Sunday, February 27, 2011

unfair advantage!

this nigger can;
last 5 times longer than you!
fuck with 5 times the vigor than you!
and has 5 times as much to gain than you when your wife becomes hooked on his cock!
that being said, not only can he perform better, but his cock-dong makes you pale in comparison!

lucky you!!!! boi

found this ad! this is a black gent lookin for whiteboi faggot! he says first timers come to the front of the line! hes not from my town, but i engaged him with some back and forth e-mails! he loves to have bois experiment with all of his offerings! hes 26 and runs 5 miles a day. hes also a heavy cummer! he also says that eventho he is gay, he would service the wife if she was to his liking! i sent him a pic of me and my wife and he said he would luv to fuck her while i licked them! i eventually broke the news that im 2000 miles away! thats ok cuz it was probably zagg behind a fake ad anyhow! lol, have fun!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

goin big!

honey here does it big! she knows niggers love her big curls. she knows they love her big heels! and they most definetly proved they love her big fat ass! here she is stretching and applying some oil.....her niggah is on his way!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i have no words for this one, nor do i have any cum left! upon examining this pic closer when i seen her lips stretched tight around his was too much for me to bear as i shot my spunk like i was 14 again! it literally shot about 3 feet!


her punk-ass boi friend bought her a big black dildo! he loves to watch her bash her pussy in with it! they decided to put an ad on craigslist one night! it said ''white couple seeks verbal bbc king!'' when he showed up he wasnt what they expected! (ugly and bitch-tits) but after he showed them his big franken muscle, they quickly escorted him in!
this is proof that even ugly niggers get hot white bitches when they ''got it'' where it counts!

did you know?

you used to go to titty bars with your bois when you were younger! then you got married. the sex was good...but then came the internet and that tidal wave of black cock porn! now you live a dual life! on one hand your married and on the other its all about nigger cock! for all intensive purposes your a homo! only we ..zagg...maxfl...andy....sissypam! i know that you guys are closeted fags that want to suck cock infront of my wife.....hold her cheeks open, as a nigger slides his cock passed my tounge and into her cunt!
due to this enormous popularity, africa has now instituted ''dicky bars'' for western men with this affliction! yup.. if your willing to travel to africa you can find clubs packed full of young men like this! due to the exchange rate, you could be rich for $100 u.s dollars! for instance for $5 you can have this man for 1 hour and you can have him do whatever he wants! if you want to suck him and drink 3 huge thick loads you can.........$5 all you can drink!


quickly she strips and jumps into her masters strong arms! she rubs her mund on his thunderous cock! look at the love in her eyes! let her go boi! let her have love like this girl has!

after school program!

thats mommy on the left! she just returned home from picking up her daughter and her friend! hubbys at work right now....isnt it good to be a big dick nigger in america today?


 thats alexia skye! its from watching my daughter go black, which i think should be called '' me fuck a niggah!''
anyhow this is staged, but there no doubt word got back to her real father that shes doin porn! question is did daddy log on to see his daughters work?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

your wife loves chocolate!

calm down boi!
your wifes pussy started twicthing and spasming like she was having a seizure when she seen this grade''a'' niggalicious mutha-fucka too! what really got her clit stiff was those big luscious chocolate balls! all she can think about is herself with her ass in the air, as he slices down and lets those milk-duds slap on her clit thats hard like a sharks fin!
now clean up pussyboi thats enuf nig-gah-cock for you today!

who could it be?

remix of ''men at work- who could it be''
who could it be knockin at my door
its a nig, who stands 6' 4!
hah, times up faggot! not only does the big cocky nigger knock on your door with his meaty cock! but hes gonna be welcomed by your your house....and your gonna watch him take her! not to mention hes ''gonna knock that whore!''


this is how this nig uses photoshop! hes very handy! he customised her photo then emailed it to her whole family!

missed it again!

whiteboi was sizin her up, he was about to kick his weak-ass rap on her........when all of a sudden, homeboy swooped in on her! he was hopin she was gonna dismiss that dirty nigger! wrong again! within moments he had her laughing and gigglin, till her dress rode up on her ass-cheeks! boi was amazed at how intrested she was, so fast! niggah layed that rap on her quick! you know what else he layed down that afternoon? your catchin on! at least whiteboi got to see a good up-skirt and her kitty swell!

