Wednesday, November 30, 2011

fuck off!

you seen her while shopping at the mall! you couldnt believe your eyes! her back seemed permanantly arched!!! her four finger gap, that you could drive a truck thru! not to mention her ass-cleavage! her nipples poked hard like peanut m&ms!
you manage to get a good shot on your smartphone...but you lingered too long....she spotted you! pervert!...jerker! she shot you the dirtiest look she could! then.......

she looked to see what caught her eye...her guessed it....big..huge..stud niggah! she leaned in to him and exchanged words...she told him that that peervert was following her! homey looked your way...he didnt even bother! as they turned to walk away he grabbed her ass! his whole hand palming her entire cheek! fuck off...jerkoff! shes for niggah entertainment only!

heres someyhin 4 you jerkers!

hey this. go to ''booty shake'' in the search engine.
heres what i found;
a-girls tween the ages of 18 and 21
b-almost all white
c-all getting hip-hop!
you see whats happening? there all still under daddies roof! there practicing, shakin it fo the niggahs, when they get of age to go clubbin! daddy knows this too..hes downstairs gettin drunk...knowing that the inevitable ''fuck you'' is comin! the day when a nig slips past his watch....and makes his daughter do the booty shake down on his big black cock! keep drinkin dad, as your daughter shakes away in her room to dat niggah noize!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

your daughter......

your daughter...the humanitarian that she is, joined the red cross. due to the recent disasters around the world they almost immediately deployed her! shes been in haiti as part of the relief efforts for a year and a half...shes working in a small village that was in dire straits before the quake! they need help even more now! it took a great deal of adjusting to the haitain way of life...would you believe they hardly wear clothes here? every where she goes she cant help but notice the mens bodies.....and thier endowments!
they act so natural as they relax around the village! shes grown found of the people...forging relationships as she helps them daily. it made her uncomfortable at first, when she would administer medical attention and they would get aroused! just by her being close to them thier cocks would get hard....they would bob and pulse uncontrollably....some would even leak sperm as she handled them, non-sexually! she would chuckle as they would wipe the cumm away out of embarassment! she felt sorry for them....knowing that she was different and they couldnt control the effect she had on them! once....she thought she would help a man who was leaking so bad but couldnt wipe cuz his arms were broken! so she wipe his mess. little did she know that her contacting his penis would cause his flow to increase!....thick...pure white a almost constant ooze!
embarassed he turned to leave but she insisted he stay for his medical attention! he said ''i must relif pressure'' she was there to help so she thought...''maybe i can help'' she made a jerkin motion in the air....then proceeded to administer the motion on his cock! he smiled...then his head went back.....his brathing increased to grunting....deep..burly...grunting! he looked at her to signal he was going to cumm....but it was too late! thick wads....ropes......single shots.....more ropes....wads!...flew thru the air! she felt some landing on her as she seen more shooting out! it was an awesome sight to say the least! surprisingly he was still hard....but the leaking subsided! it left a lasting impression on her psyche...of the power and fury the men possesed!
eventually...due to her extended stay, she found love! this is her husband! and his wonderful black fuck-pole! at first it was just a hand-job relief effort...then she put her mouth on it! when she found uot he was free of disease, she offered him her creamy tight whiteness. he would pull from her when he came.....but would leak so much she eventually became pregnant! shes expecting twins in 2 months and shes trying to get him citizenship in america!

message to her x!

hi jeffie boi...i was just emailing some friends and i seen your email! just thought i check in and say hi! did you fall off the face of the earth? nobody has seen you since we broke up!
well..i hope your alright...eventho it was all your fault! why did you have to be so jealous? just so you know i never cheated on you when we were going out! but...its so crazy that you always accused me of cheating with black guys...i would have never gone with a black guy....then! but things have changed.... dont know what happened but im sooo crazy for them now! i dress totally different and im totally into hip hop too! i know you always wanted me to wear heels and minis...but i was too into my ugghs and sweats then! well since i havent seen you in a while i'll attach this pic toshow you how i dress now! you see the blackhearts on my panties? that means ''i love black''.....any how..c-ya! stacy!

