Saturday, August 27, 2011


there movin in!
while on vacation this couple passed a group of unruley niggahs hangin out! one of them grabbed his hard cock and shook it at your wife! you didnt see him....and she didnt tell you....but look at the effect his big hardness in his thin shorts had on her! shes walking unsteadily and slghtly crooked cuz her pussy just flushed like a toilet!
when hubby goes golfing tmrw shes goin fishin....fishin fo dick!

you think the nigger will let her down?

this is the look of a woman who will be fooled no more! shes brand new a far as tha niggahs concerned! pussy shaved smooth....still tight...and shes gonna suck it...shes gonna lick the lenght and moan when she tries to get both of his lemon sized nuts in her mouth! she'll wait till it droolin.....then she gonna lay him down and test ride 'em! shes gonna stir her hips and finish the job by milkin him with her hot cunt!
use your imagination as you pump your ass and jerk bitch!

nicole ray

this is nicole ray...its not her real name....just her name she goes by when she fucks niggers! shes only 2 years out of high school....and the words out.....she locally world famous back at her high school! all the boys and girls found out....they seen these pics! the whitegirls have already sprang into action to get some buried in them like nicole! the bois are all furiously jerkn off....amazed by the niggers big dick....wondering how a girl would ever want them!
shes acting in this pic... but the one below...not so much!

here shes actin again ....just for the camera! flash gives her another watch what happens!

you see her? ''fuck me baby!''  
notice hes still hard after cummin! shes drinkng a substance that was in his balls a minute ago! fyi!

the effect of the spunk is immediate....shes not actin! now scoop it up and swallow! you dont want to set a bad example for the unclassmen! do ya?

this is true!

what happens when your wife or gf leaves you so she can fuck niggers wherever or whenever she wants? what happens when girls do not find you attractive...they let you buy them drinks...then they saunter off with a niggah? what happens when jerkin off to black cock dosent do it any more? even with the dildo deep in your asspussy? do you but heels and hose? put an add on craigslist? or do you just grab your ankles and hold your breath...look over your shoulder and nod to the nigger.....''do it...fuck me!....fuck me nigger!
thats what this bitch did!

they know now you do too!

women know.....they all had a big, stud niggah get up on them close!.....breathe in thier ear and tell them how much they wanted her!....they felt that smooth got the direct connection from thier ear to thier clit!...the bell rang!....they may not have ran to a mop closet hiked up thier skirt and pushed back at them....but they thought about.....they googled ''black cock'' they put this image on the niggah who advanced at them.....they shivered...they got wet! they even seen videoes of whitegirls givin it all...and gettin it all! the pressure of goin black will fester.....grow and grow......and when she cant take no more....shes gonna go for it....mind ...body and soul! she gonna spread till his balls touch her ass....shes gonna cumm on his root....just like the pic!

the monotny!

all these ladies have a few things in common:
a- they all have monotnous lives a home with thier bi-curious, jerk-off husbands! thier evenings are grueling....grinding out hours of bullshit and faggotry...7 days a week!
b- they all spends 8 hours a day with thier black bosses
c- they all gave in to thier humor and advances....along with thier masculine swagger!
d- you guessed it they all get hard-fucked...and are all willing to leave things as they are...just so they can get romped on by a horny nigger!

thanks you white suckers!

this is josie...shes 22 and shes a very succesfull stripper! not only does she walk away with a $1000 a night....she also gets cash a prizes from whitebois who think they can get her!
like her tits for instance...they were bought for her by a rich married, white faggot who will never even get to sniff her! or her car.....a 2011 corvette bought by another delirious boi who has too much game...and a clit for a dick! he too is resigned to stroking himself...thinkin of her!
they will never get her....because her bf is a big.... smooth...hard fuckn nigger who make her cumm lika a banshee! yeah...she feeds daddy her tits.....she sucks him and rides him in da vette! and all that money is for daddies use! he sleeps late and goes to the gym when he wants....and every night he gets to pund her tiny body hard and cumm deep in her! thats how its goin down punks! now suck a dick!

all new black adventure!

this black cock is an all new experience to her! shes never had a cock that was so responsive to her actions! almost speaks its lust for her! overwhelmed by the sheer size....not to mention how hard and heavy!!
now i time to peel the panties from your sticky pussy!...yeah he just came a quart of cumm...but  still hard and hes just gettin goin!
clear your calendar honey...use those sick days!! this niggahs got stamina and hes gonna bring out the slut in you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

fuckin around!

she either supposed to be cleaning the house or getting ready for the garage sale.....but the only thing shes doin is riding slayers super-hard  fuck-tool! and shes workin it all!......look at his cock ..its got her juice all the way to the root! mommys gonna finish this job tho...shes gonna growl like a kitten in heat and grind down when his cock goes pow!

tell us...

just a nigger cock! a really long....thick...hard.....nigger cock!
you want it...boi! but you dont have a pussy...or tits! or even a fat booty for him... if no one was watching would you touch it? dont feel bad that you just got really hard and you didnt click to the next page....dont feel bad cuz you tried to enlarge the pic! we all did! now im asking you....if noone knew would you jack it for him? maybe lick it? or suck it? i know you cant take that in you faggy cunt!....tell us!..... now!!!!!!

do it!

this is your last chance...cuck! she asking you in a very telling voice..''I SAID...DO YOU WANT TO SUCK THIS BIG BLACKMAN COCK!?''
once it goes in.. her pussy will not release it till the night is over! so go on....suck it!


some of these black cocks we whitebois jerk to are just obscene...thick and large! then theres these type!! look at that vein hook around on his shaft! what kind of stim does that give to an unsuspecting white clit? by the looks of the creamy girl cum she sucking from him....and her big hard nips it must be good....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

its true!

