Saturday, November 17, 2012

tit flesh!

 they look so wholesome...dont they?
truth is these girls are hooked!...its all about ridng  the big choco fuckstick!

"all my titty is fo' ma niggah!''

''suck 'em bite 'em..fuck me hard!''

she told her niggah..."when we see my ex...make sure to grab my tits like you own them!''

Friday, November 16, 2012

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and his girl just wanted to hookup with a nig...just to take pcs as she gave him a handjob!

well, one thing led to another!

look at that wet spot!

cuck it up!

yeeeah!...this white boi and his girl love them some niggah!!

he got the cock and she do tha ballz!

share that nig spunk!

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shes takin her stockings down...shes had enuf!....she needs it in her body!

think its fake?...good news...

good news for all you faggot white boi bitches!..this big niggah is gay....and he loves newbie bois...but he also like tha money! so if you want this black love stick in your mouth...or rubbin your better have your visa card!...the only way you gonna get a discount is if you a hot crossdressin sissy boi...or if you let him degrade you in front of your wife while you suckin!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

suck it!

daddy found this on his daughters celly!!...needless to say he cant wait to see her ridin that haaard piece of perfection!

just look!

yeah...look at that niggers arms!...and his chest too!...smooth and strong...his cock matches the rest of him!...cant you tell the way shes cummin her brains out!
thats how niggars roll bitch!

know your place bois!

now thats its official shes lettin that bitch know whats up!...shes not even out of her dress yet, and shes alrady throatin that cock!...mmmph! mmmph! as she feels him sweelll!....she pulls her head off of it just as the hott ropes fire off and cling to hubbies grill!
think about it...he just got married...he watched his wife suck a cock and now his head is doused in another mans cum! ....a black man no less!

its porn!....but its infectious...and effective

 thats little jessie rogers on the left...and you all know mommy on the right....thats janet mason!...tou may not recognise her w/o a black schlong going in and out of her face...or pummeling her cunt!
mommy is gonna show her "daughter" all about those big fuckin niggers!...especially thier big ugly cocks!
look how mommy gets all dolled up fer her black nigger!...she a veteran of the bbc game...she pays attention to detail,, she knows if her make-up and hair are done just right that its gonna make the nig hard and ravenous!...its an investment for her pussy to get the fuckin it deserves!
moms gonna double fist it...and theres still soooo much black cock showing!" ooommmmmgggg!'
do you notice her lipstick?...her deep smokey eyeshadow?...or even that librarian bun on her slut red hair? you?....tha nigga does, and its translating to making his cock swell!
now its time for baby girl to take a suck on him with her face!....moms gonna loosen up while daughter gets himm ready!
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wanna see them fuck like animals?
wanna  see what that big hard cock looks like in mommies wet coug cunt?
how bout baby girls juice box?

until then...enjoy watchin niggers dominate!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


this nigger makes his money from white fag men! if you wanna suck this cock gotta buck up!
$250 for the hour! if you want dirty talk its an extra $50! he'll tell you what a fag you are...and about all the other bois who suffer like you!...there is no price for him to fuck your hairy ass..but if you wanna see it n a whit anus...bring your wife...daughter...or your mother!

i love/hate niggers!

 i havent let a black nigger fuck me yet...but i cant wait!..and im serious!..niggers have made me gay!

niggers made this boi really gay!...and hott!

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im married! and thnk of this!

toons by whitebois!

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where did she go?

this little blonde fiance has been eyeing these island niggahs the whole trip! thats the bass player of the lounge at the hotel...shes been exchanging glances with him all night! hes been hard as fuck and shes been noticing what hes packin while playin!
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shes gettin a feel o them big black lipps!..a he paws her phat ass!...yes hes gonna fuck her!

swimwear to catch some niggers!

daddy dosent want his girl to wear these suits!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

date with destiny!

 shes almost ripe!...shes still fuckin whitebois...but very shortly there will be a chain of events that will leave her naked on her back..legs spread, with a niggers black cock all lined up and ready to enter!
just like the one below!!
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fuck you! whiteboooi!

Monday, November 12, 2012

thanks daddy!

daddy just dropped her off a the mall..shes fresh out of the shower...her nails are done and her young pussy is shaved ultra smooth! may not believe me..but she sucks and fucks niggers in the mall restrooms!
on her tippy toes with her tight pants pulled half way down...her tiny panties pulled to tha the young buck slides into her soaked young cunt!...he pulls her hair so he can tounge her...he smells her shampoo and young perfume as his cock stiffens to rocklike hardness inside her! she can help but moan as her gasm triggers her body!...its just the beginning as her goes natgeo on her!...her parents put her on the pill, so ''when your ready....just pump all tha nutt you can, deep in me!''...young blacks are livin like kings!

Friday, November 9, 2012

hey boi!

this is the best $150 you could ever spend!...when you get to her place shes dressed..showered and smelling nice!..she acts like a lady...submissive and sweet! sit on the couch with her...nervous and apprehensive!
she ofers you her tit to suck....then she puts your hand on her hard pussy! you never felt somethin soo hard...sooo hot to the touch! youve never been so aroused....she knows your a new faggot and she lifts her skirt to show you! watch as she shows you what a hard black cock looks like, straining against a pair of tiny panties!...its moving and flexing to get out! are astonished, as she leans inand puts her big hot lipps on yours!...her tounge follows..and so do you!..she frees her cock ...and you stroke as she leads you in a kiss!....she rubs your head and then leads you down to suck her pussy!...she realy likes how you do it....she purrs like a lady!...she makes you tend to her balls and her smooth black ass and hole!
its alot to take in in one will be back...!


lucky hub!...he gets in on the action b4 the nigger impregnates his wife!
he tells your wife that he sucks good cock! she slips it in!...she immediiately starts fucking you fast...and hard!...she asks.."you like that?...huh? fuckin bitch!....suck his cock hard for me!...suck it! inferior worm!"

now watch as he fucks me like a man!


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