where'd you think she was

her hubb likes her to dress in super-scandalous outfits....they go to the mall and linger! he watches from a distance...he watches all the blacks hit on his makes the pervert hard! he especially likes when the young ones take a shot at her...they cant control themselves...thier lewd cocks tenting thier baggy pants...he loves it when they get frisky with her too....they ask for a hug and their hands get greedy...she never gets mad tho, and just smiles knowing her hubs cock is leaking!
its only a matter of time b4 pussy boi breaks down and green lights her to suck one....or to even fuck one... till he gets enuf balls its just perverted games!

she gotta have it!

she looks like she tryin to suck the cum from his balls before he nuttz! shes been suckin so hard her titty popped out! and look how hard her nipple is just from suckin on a real niggah! her pussy is reactin the same way as well! her crotch is hot and sticky! real men, naturally make her body react...her brain tells her pussy to make lots of juice for the massive schlong! does it make sense why your wife needs lube....her body is telling her to move on....dont bother getting wet!/...

niggahs love em red!

thats some whitebois girl....and some guys daughter!
and thats some smooth nggah with game she met earlier tonight! hes been workin her clambox, with that rigid black pipe....standing....doggystyle! he made her nutt..(for real) and shes paying him back by gettin low...lickin her sweet juice from his monster black balls! the contents of those balls are ''cumming soon''....question is will it be on her white face....or deep in her body?

just for her cuck!

hubby said he wanted her to do whatever she wanted to tha niggah this time! asked for it pussy! keep the video rollin and dont forget the stills.... this is how she jumpstarts tha cock for round three....hmmmm he'll be hard as a rock in no time! the things white women do for pleasure!.....

Monday, November 28, 2011

message to dads!

hey you know this is what lurks in your daughters high school! this is his semi state...he wakes up everyday hard as a baseball bat! do you know how bad he wants to send this deep into her body? hes not gonna miss either...hes got enuf nutt in there to suffocate every womans egg in your family!

shes crazy for himmm!

we must be at the million year mark...just a short time ago, people would say ''she wouldnt fuck a niggah in a milion years!''
think again!..all she thinks about  during the course of her day is his long it thick it hardd it gets.... and most of all how he rams it in her! her black daddy has cart blanche to her body! she loves to ride as he grabs her cheeks and fingers her asshole at the same time! she even licks and tounges his black ass for the orgasms he delivers!
shes gonna look even hotter in that shirt when she gets ''tayshawn'' tattooed on her big titty for everyone to see!

they're gonna make a trade!

life is that she found her niggah! her carear sucks...her cars a piece of shit....her bf is too! but at least when she pulls out her tits for her man...she knows shes guaranteed to curl up a cumm hard! yeah, her body goes stiff as her breathing stops...wham! wide eyed she looks out as her nig pounds her good!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

new school white girl!

shes the new breed of white girl...shes comfortable and confident in her thick thighs and her big pawg ass! her assests have brought her to the world of niggers...and thier big cocks that appreciate her body!
by day she is a stripper...jigglin that ass for whitebois to empty thier wallets for her! shakin her tits in your face as she lapdances you!
stick around till she gets off her leave, as her bf picks her up!...yup you guessed right! a big nigger...rollin hard in a benz,that she bought for him, with your whiteboi money! shes in a hurry to get home so she can ride daddies dick and show him how much money they made tonight!

try this!

try putting a single quarter on your dickhead...dickhead!
did you do it?....good, now do you feel inferior? useless perhaps? why would a woman want your sub-compact...lazy..fraud for a dick, when she could lay down and have thumper pound her hard?
5 quarters makes your dick dissapear dosent it?
recognise that you are getting close to being obsolete!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

say somethin...boi!

