Friday, September 30, 2011

asian chicks need niggahs too!

no more little chink dick for her! her super-tiny bf is at a gaming convention...and shes goin to a bar! as you can see hes got dick for days...and mama san is primed and ready! the whole scenario is so overwhelming to her, she'll be soaked when they get to the room!

its a night of firsts!

shes in her 20s and never been blackfucked!....hes 18 hes only fucked 1 black girl....its ok tho, his dick is huge...stays hard forever and he cums like a fountain! her a her fiancee spotted him at the pool this afternoon and thought he'd be perfect! she told him to meet her at the hotel jacuzzi later tonight! shes not going to fuck him there....but she will ask him to finger her while she jacks his cock underwater! then its off to the room...he will lay down on his back as her fiance films her throating his young pipe.....she will then mount him and ride him! he will cumm quick...but stay hard! she will cum quick too...but keep on riding! young hard niggers are too good!

is this better?

is this better for you? huh whiteboi im talking to you! does it make you feel less homo if the niggah has some big tits? she got those tits just so she could take that boi cherry! yup....shes devirginized over 100 bois! the first time is free...but if you want it on the regular....ya gotta pay tha niggah!
shes patient and submissive...until she gets in your boi pussy! at that point she turns into what she really is...a niggah! nostrils flared ...hard pumpin....niggah!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

suck on it!

thats stacy freeman...johns daughter! she 18 and that nigger is 40! hes the janitor at the boys and girls club! tmrw shes gonna wear a mini skirt...shes gonna put her hands on the wall and let him take a shot at her from behind! hes goin john check the hamper...hopefelly it will still be fresh....

fuck offf!

now dats a big fuckin nigger! looks pissed too!
her body was created to get fucked hard!...niggah use only! thats real white girl taking the plunge....shes gonna suck his dick on the way to tha crib....then shes gonna strip for him....suck daddys dick some more....then ride it for him!
now fuck off you pervert cuck fag!

aint that a bitch!

there are so many ways that a white lady can end up with a foot of black cock in her!
she never thought about fucking black men...she was intrigued...but shes been happily married
that is until she went to the all nude male revue with some friends from work! look at her biting her lip...look at that cock goin up er arm!!
tonight shes just gonna jerk it for him.....but she'll be back!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

goin green!

this little teens boi friend is not around to siphon tha niggahs cum from her pussy!
instead shes gonna wait till it drains into her own mouth! remember to recycle....niggas jizz is precious!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

new school white girl!

yeah bitch boi...this is the new generation of whitegirls! shes been ignoring whitebois since 15....shes been practising her booty dancing in her room for years! unlike the older generation she will never have to suffer insufficient sex white a faggot white boi! only niggers peel her tight panties down! only nigger lay pipe deep in her!
look at that ass punk...its all niggah!

cuz she wanted it!

she gives him her all!...yup..any hole he wants anywhere....anytime! when his cock bekons.... she tends!
last night they got a little carried away with the rough stuff!..he smacked her real good and she cant open he eye today! homey hopes it turns black tmrw! if it does hes gonna make her wear somethin real slutty and take her out and show that bitch off! ''yeah boi ....i own da bitch....and da black eye!''

Sunday, September 25, 2011

are you proud dad?

your boi was the star quarter back growin up in his hometown....he was always the hottest boi around and the girls went crazy for him! they thought he looked like tom cruise.....but his dreams fell short when he got thrown in the talent pool! those big city niggers were too fast and too strong for him to compete with!
hes now a physical trainer....more like a punching bag! he loves to get sweaty a physical....get punched around till hes hangin on the ropes.....then warmdown by suckin off his black clients!
he tucks his tiny whiteboi weiner so looks like a pussy! or as he calls it a ''camelbro''! his legs are toned...tan and naturally smooth as is the rest of his body!....even his tight...athletic asspipe!
the niggers that fuck him on the regular, swear his tightness is better than a womans! he even lets his special nigger go bareback and cumm his hole!
are you disssappointed daddy?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

go it!

huh....what are you waitin for?
ladies stop being so boring....that all natural...plain jane thing! go to the mall and get an outfit....maybe that micro-mini and those big gal heels!....slut it up put on some smokey make-up! that black adonis and his rigid cock will really like it! they pay dividends and that toe-curling orgasm he gives wil get you thru the week!
so go on girl...join up and get with it!

tattos and niggers!

she stays close to all the latest trends...a few years ago it was its niggers! the only question is will she get a ''nigger tattoo'' after cummin on his cock so hard?
her tattos kept her popular and lookin like she fit in wit the bois!....but now that shes fillin in her plump ass keeps her current with the ones who are popular....the black ones!
shes only 4'11'' but her petite hole can take a full 10'' in this position! now all her money goes to diapers for her nigger babies insted of tattoos
she used to be ''white power'' and her and her friends all hated niggers! all the skinheads rainwashed them into thinkin niggers were ''nappy headed monkeys'' after a fallout with her gang she landed in the big city...downtown....with all the niggers! she had no choice if she needed the help!...well a favor for a favor and now shes one of the top hoes fo her black daddy pimp!

