her missionary. her legs spread wide and toes pointed he knew it was time....time to give her body what it needed! a hard...deep fuck....from a big, hard cock! he gave her what her faggot fiance never earthshakin orgasm from the core! its really real!

just like a white gurl!!!

heres another boi who caught his hs gf riding a big niggah buck! he didnt confront her at first...he just spied thru the window! he soon learned her true lust for blackfucking!...he knew he could never give her the same! he soon became jealous of the lust she had....this is the result!
thankfully, hes young enough to look hot...he no longer uses his dick for sexual satisfaction.....he uses his asshole! he still cums from his dickie, but only when theres a block cock in him deep! hes now a proud faggot and loves flaunting his love for niggers!

this is forc3bc

it seems that some here like the fact of young men turning themselves ''gay for black''...once thier gfs leave them for real men!
this little fag got caught by his daddy, and has to pay the price! its not because hes suckin dick and getting ass fucked!....its because hes letting niggers in the house to do it! daddy dont want big dickiggers getting hard-ons in the house.....why you ask? cuz daddy has a wife..and he knows if mom sees a big black cock...she may submit!
ps..whiteboi has a hot ass, dosent he?...niggahs love cummin in his tight sphincter!

Friday, March 16, 2012

here ya go!

i'd post a pic of him hard....but i dont want you bois to cumm too soon! do you wish there was more posts like this?...just cocks in all thier glory? can you jerk to pics like this all the time?...or do you need a white girl with it, to get you off?
i...used to needto see it going in and out of a white girl...but not anymore!...i can imagine it...growing...and stiffening....ready to cumm pussy boi? are you? have nigger cocks totally fucked you up? its ok...pretty soon it will be more acceptable for whitebois to suck and fuck, straight nigger men! until then stay in the closet and keep jerkin!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

she coulda....but didnt!

she coulda left him, after she discovered black cock!.....she coulda kept it a secret, and proceeded to fuck while hubby kept his busy work scedule.....but she didnt!
she thought it would be soooo much more risque, to let him watch!....not just the sex tho!....she didnt want him just to see her cummin hard out of her mind,aboard a big nig!...she wanted him to see it all! from the dressing up for the pick-up at the bar! the flirting..and giggling too! then she wants him to watch as she gets up and walks away sexily..thats his cue to get the car! yeah, they're gonna get in back while he drives....yeah..she gonna let him finger her wet pussy!...''hey...fuckboi! wanna lick my juice off my black lovers fingers?''
punk, whiteboi! prep that niggers cock fo your cougar cunt-wife!

too fuckin easy!

gettin white pussy is too easy fo this slick niggah! look at how sexy hes makin her....she cant wait to show him how horny she is! down she is!
shes gonna suck his cock, like no tmrw.....shes gonna strip fo him...and fuck him like crazy!...hes gonna let her do her thang and be chill!
dats how niggahs do it....punk!


shes out at the club....its been a while for her! shes amazed at how many white girls are going for the black guys! its gettin hot out on the dance floor too! all the girls rubbin up on all those niggers!
she thinks to herself...''damn...these niggahs got it goin on!''...''their runnin shit up in here!''
one more drink and shes gona do it!...shes gonna get on that dance floor, and get some''niggah'' fo herself!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

shes 18 and wants to get crazy.... dad! do you wanna see what kind of boys your daughter goes to school with? just look below...hes in her class...hes thinkin of a way he can get his cock into your daughters...tight...wet pussy! hes gonna get it too! do you think she;ll like the fact that his 18 year old cock never gets soft?....yeah she'll make him use a rubber the first few times....but eventually he'll go in unprotected!...eventually she wont stop fuckin back at him when hes gettin ready!....eventually...her egg will be waiting there...helplessly! as his tsunami of cum, overtake her egg like a school of piranha!
then you will know how many niggahs attend her school!....accept it dads! white girls fuck niggers!

how hard?

white girls love him!..he gets the job done! he fucks like a rhino....big thick hard black cock! recognise mutherfucker!
this is your worst nightmare isnt it whiteboi?....and yet your hard as shit!...and jerkin off too!....just picture how hard some whitegirl is rubbin her clit to his pic!...''shes gotta have it!''...........and she gonna get it! you think you could stop her?

cumming soon!

she just got out of the elevator with those three big niggahs! they made lewd advances at of them even grabbed at his hard cock and shook it!
tonight she not having it! shes going back to her room to her boifriend! the sex will be lackluster and leave her wanting more!hmm....''would those niggers stop fucking after 3 minutes?''...''maybe i should try one of those big rugged thugs!'
it wont be long....not long till shes on all 4s screaming for them to ''take it all!''

things will change soon!

the chic in the middle and the boi are an item...they have sex...but its not all that! he prefers jerking off to her sexy body...and she wants sex, but he cums very quick! it will become very apparent to her soon...that black guys are a little every department. it wont be until her friend emails her a pic of a big black cock...then it will all add up!
do you think the niggahs will like her true white facial features? how bout those perky...but soft titties? do you think they will pause and pull out when they cumm? or will they run thru that red light, like they are driving a stolen car at top speed?

Saturday, March 10, 2012


shes fine! her hair is like silk!...her skin is flawless! her hygene is fact her hot cunt smells like a rose!
she can have any man she wants...and this is her choice!
as you can tell she loves watching all of his black cock do its thing with her smooth pussy!....give up the pussy !....bitch!

dosent matter!

do you think she cares that this niggah is extremely ugly and looks like buckwheat? on the reg she wouldnt fuck this ugly motherfucker....but she felt him on the dancefloor...she felt the heat....and the hardness!
hes playin it cool right now....hes lettin that pussy heat up...she'll be at full boil soon, and then its on!
he knows just what to do with a horny white slut on vacation!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

its cummin soon!

daddys little girl has been having a hard time finding what she needs back home!....her strict dad has been ''cockblockin'', but he finally gave in to the spring break trip to florida!
hey dad...shes gonna take out her frustrations, and fuck everyday! they are gonna use all of her holes and suck her hott tits too!...and you can bet they are gonna shoot off in her too!
deal with it....your daughter looooooooves niggahs!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

someones mom....

mother of two...and married! when her schlub hub is at work and the kids are at school...its mommies time!...lately shes been dropping the kids off and goin straight to her rendesvous! she sucks and fucks himm all day long! she finishes up as he cumms in her one last time...she quickly finds her panties and puts them on....its out the door to pick up the kids with moments to spare!
shes even phoned her friends to pick up her kids when she couldnt muster the strength to stop himm!
her only regret is she hadnt fucked niggers sooner in life!