Monday, February 21, 2011

cute huh?

she used to be ashamed of her big ass! thats because she grew up in an all white part of ohio! but now shes at college, and the black boys go crazy over her! shes 4'9'' tall and shes embarassed about that too, so she always wears heels to make her look taller! the bois in her home town used to call her ''fat-ass and stumpy'' but all the blacks at college have nothing but good things to say about her! they make her feel soooo good! you know what else makes her feel so good? thats right boi, your learning! take a look below at the boy shes gonna make really happy this weekend! and hes gonna make her ecstatic too!

from russia with love!

18 yo katrina just migrated to the u.s.a.! getting by is hard in the big city, and she struggles to make ends meet! but she managed a studio apt. in the black part of town! her smallist tits and thin waist, make her ass and thighs loook that much fatter! it drives the niggers mad when they see her! last month she came up short on rent and told her landlord jerome ''its ok i be few days later with rent?'' things didnt go so well and a few days came quick!
sam said it was ''ok'' this time and asked her if she would like to watch a movie with him, tonight?

observe perfection!

take your time, noones watchin you! nobody knows that you just got even harder! but i do know that your not going to the next post just yet! your mind just said wow!....did you hear it? your a fuckin gay bitch!....... yeah i'm talkin to you whiteboi!
now tell me there one thing wrong with his cock? i didnt think you could answer that!.........keep strokin...but dont cumm! you almost came from a big black cock pic...didnt you? its ok all the other whitebois cumm hard from him too! not to mention all the whitegirls that leave thier mark with him as well!
look at the brightside tho...when he sees perfect white pussy he gets super hard and grows some more! he then fucks them so good that they do anythings he wants! pics....vids the hole thing, and you get to watch!   

at tha club!

you and your whiteboi friends were out at the club. you turned to your friends when you seen these two. all of you couldnt take your eyes off of them! but when they hooked up with a couple big, rich niggers you didnt know what to say to your friends!
you felt like sayin ''thats so fuckin hott, those girls are gonna get fucked well by some big black cock!''..but you didnt
your friend was going to say ''i jerk-off to whitegirls getting blackfucked out of thier minds everyday!''...but you didnt
your other friend wanted to say ''if i were a white girl, i'd fuck niggers only!''...but he didnt.
that night they all went home alone and jerked-off thinkin about those niggers fuckin the white girls and how they were probably screaming thier heads off right now!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

this is the future!

this in tina shes 25 yo.
her mom was a nice white lady with a fat ass! 25 years ago at a party like her daughter is at now, she let an adonis like blackman have his way with her! she was only going to step away with him for a minute for a kiss..but once she felt his hot lips she couldnt stop....out came his cock and in it went! once she felt him get into rhytmn she couldnt stop till he violently spewed deep within!
tina is the direct result of that night!
she dosent know that her conception went down like that, but...instinctively by nature the same thing will happen tonight!

a party your not invited to!

he texted her this pic along with a few words!
''he cant wait..c u after work!''
she text him back!
''he made my nips so hard, they hurt! cnt wait im soaked! hurry''

i like comments!

i love reading all the comments that yall leave here! it consoles me that im not the only one stroking hours of my life away daily to big fuckin niggah cock and how they pummel white creamy pussies till they submit and offer it all!
it seems as tho i have to post a big nigger rod to heat up the comment column!
dont be shy, bitches....if its big nig cock you want......then its big niggger cock you'll get! you guys are like a bunch of prissy house sluts needin a good fuck!.......(kiddin) enjoy and thanks!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

its what they do!

heres the difference! listen up faggots!
you see hows shes worked up, practically drooling cunt juice on him?
you see how he aint phased one bit? thats cuz hes chill! unphased he just chill, and that drives white bitches crazy! thats why at the end of the night, these girls wanna prove how cool they are! they wanna show that thier down, and they usually get thier chance to do it with thier mouths on the end of a big dark dick!

is it any wonder?

sexy white tits! big thick ass! is it a surprise that she only lets niggers fuck her body and do as they wish? you are invisible to her bitch boi! keep jerkin in the dark! you will never fuck hot horny pussy like hers!

dirty, dirty girl!

word is out that she loves black guys and its ok!
but only the black boys know how filty she really is! she knows shes a little cinderella and she loves to dress up like a little princess! but what people dont know is, behind closed doors she like to role play with her blackboys! she tells them to fuck her little white pussy and that she needs thier big black cocks sooo bad! but what makes it oh so hot is what she does mid- fuck! just when it really heats up she drops it on them and says ''yeah baby...fuck me good..fuck my white pussy...NIGGER!...give... mmee yhour..nig...ahhh!''
yup little whitegirl knows how to send those big cocks into over-drive and real bust hard deep in her!

