Thursday, May 31, 2012

all charged up!

hey bois...just thought i'd share a bit! case you dont know...i only fuck black niggers! those primal beasts love when thier white pussies throw on some hot done and smellin good! it gets them all charged up!...its true! take care of them and they give it right back to you!...his cock will be rock hard and leaky as soon as he sees me! theres no foreplay involved!....''just get dat dick in me!''.....''fuck mee and deep too! ...''if i wanted tender love, i'd fuck a whiteboi...or a girl!''............
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she tells all of her friends how great niggah cock is! she 'tells them ''yeou gotta try one!''...she explains that them dark fuckers are highly addictive, and that you may have to alternate your schedule to accomodate time for them...she tried to explain this position to her friends but they cant phatom the idea!

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never mind how she discovered the power of nigger cock!....she found it and theres no goin back! she gives it to her man whenever and wherever he wants it! yes...that cute little mouth of hers loooves suckin a big niggah cock! its wwhatever he wants! titties smacked, sucked and bit too!...and if he wants to finish inside her body....then go for it!.......the cock below is what turns her out!
nice huh?

i'll be ok!

18 and on vacation....she texted her whiteboi boifriend a pic of the bikini she bought when she arrived....''do you like it?''..she asked.....he replied with a gulp....and a ''yes''....he asked her ''how are the people there?''...she said they were nice...''but there are alot of blacks down here!''

do you think the niggers will get aggressive with her?
will they grope her tits in the pool?
will she be suckin a black one by weeks end?
...but the big question is hard will whiteboi jerk it to the thought of a pack of thugs takin her hard?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

good boi!

this little whore has gone all the way! she used to fancy the gf getting fucked by groups of them niggers...shes now in her twenties and has realised she into cock...way more than pussy! cock that is! this is her fav position...with her balls sinched up and pushed back!...shes not hiding anything, and the nigs dont give a fuck either! fact they love handeling that weenie roughly as they deep fuck her asspussy!..hmmmmm

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this girl is single...shes on the rebound because her x bf is addicted to bbc porn and the thought of her fuckin big thuggy niggahs!...she found some of his jerk material...and she wrote him off as a pervert. the lack of sex and interest in her has finally caused her to call it off!...shes saddened by it but shes rebounding slowly!
will she resume her sexual activity with black guys?...theres a good chance!...whitebois have weirded her out with thier perversities, and the black guys that have been hitting on her seem straight up! shes still conservative....wearing leggings under her skirt..she will soon shed the leggings and let them see her panty lines cradeling her plump cheeks!...this will send the blacks into overdrive when they talk to her close!...thier sexual pheremones will fill her nostrils and her clicker will start!...its only a matter of time....and once she does let them have it....she will want nothing but...

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wanna see the big niggah the one on the left fucks and serves?.....look below homo!
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vivid detail...

this is her first nigger! shes a little nervous...but that awesome cock will bring out the best of her!...
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Friday, May 18, 2012

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she really just wanted to take him home after school and make-out!...she had a hankering to feel those full lips on hers mingling with her tounge!....but of course while they were kissing he pulled it out to her surprise...she thought to herself...''so heavy and hardd!'' she stroked it as they kissed and he asked if he could see her breasts! innocent...yet so primal!
yess daddies girl got fucked, under daddies roof! and yes he gonna cumm on her body and bed sheets and your wife will launder them clean of tha funk and spunk!

pic dont lie!

see 4 your self!...shes a conservative white wife, but her hubb convinced her that niggahs will do her body good!....she put on a slinky dress and garters....instant slut!..they all react the same once they are exposed!...yess that lady at the bank...the cahier at the grocery...your mom.....they all love it big and deep once they see the other white bitches gettin it!