this niggah will fuck you up! but instead of beatin yo ass...hes decided to wreck your life in a different way! hes gonna fuck all the females in your family...hes gonna get em hooked...strung out on his cock that goes deep!

niggah cocks are strong! white ones suck!

look how his cock threatens to break the strap! thats a serious nigger cock! does your wife know that big..lewd niggers make you hard? that they make you jerkoff and cum?
she prob dont care...she probably got one like this stuck in her as you whack away!

believe it .....bitch!

you think girls like this, dont go for niggers?....think again boi!
she has her choice of any guy she wants...shes tried those whitebois, but she just thinks thier perverts who cum too quick and cant pump thier hips! shes had black..and not only are they sexy, but they cant fuck with authority....and, oh yeah, thier cocks are so much bigger!
her father hates dem dirty monkey fucks, so his daughter has to entertain dem big black cocks in the backseat of his car! i cant wait till daddy sees the video of the 12 inchcock buried in his daughter as he sucks dos big tits at the same time!
go fuck yoself pops!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

you do know this...right?

you do know she cant control herself around black..nigger studs? she gets weak and trembles with anticipation as her panties get sticky! you know that her lipstick is going to be at the base of his tree trunk black cock right?
i cant wait to see her at the park with her ''jet black'' baby feasting on her creamy white... nigger lovin nipple!

not pros...just regular people!

i like this photo...i imagine she humming while lookin up at that hot niggah stud! she rubbin his thigh as she tounge fucks his piss hole! will she suck his niggah nuttz? perhaps tounge his black ass?
i like her big tits and amatuerish ways...i just wish i could see him fuckin her hard till she cums and says ''fuck meee niggah!''

dont laugh!

your laughing cuz that nigger got a big fat log for a cock...but got jipped out of a head! just arent familiar with big, nigger cocks so i'll tell you! his cock is big and thick, but hes in a ''soft-state'' right now! once he gets his cock movin inside a white girls body his head gets bigger than his shaft!...alot bigger! when that plum starts draggin and drivin in her insides, theres no stoppin her from lockin up....nuttin hard and shivering aboard his mighty fuck pole! watch and learn...

do you see that?

thats 100% hard and horny nigger cock! say it with me....homo! hes ready...and when your little girl gets in his radius...hes gonna turn her around...pull her panties away from her pussy just enuf...hes so hard there will be no resistance! once hes in hes gonna fuck like a jackrabbit...balls deep with no love! no tender love making....white boi bullshit! just hard nigger fuckin here bitches!


sorry my posts have been irregular lately...heres a heavy dose of big nigger cock for all you faggot sluts that have been emailing me! i wish your wives and gfs knew that you want nigger cocks in your hands and mouths!

 this is a grouping i found in a folder...enjoy!
i know that some of you think these are reality...there not! hes just gifted!
stroking your cock while fingering your asspussy to these photos means your gay...but no one will know! saying ''omg...nice cock niggah'' as your dickey gets hard means your gay also!.....dont worry...theres thousands of bitches just like you peeking in here daily...

this is called the firehose...he holds it to tha side as the white girl undresses...he then lets it go! as it uncoils ,it spews a rope of pre-cum....lashing her across her horny nipples!
 he usually just fucks girls in his high school...lately hes been chatting with some horny soccer moms online. this is his ''press'' photo he sends to moms who are on the ledge...thinkin bout takin tha plunge!
did i mention that this virile nigger stud rarely gets soft? crazy stuff..huh? whats even crazier is that he goes from soft to hard as a pipe in seconds! his cock answers the bell! anytime...all tha time! so when your woman needs her nutt pulled this is where she a snickers...niggers really satisfy!

frehly shaved and ready for his big assed, tight pussy white girl! he loves having them come over and hone thier skills on his mammoth schlong!
did you cum yet bitch?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

found in your wifes email!