watch out!

shes a married milf cunt thats out with her gfs tonight! shes used to dressing up in her heels and mini-skirt and going out with her friends! they act slutty and get all the whitebois swooning! they tease away then tell the whitebois that thier married! whitebois respect the fact making these women ''untouchables''.
however this night was not the same as all the other gno! tonight there niggahs up n this muthafucker! she can only shake her fish netty ass and hips so much before a nig will snap! this dude said ''im gonna show dis bitch ma thick hard cock, and im gonna make her feel it with the hand she wear her weddin ring on!''
startled she did as he asked. and while lookin down at his superiority he planted his big lips on hers a nd followed that with his long ass tounge! it was too much too quick for her and moments later he was sawing away at her panty covered pussy!
game over and another white woman bit by a niggah!


look at thier faces! look in thier eyes!
her; she appears to be just a regular white girl dressed sexy to go to a club! but on the real shes a nymphomaniac that been assaulting her own pussy with a big black juicy dildo behind her white boifriends back! shes out for one thing and she found it!
him; he appears to be a jolly type guy. but look in his eyes! hes a 45 yo man, that takes real good care of his body! he fucks like an animal, and his cock is huge and thick! hes a cocksman, that can work 3 to 4, body rockin orgasms from womens bodies! hes gonna fuck her hard till her body goes limp, her soul will rise out of her body straight to ''nigger heaven''! she will be  a believer and worship him from now on! her boi friend will try and try to get her back, but she will just chuckle at him as if he were a child!

her interest have changed!

this is cindy! shes a typical emo/alt rocker chick. she used to be in love with metrosexual boi types! not any more! once she seen what a big black crow bar can do to her she will have nothng to do with that weak white shit anymore!
she licks him from head to toe! stopping at his ass and balls and cock to pay special attention! she then lays her pale body down....spread eagle and offers herself to her african god!
keep jerkin, the video will be out soon!

she'll never be the same!

she left the house tonight, totally in love with her white boi fiance. her and her friends went to the all-male revue! there were hunky white boi strippers..... but the black ones really caught her off guard, along with the stiff rum and cokes! he kept swinging his cock lewdly inches from them at thier table.finally one of her friends reached out and gave it a tug. it responded in her ..heavy..and thick! she told her friend, ''omg, if the black guy comes by again, you have to feel his cock!''! so after a couple more drinks he came back around, his cumm was making its way down his shaft, and when she grabbed it, a dollop made its way out! she used it as lube and gracefully jerked his cock! surprisingly she felt herself respond! he asked her to have a dance, as her friends wooed her on! yup! he fucked her! and her friends wooed again!
look at how her mouth is agape in disbelief! look how skinny her pre-mature body is and how large his donkey dong is!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

its just as easy!

heres the reality!
its just as easy for your wife or gf or daughter to ''google'' bbc as it is for me!
the reality that hurts so good is that its waaaay easier for her to actually find one that is willing to go up in her sweet, tiny pussy and flood her uterus!
this is whats gonna shake the modern world up!

how'd this happen?

how'd this cute, middle american, white, girl next door find her self in this situation? good question!
do you think she would normally fall for a goofy nig like this guy here? no!
she was intrigued by blackmen after she found her dad and brothers internet history! she backtracked and noticed the most goofy and ghettoey bros have the most obnoxiuos cocks! so when samuel here started kickin it to her she had to find out for herself! he made a real believer out of her too with his lewd 10 bent inches of cock! yup...he corkscrewed that cock deep into her soul! she loves him so much! they plan on getting married because right now a baby is growing in her belly! her dad and brother dont care cuz they are closet sissies who fight to get her cummy crotch panties from the hamper! yumm!

mallory malloy

 this is mallory malloy! she achieved internet fame by posting videos chronicalling her weight loss. she was posting them as ''watch mal shrink''! she suddendly dissappeared from her weekly postings. she has re-appeared recently and says that she stopped posting cuz her family was giving her pressure! she has since done some very softcore teasing! i am tired of reading lame comments to her posts by guys being polite and gentlemanly to her!
heres what i have to say to her!
mal, do porn already, interacial porn! your body was made to be  hard fucked by the biggest, hardest, blackest nigger cocks this planet has to offer! fuck your parents and siblings, as once they see you creaming your cunt out aboard a blackman, they will know it is your rightful place in life!
never before have i seen a girl with hips and thighs that big combined with a tiny waist as she has. not to mention all that but she has a lovely ''gap'' tween her legs as well!
in case im not being clear! mal malloy ''you need to fuck big dicked niggers on video!'' make everyone happy, especially yourself!