heres a story1

this is sarah...and the photo was taken years ago by her hubby! her and her hub lived in africa were hub did business! wifeys big puffy tits and meaty ass drove all the niggers crazy! hub liked the attention that she got from them....he had thought of swingin before ''cucking'' was even a term!
well business didnt pan out so well...and when push came to shove hub had to summon up the wife to the king of the nigger nation! as it turned out wifey loved having the kings..royal black cock shoved in her hairy pussy! and hubby loved gettin down below her waiting for the kings nutts to plummet into his mouth! in fact this pic was taken as he awaits!....she would tell hubby how big his cock is and how she loves it as he kneels below!
all that black fuckin produced this hottie below! she has moms fat ass...and her appetite for niggers too! she has her daddys skin...and a combo of moms brunette hair and daddys kink! shes at college now getting her education in ''black studies'' but shes sure to keep a portriat of her king in her dorm room! she cant wait to go visit daddy in africa this summer!

think again...boi!

you think it only ugly and fat white girls that are fuckin niggers? well think again bitches!
this chick is fine...and she only fucks niggers! she not tied to anyone in particular either! shes still out in the field samplin what comes her way each day! if you dont think she nuzzles those titties up close in the nigggers face for his mouth to suck on!.... your wrong! if you dont think she lets big fat swollen black heads run past her lipps into her throat!...your wrong! and if you dont think she arches her back....and pushes her pussy onto a nigger cock as he pulls her hair and royally fucks her! then your wrong....again!
this slut loves ' fact she needs them! so leave her be....shes got real work to do!

dying to know!

hes been httin on this fine ass white bitch..but shes in the process of shakin her loser whiteboi! she finally did it this past week and she thinkin about going all the way with the brother shes been foolin around with! his body is so strong....his kisses make her melt....and his hands are soo srtong! hes rubbed that log on her pussy over her jeans...but she has yet to see it or touch it bare!
hes dyin to let her see his best asset...he knows the deal is sealed when she sees it has it wedged deep in her body! hes hard as steel thinkin about her in her panties...her creamy wet pussy...shaved and perfect! hes dyin to see how her tits conect to her her stomach cnnects to her wide hips.....and how her ass ties it al in! shes gonna wear these skimpy panties for the unveiling....and hes gonna be xtra hard when he sees that ass cheek hangin out behind her pussy! they wont be able to hold out long before she attempts to mount that monster....hes gonna be quick wit tha nutt he will blast in her in under 10 hott minutes! worries 25 years old this nigger is good for 4 more heavy loads tonight....and can be rock hard for as long as duty calls!  shes gonna peel back his sleeve and marvel at his royal head before takin a seat!.....keep strokin loser, your beast suited for jerkin-off!

his and hers!

this is a black cock for ''her''!....try any gay shit wit dis niggah, and prepare to get your ass kicked!
fuckin homo!
 but this one is all yours...dude! she loves married white faggots...wanting bbc...just like you! take your time....experiment wit it! you can stroke it....till you get the courage to suck on it! if you need to be instructed she can help you with that also! her fav is humpin your married face while jammin her 2 long fingers in ya ass!
would you like that boi?
 she seen you lookin....afraid to do somethin...then she did this! she knows how to handle white bitches like you! you walked up to her and she let go of you talked to her you seen it gettin harder an harder...tenting her dress! you even seen the outline of her cockhead thru the thin you know how girls feel in the presence of nigger men! are your panties gettin wet bitch? 
finally she unveils it fer ya! its semi-hard but still really big! she tells you to touch it.... and you do! its confusing....the heat of it is hotter....the weight is heavier......and the density is increased! one touch and all these things flood you mind at once....confused! you tug...once...twice, and two seconds later your brain has morre to dal with......its getting hard...quickly! and her cumm is startin to leak in your hand! your totally flustered..mixed with anxiety...fear and a tinge of homo guilt! she grabs the back of your head and pulls your face in for a dont feel her lips you get close she sticks her tounge in your mouth...its not romantic....she not looking for your tounge to dance with....shes just lettin you sample the power that she has as it hits all around your wet insides! at this point your done! its all a matter of what she wants from you! wheter its a little dicksucker....or a full ass-blown cock rider...shes still a nigger and your her take it cunt!

skinny girls need niggers too!

niggers prefer a white slut wit alotta asss and titty to milk thier cocks!...however they will not snuff at the chance if a skinny hoe throws some pussy thier way! it usually turns out that the nigger will fuck them xtra hard from thier lack of titty and ass...but that only makes the skinny bitch like it more! you wont hear these girls sayin ''fuck me harder!''

hot video!

i've been trying to figure out how to post some hot videos...if anyone has any tips, feel free to leave in comments section!
this is a hot vid of a wife skyping with her hub...she first tells him she has a surprise...then a weakness for black guys...then she reveals her swollen tummy!...she then splashes in the word'' niggah'' and asks him to jerk as she models for him! enjoy!

family vacation!

lisa had to suffer thru 2 days of her week long family vacation before she found twan...twan supplies week and big black cock for the vacationers! while her family was takin in the sun, thier 18 yo baby girl was smokin blunts and givin her perect body to his hard...10 inch.... black cock! she made sure to use condoms the first day....the second day he felt her silk bareback! by day 3 she was pullin him in close when she felt he was ready! he kissed her deep and shot it hard!