thats your wifes boss! and he loves putting it in your wifes cunt! he thrusts hard like an time is short during business hours! the office is no place for a mess when its time to pop, he deposits his contents deep inside her! his swollen, large cockhead has her hooked, so just deal with it fag!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

match made in heaven!

 note to parents;
have you wondered why your daughters grades have fallen off? have you wondered why she has become disintrested in what you have to say to her....why she dosent associate with her friends as much?
the answer is below...and i think mom and dad should sit down first!
yup..thats him! i know hes only 18 and still growing...but at 10.5 inches its what she needs now! the way, even tho hes skinny, he fucks like a rhino! and cumms like like a viper! and she loves the feel of him without those silly rubbers! he usually pulls out and cumms on her puffy nipples or pussy, but lately they've been cutting it close! shes thinkin of letting him just finish inside...the fact that theres no mess, coupled with the fact that his cock is diamond hard right before it unleashes....she knows that theres repurcussions...but she dosent give a fuck!

smart woman!

this is jeannie, she just turned 40! shes a stay at home wife whos in her sexual prime. the problem is her hub is 45 and not in hs prime....he has a gut, and his dick is small and sleepy to boot! shes not goin anywhere tho....he provides nicely and her life is comfortable. she had a fling with a young whiteboi, but her milfy body and red hair made him cumm too quick! she recently seen one of the stars of her favorite soap opera fall for a hunky black guy! hmmmm she thought! ''im always getting hit-on by all those hot black guys 'round town!''
those niggers really love how thick she is...and that horny red hair! they all wanna slide thier cocks right past her furry red bush! (little do they know mommy is bald as they come down there!) today she hangs-out by the basketball courts watchin the high-flyin niggers dunk on the whitebois! shes got her eye on the one she wants....when the time is right shes gonna ''light-up'' and smile at him....shes gonna wave him over and ''chat'' him up! shes gonna lift her leg and wiggle her toes while talkin....shes gonna raise her leg and show him she forgot her panties! shes also gonna show him how she rides a stiff hard nigger cock in the back seat of the suv her hubb bought for her!

good white woman!

shes a flawless married woman...her children are grown and her hubb is uber-successful! anything she wants for... she gets! jewelry!
she wears the finest clothes.....she smells like a rose, and her skin is smooth and soft! she gets a brazilian wax at the first sign of hair!
but mommy is addicted to a crack head! every day she needs it! hard and dirty! and she wants every drop o that funky black spunk too!
after letting him go bareback...balls deep, in her pussy, ass and mouth, she milks whats left!
''look...some more!'' as she looks in his eyes...and swipes it with her tounge! she moans as she savors...then swallows!
dont you wish you were a big dicked nigger?

heres the story!

meagan and her fiance took a trip to miami. they're having a great the sun and the nightlife! last night the drinks were flowin and the music in the club was pumpin! meagan was dancin all night, while her fiance looked on from the sidelines. he lost sight of her in the throngs of bodies bumpin and grindin! he seen her thwart advances from guys all night, and he savored how lucky he was! upon returning from the bathroom he seen her dancing with a big black guy...when she seen her fiance had seen her, she turned to the black guy and talked in his ear....they chuckled and parted ways! innocent enough the boi thought..what he didnt know is that the alchohol she consumed had made her bold enough to let the nigger bump and grind his fat cock on her ass thru her thin cocktail dress. it planted a seed in her mind tho she was in love! 

the next day brought a hangover...nothing that the miami sun and some breakfast couldnt take care of tho! her fiance had made an appointment to get a tattoo today, which left meagan to shop and do whatever! she contemplated where she would go by the benches on the beach..just a few blocks from where her fiancee was getting inked on. she thought she would take a cab to the.....''oh my god....that the black guy from last night!'' she smiled and talked as she finished fixing her hair! she was surprised when he ''cooley'' reached in and kissed her on her neck! she wasnt thinkin about ''going there'' with him....but he was! she was soo taken back by how smooth and calm he was! so she went along when he said ''im goin over to the cafe...come with me!''
i wish i knew what he said to her to make her feel so comfortable...but when he kissed her neck with his big thick lips and grabbed her ass so full....she responded by letting her hand go to his cock! he told he he had to have her and she turned to look in his eyes!