Monday, February 14, 2011

short but sweet!

from the age of 16, regular white dick did it for her! but shes now 22 and she needs...more! she got her fat ass and thighs by riding the shit out of whitebois little dicks! due to her large ass cleavage, bois can only get but a few iches into her, leaving her..disappointed!
lately, shes been taking young black studs up on thier offer to fulfill her needs! she couldnt believe her sense of accomplishment when she took a full 10'' black cock, ballsdeep into her boy! at 4' 10'' tall, a 10 '' cock is nearly 1/5th of her total height!
how do you measure up......faggot?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

austin taylor!

pornstar austin taylor! shes not on a porn set! this is her in her private life! and if you ever seen her movies you know her juicy ass and thighs love niggers thick cocks deep in her pussy!
what do you think is going to happen here? all black dudes wearing dark clothes and a  little plump blonde girl comes in wearing a purple dress!

closing time!

time to make an excuse! whiteboi bf has been cramping his big juicy ass gf all night! those nigs in the back by the fence have been handlin her all night! she telling that white fag tats she gong to stay at her gfs tonight! its true! its just that a pack of niggers will be accompaning them!
while hes jackin his short dick later tonight, niggers will be going inside her where no man has ever gone before!

will be doing pornos soon!

thats amber pritty! she was given an award by blackmen magazine for model of the year! this is definetly an award she recieved by ''fucking her way to the top''! fact is all the other finalists were black-fucked as well!

tonight the night!

she met a nigger at the tailend of last night! after her bf left the bar and her gfs left as well! she accepted a ride from him! she didnt fuck him or suck his big cock, buy she kissed his big lips and let him tounge her roughly! she briefly felt his rock solid lump in his pants, but it was a worknight and she had to turn it in!
but now its friday and this is the outfit she bought on her lunchbreak. its for him, the nigger! this is a whitegirls uniform for getting max black fucked!
notice the sheet she threw over the couch to prevent all the cum-stains!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

who took the pic?

im having trouble figuring it out!
from what i can tell shes not a porn star, but just a hot whitegirl next door thats wants something MORE out of life! and it looks like she got it! (look how thick his nigger fuckstick is!!!omg!)
but my question is is it her bi-curio-nig hubby or is it her nigger loving gf thats been telling her "you have to try a nigger cawk!''

what up......boi!

look at that smooth creamy chocolate nigger! hes fit, strong as a clydesdale, and hung like a baseball bat! hes whats keepin your wife from losing her marbles. everyday when she finishes work she goes by to say helllo to him! she plants her little vanilla puddin filled cunny down on his dipstick! its no wonder or surprise shes low a quart ....again! its not a problem for them tho cuz while she moisterizes his cock with her innner cream he fills her till shes airtight!
keep jerkin fag bitch!


this is the pic she sent to the black man shes been getting fucked by!
the message attached says ''hurry, i cant wait any longer!'' her pink lips, all glossed out will immediately gravitate to his when he sees her! he will maul her ass with 2 hands and pull her tight to him to let her know he is hungry! she will pull off her top as her nipples make an audible ''pop'' like champagne corks! his cock will twitch and tent his loose fitting jeans! she will disrobe then kneel in front of him! removing his pants his cock uncoils and stands like a cobra! as she blesses his balls tounge first she licks the lenght all the way up to his head and slit! she looks at him and tounges his cum hole, gathering her spit she goes on it to her throat! she cups her tits and twists her nip as she gag it! he slides his hand down her crack pausing at her asshole for a seconds before he slides across her wet slit lips!
your daughter loves and fucks niggers and theres nothing your punk ass could do!.......except jack-off!

white stalker!