''im good are you?''

photo by white slutwife!...shes on the phone with hubb, and she cant wait to ''get off'' shes out of town on business, and this is what she found at the hotel lounge last night!...nice huh?...notice that hes not even hard!..he fucked her all night and made her cumm like a woman should....he gonna do it again this morning....after her seminar....and tonight as well!...can you blame her?...that niggah is strictly for white woman pleasure!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


she tried to sneek in again...but this time hubby had to investigate...she smelled of nigger....her tits and neck...bite marks, but the amount of sludge in her panties was a real surprise!

white wife....nigger boss!

her hubby strokes his cock to his wifes outfits that she goes to work in!.....yes he thinks of her serving her rich and powerfull nigger boss....he thinks its just a fantasy...but she really does let him invade her pussy daily in the conference room!
fyi boi....the nigger loves allll that ass and the outfits too! 

come over daddy!

this is the pic shes sexting to her black lover!...she needs him now....and she knows he cant resist her mound of ass...and a red stripe!
this girl is available for himm...whenever.....wherever!
hes not making them like he used to!...white girls used to be for whitebois to fuck!.....nowadays dem white girls are meant for the superior male.....the black ones!
shes on the prowl....this is her uniform!.....only big buck niggers need apply!

it'll be ok!

its still not acceptable for white girls to give up tha pussy to tha niggers in her town yet! she has to sneek away from her parents and her little faggot boifriend to get it properly!
this storm drain provides good cover for her dark secret!

young and ambitious

some white girls feel that they need to have wild sexual encounters with niggers to validate thier sexuality....
shes takin her own pic to document the first nigger she blew in the parking lot!
this pic has it all...her rosey eyes....big creamy nig cock....and alot of spunk!

you did good girl! time let him pump it directly to your cunt!
what does this thick white bitch need to complete her day?...

you guessed it!...he needed to fuck a wet horny white cunt too!...

stay out of it whiteboi!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

married with children!

yeah..she kissed her kids and her faggy hubb this morning as she wish them well in thier day!
....three hours later and mommies got what she needs!...a young one....with a big thick black one!
he gonna fix her up gooood!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the new amerikkka!

it dosent matter that hes an ugly nigger!..shes as fine as they get...but she needs his smmooth hard...hairless body!...and the cock he has! it dosent matter that hes unemployed and unemployable either! heard me!
he knows how to buck his hips hard...and thats all that matters to her!
get used to white bitches givin it up to these niggers....its all over, whiteboi is obsolete!...delete!

whatta find!

look what this little slut found out at the club! hmm hmmm! shes goin crazy right now....she was lookin for a big cock to fuck her properly.....but this one is going to maim her! yeah tmrw she'll be bowlegged ...but that wont stop her from going back for more!
she texts her bf shes busy, as she impales herself full o' cock!

whattta night!

shes gonna chase that shot with a diet coke. she then gonna lend her body to a big niggah cock...yeah shes gonna be helpless when hes rock hard and ready to spew inside her deep!
her limpy dick hub needed her to get a kong as night niggah for his sassy little whore wife!...she agreed...but only if he got her a suite...some lingerie....and allowed tha niggah to fuck her bare!
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locked in1

daddy is deep in her body!...and she loves the way he lifts her up and down on his root!...its like hes using her like hes jerking off!
in her head shes thinkin..''omg this nigger is sooo strong!....and thick!''

Sunday, May 13, 2012

black cock suburbia!

daddy thought he'd move the family out to tha burbs....better schools....better homes...and yes, he thought he'd keep em safe and far from tha niggahs! daddy may keep the niggahs from trekkin way out to the burbs...but that dosent mean his daughter wont drive to the hood and suck some dark niggah cock in the back of the benz! soooo cute!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

are you paying attention?

do i need to point out how sculpted his big nigger cock is? hard it is?...he bangs that cock hard in the white pussy till it loves him...needs him....obsessed with him! he treats em like shit too...but they still pound on his door wanting more! they lick his funky asshole too...they suck his nuttz...and they all ignore the fact that they dont know hes cummin in them!

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