when she did...he moved in for a kiss! he led with his tounge....and she accepted it! sooo different than her fiance...right in public....with a black guy! it wasnt mental was sensory!...and it was primal!
the slick niggah pulled his cock free while letting his tounge dance in her mouth! when they broke the kiss and came up for air, she was greeted by this! he said ''damn girl...look what your doin ta me!'' as she looked she seen the blood rushin to it....the head it pulsed and twitched unvoluntarily!

coincidentally...just at the same time the tatto artist started scripting meagans name on her fiancees arm, the niggahs thick mushroom was passing thru meagans entrance! white boi was thinkn how lucky he was....and so was she! she got almost all of the niggah and he was soo good! he talked filth to her, but it was appropriate considering how hot the sex was!
here she sits...with his hot nuttz resting on her forehead...tounging the last drops of cumm from his mightiness! her body is buzzing as cumm dollops work thier way from her pussy! her cell phone is ringin away as her fiancee is done with his tattoo! shes in no hurry to answer it as she listens to tha niggah talking shit to her!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the side of your daughters teen pussy you never seen...daddy!

its sooo swollen from the relentless fuckin the big black man put on her! not only is it swollen...its full of thick hot cummm! wanna lick...daddy? you wanna suck that niggahs cock sludge? its been 2 hours since he shot it deep but her young tight body, keeps it fresh for bitches like you!

you ask why?

why do white girls get sexy...and wet...and do freky things for niggers?
its the big donkey size....and they know how to do it!

stop cryin...

heres to all the bois who need thier daily dose of big niggah cock! the ones who email and confess how hot the site they jerk off to niggahs....till they cant tske it any more....till they breakdown and find one that they can suck on and experiment with!
this one is all for you....homo out, boi! you can suck it for as long as you want...white bitches like you are her fav!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

this is how your mom got knocked up at 39!

he seen her and hubby takin pics!...hes seen it fact he sees it weekly! white couples comin to the islands...the nude beaches...the sun...the sand! this couple was tryin to recapture thier youth...have some fun, now that the kids are older! but like so many couples they are gonna sufffer the same fate...hes joggin up to her...what you cant see is his cock is hard and stiff! its stickin straight out and bobbin! by the time he return to chat up the wife, his body will be wet and glistening and his cock will be leakin heavy precum! he will tell her the best place in town tonight, for a meal and some drinks. she will tell hubby she wants to go....she will dress sexy.....she will be thinking about how she can get that hot black cock in her pussy! the drinks will be stiff and when he surprisingly shows up at the bar he will ask your wife to dance! he will not dissappoint and when she feels him pull her in close she will feel his body....the heat....the hardness of his muscles....and most of all she will feel his hard cock against her stomach! it has to be tonight....tonight she will feel his blistering hot cock explode deep inside her body!

fucked up, white trash!

you like that? shes 18....and hes 42! wanna know who behind the camera?.....her mom! the walls are thin in thier 1 bedroom and shes been listening to her mom gettin pounded by him for months! he stays around all day while moms at was only a matter of time till he tapped on her! these days he fucks baby girl all 5;30 mom comes home and relieves her daughter of her duties! its only a matter of time before he needs them at the same time!

are you there yet?

it starts with porn....then the ir stuff interests you.....then theres gotta be a big nigger cock in the scene for you to stay hard! your sex life your addiction deepens!
does this sound familiar? do you wanna know what happens next? you see the stud in this pic...hes gay! he loves to have whitebois...young and old....suck his cock!...its true! he loves to finger that tight asshole while face fuckin the male right out of you! he may not fuck you on the first meeting....but he'll get you when your ready!
this pic is from craigslist m4m......
are you ready to be a fag homo for this real niggah?