allison is 24, rich, bored and loves to have young black highschool boys fuck her hard and fast! she loves the fact that these type of negro boys can get hard in an instant, then fuck like rabid dogs......cumm, and then continue hammering away as they stay hard, load after load!
shes just in time as school lets out....shes in the rover that daddy bought for her! as she waits for the light she spakles and smiles at the black buck as he passes in front of her ride! the black boy holds her look and approaches her passenger side window! this is his view, she scoots down showing her panties and letting the seat belt pronounce her hot tits! his niggah instinct, instictively asks her ''can i get a ride lady?'' to which she says ''of course, sexy!'' he licks his lipps and jumps in! he says ''where you takin me?'' she says ''my house, baby!'' shes kiddin slightly, but he says ''lets do this!'' letting her off the perv hook and verifiing he knows whats up! she bypasses starbucks, leans forward to drive with aggression, and b-lines her house! he throws out some compliments to her as she focuses in on the road and supresses all her blood rushing to her clit! he swears he can see the outline of her big pink niplles as she squirms and drives! he clutches his hard bone as she looks over and notices! she grabs it and squeezes and feels hard mass! upon pulling into the driveway she will speed walk into the house with him in tow! immediately she will rip her clothes off while trying to get his pants off at the same time! she will hurrily suck him, bypassing the time when she can push hm down and mount him just inside the front door!

ooh! sorry johnny!

shhh! its late and her parents are home!
this is stephanie, shes only 17! usually when she hears the pebbles being thrown at the window its her black bf coming by for thier daily fuck session! yup, after basketball pracrice he comes by and jumps in the window. he gets his dick sucked then fucks her pussy while she siffles her moans, he cums then leaves the way he came!
but tonight its her x boifriend johnny! hes coming by cuz he wants to talk to her and beg for another chance! she tells him she cant talk because her parents are home and her new bf is coming by soon! she tells johnny he is very jealous and possesive. johnny will not take that for an answer and demands she let him in! finally she tells him,''you must leave, he is a big black guy and i dont want you to get hurt! she thinks fast and says ''listen i'll let you see my tits, if you promise to leave, and i'll talk to you about us tmrw after school!'' she lifts her shirt and flashes johnny and tells him to ''go now!''
johnny disappers into the bushes, and moments later sees the young, big black man jumping up into her window! he jumps to a vantage point where he can see them kissing while standing! moments later she drops down infront of him, out of view! johnny hold his position...frozen! about a minute passes as she comes back to the window, this time with no shirt or bra an she appears to be takin off her panties! johnny watches as the blackman comes up behind her, she adjusts, whispers then lets out a subtle, muffled, ummmph! the nigger is in, and her facial expressions are giving her away! she leaves her head out the window so when she cannot contain herself her cries will be released into the yard rather then be heard in the house by her parents! johnny watches as her body becomes rigid but her hair still ''bumps'' on every downstroke! finally her head goes back as her hair covers her face, only her mouth can be seen and it is wide open! thats right! the ngger stashed his baby nuttt 8.5 inches deep inside of her! he stays and watches as minutes later the black can be seen jumpin out tha window! he waits till the coast is clear and approaches the window. he looks in to see his x-gf in the fetal position, facing away from him! he watches as she hugs her pillow, snuggling! moments later he notices a white glob gather at her pussy, it appears to grow larger and larger till it falls, runnin down her cheek! still unoticed he pull hi penis from his pants and cums on the houses siding as he focuses in on the ongoing current of jizz flowing from her! he now knows his place and he will spare her meeting with him tmrw! he accepts his defeat as he slithers away!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

love this!

i love when a niger completes the circuit on a white girl! her body is buzzing as his hot electrified prod stuns her cunt! but after he puts a big sloppy tounge rape on her, she fully submits and cums and spreads so good! to make this one even better its ps wesley pipes, im sure all you white bois know how filthy this niggah gets when his hips are whackin at a white pussy!

nigggers love these!

thats pam, shes 44 and was married for 23 years! she freshly divorced from her hubby who she found out was gay! her pussy hasnt been jammed in 8 years! shes got a new hair-do and some lingerie and the younger girls at her work are taking her out this weekend! when she gets there she will be surprised that some of her co-worker love the blackman! they will fill her in. that combined with a couple stif drinks will enable her to deep kiss a young black man whle her reaches up and under her skirt, beneath her panties and work a thick dark finger into her! her fuse will be lit but it will take a week for her simmering pussy to come to a full boil!.... next week she will be in full cougar mode and her prey will be a big young black one! from now on she will spend 3 to 4 evening a week getting black log-like cocks driven deep into her wanton cunt! ................................

the proto-type!

blonde hair into black! dark smokey eyes! pink pouty glossy lips! nice tan and titties pushed-up on display! and you know her pussy is flawless and smoothly shaved!
these are the type of girls that are flocking to niggers like the great migrations in africa! seeing a black man with a ugly white girl is cool and kinky, but seeing chicks like this draped all over a nig in public hurts so good! deal with it, you suck whimp! these girls know you jerk off and jerk off! your a jerk off! thats why they give thier goods to big strong nigger boys and men!