Friday, September 23, 2011

shaping the world we live in....

theres about 10 or 15 niggers in porn that are affecting society in a big way! photos and videos like this one can put a whole family in turmoil......its effects are real, as watching this has turned thousands of whitebois into cocksucking homos for niggers!....its true on this friday night theres a whitemale...recently divorced...paying some big nigger to treat him like a fag and fuck him in his ass!

yeah shanes lookin deep into that camera...he sees you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

giving her all!

niggah wants a deepthroat...niggah gets a deepthroat! look at the effort shes putting in to suckin makes you hard....dont it boi?
she hasnt taken her clothes off yet....she paid for the room....and shes treatin him to poeyes chicken afterward! it all so he can fuck her and make her cum like a champ! nigger dick is real and its obsessive!
watch out!


even if you have your wifes permission to suck niggahs your still a homo! what if his friends see this? ''dude i think i seen a pic of you and stephanie suckin a big black dick on the internet!''
obviously this faggot dosent give a shit what people think...hes gonna make a case to her and that stud to put it in his ass tonight...of course they'll both say no to hm and send him to his room lik alittle bitch boi!
''baby go away now....mommy needs to take care of business!''

fuck you!!!!!

 she caught you fucking her best friend....since then she lost a bunch of weight and this is how she looks now! this is the pic she texted to her x...with the words ''sorry your loss!'' she thought about it for a while then said ''i have a new man...heres his pic:)!''

no nonsense!

mom is 40 and divorced...her x is a wanker and so is her son! at 40 she found out bout niggers and what thier cocks have to offer! tonight her big black daddy is comin over to fuck her to no end....he likes the thick ..industrial style fence net stockings and her hair to have big curls that bounce when her fucks her! his thick cock is welcomed to pump his thick nutt in her body all night! have fun wankin....losers!

thank god for wet pussies!

 daddy found his daughters black cock blog..his daughter looks just like her mom did at 20...except mom had a hairy pussy! her tiny pussy is way too small fo niggers cocks...but she gets really wet! you wanna see her take his head then watch his fat cock bust her open...daddy? when the thickness gets in shes gonna lose it and cumm hard for him! thank god he knows to rub her rosebud and bite hertits to create a diversion from her pussy splittin! fyi daddy your daughter will cum 5 times tonght to the extent that your wife has never felt! better hope your daughter dont bring her niggah home!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fake...but not far off!

the cock is is her tounge! the pic is a fakey tho! out there...somewhere....theres a whitegirl with a tounge like that...stuck up a niggers asshole! when he tells her t pull it out a slather his balls...she does hesitation! she then opens wide and completes the tranfer of his cum from his nuttz to her belly! she gets dressed quick and akes her way home to her boring hubby!...............sucka!

not sure?

not sure if i posted this before...had to let you faggots know whats up!
hes out fuckin while your strokin!

asian needa niggah too!

niggers dont give a fuck bout race....a hot pussy is a hott pussy! shes throwing her fat tits...fat ass....and thin waist into the ring! with niggers of course! homeboys gonna tear that girl up...twice tha girth...and twice tha length shes used to! add in his relentless stamina and this honey is hooked!

fresh meat!

shes a college freshman....shes 18 and been at her new school for 5 weeks! shes 1500 miles away from home. daddy cant say shit to her from here! dont worry about her fat ass hanging out of her shorts...she hasnt fucked niggers yet! shes getting weak tho...they hit on her constantly....and shes starting to reciprocate...a little! she'll take it slow, shes scared right now..shes worried you'll find out! she'll give a couple of handjobs and blow one before her will collapses! until then keep hope alive!

forward; ta niggah!

can you believe this? she texts ''im home alone...cum over!''
shes all about puttin on somethin even sexier....suckin his cock...then finishing him off by letting him bang her hard!
18 with an ass ta die for...and shes throwing it at strings attached!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just had to post now!

found this pic and couldnt wait till christmas to post!
things were goin great at the mall with ''black santa''...that is till mommies medication wore off and she deceided to ''let it ride'' it was a good lesson for hubby to see all 14 inches go deep...but those poor kids!
''dad what was santa thrustin in mom?'' and ''why werent you helping her?'' huh dad?

ps...look at his big mit!! its so perfect for the small of her back....hes gonna jerk her body up and down on his veiny....devilish dick!

mal malloy

 this is mal malloy...from watch mal shrink...a weight loss vidoe doc. shes since moved on to big butt erotic modeling!
how much longer do we have to wait til she exclusive for niggers?
c'mon girl....treat yourself!