shes just like every girl in her native bulgaria! but this summer shes studying in america....detroit to be exact! she can dress like this back home and the guys will be gentleman! but she in detroit now...home of tha big dick..crazy niggahs! the blacks are very forward with her....breathing on her neck as they grab thier crotches....'''cum on baby..get wit me!''
like all other white girls...she too will take the plunge!
homeboy wants to make her belly as fat as her ass and tits too, so hes definetly not pullin out!
shes gonna be the first girl on her block in bulgaria wit a black baby!!!

take that daddy!

hey dad...
a 25 y.o. black guy took this pic of your baby girl!..yeah...that your car too! shes down in the hood gettin some from her man! due to your strict curfew she only has time to park...fold down the seats....lift her skirt and let him fuck her for a solid 20 minutes! she dosent even have enough time to suck his cock!...and she hates you for it! thats why when his balls get tight and hes ready to blow, shes gonna wrap her legs around his black ass...pull him in tight and let him shoot hot cum into her body!
by the way at 18 shes cumm harder than your wife ever she has to drive home with the windows down so you dont smell the nigger when you get in the car for work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you started it.......

you bought it for got the porn with the black guy in wanted to peak her curiosity......well it worked!
at first she would seldom use it while you were at work....then it stung her real good! now she uses it soon as you leave for work! she seen your internet history too...submittoblack...niggasrule....its game on now! dont be surprised when you come home from work and a nigger version of that dildo is fuckin her blind! just let her nutt you'll be better off!

tiny whore!

4'10'' but its all good! she loves a big niggah too! dont cum on yourself when you see her clingin to her 6'6'' 285 pound black lover! baby girl loves to go out and throw on her 6'' heels and her micro mini...titties pushed up and pantiless! she loves to flaunt the fact that she property of a big black man...with a huge cock. she loves all 11'' of his monster drivin into her deep!
now cumm bitch!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

her favorite color!...

shes a high school cheerleader and pink is her favorite color!..but not when it comes to cocks! little pink dicks are great to start out on...but she matured quickly as you can tell, and outgrew them! in fact she hates pink dicks now and the bois that are attached to them!
the other day she let a black boy from the basketball team finger her and suckle her tits on campus, as a helpless cuck whiteboi watched on! she made sure to tell the long fingered boy to ''make me cumm!'' in her brattiest voice so the whiteboi could recognise his place!...watching from the sidelines!

Monday, August 22, 2011

reminds me of....

wonder woman....linda carter! what ever happened to wonder woman??? was she defeated in an alley by a black super villain? did he take of her bullet deflecting bracelettes and use them as a cock clamp and fuck her into oblivion? is she now on the dark side pumping out black super-babies?
who knows....but this little look-alike, looks like shes ready to try and conquer a hot mandingo! good luck hon..!

she still got it!

after nearly 2 decades of trying to get off on her hubbys pathetic inchworm shes free! of all his bullshit too! handsome..blackmen have been sweatin her for the longest...tryin ta get that fat cougar ass....but shes been stayin true! shes takin some pics for her craigslist ad....the one that says ''are you tall..dark and hansome?''
she wont have the courage to post this one..but she will post some that show her thick horny curves...painted nails and shiny red lipstick!
can you say black -fuckathon?

shes erased all doubt!

is there any doubt that shes a slut for black cock?
she dresses like this to ward off weak...futile advances from whiteboi faggots! ''sorry i only fuck black guys!'' she said to one guy when he wouldnt take no for an answer! ''what did you say?'' when he heard her...she said ''niggers..big black cock..did i stutter?'' whiteboi wanted to ask if he could watch...but he punked out and shot off in his pants!
look at her heavy make-up...look at the way she puts dat ass ut there....those tight clothes stickin to her curves couldnt be anymore tailor made for the blackmans cock!

hes just a prop!

no hes not going to grope her tits or dip his fingers in her honey hole!....hes there to sniff the nigger thats all over her body!
''you smell that boi?'' you better get on your bike and bail b fo' her nigga comes back! if he catches may get your ricky martin faggot ass fucked too!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

there is a draw back...but its not so bad!

there is a drawback from letting your lover move in with you! on one hand you can fuck him whenever you want.....but you may also come home to find him stuffing his man sized black cock into your petite daughters tiny cunt!
quickly mom springs into action and tounges his shit pipe for them!

yes she did ....sucka!

her tiny, limp dick, boifriend bought her this bathing suit! he bought it for the bedroom....not to be worn in public!
she went down to atlanta to hang with her gfs all weekend, and brought this suit!
her bf realised that she took it when he went in the drawer so he could smell the crotch while he jacked it! he called her and asked her how tha atl was! she said ''its cool..were just hangin at the pool...havin some drinks!''
whiteboi knew she was wearing that kini and gettin loose as she always does! he googled the hotel and found pics from the ''pool-party'' scene. every pic had big..buff niggers goin crazy in em! white girl booty shakin contests andthe whole nine!
do you think some stud niggahs are gonna flood her with thick ball-butter...and see if that tiny kini can hold all dat spunk? i hope whiteboi finds that crotch stiff wit dry ghetto spunk when she gets home!

oh..yes it will!

that dress little suzy has on is gonna do natures work for her! its gonna land her fine...perky ass in the bed of the biggest..most virile nigger in the club tonight! she will fall to her knees and mouth his knob...jerkinit with both hands! shes amazed...and enthralled she looks up and sees his big nostrils as they huff more oxygen...fueling his powerhouse body! he licks his thick lips with his big, pink tounge! she wants to lay down and kiss him...ride him... all at the same time...right now! da niggah knows ta take 'er slow tho! by the time hes ready to give her somethin that will change her outlook on niggers forever, she will have cumm and shook like a rag-doll!
first hes gonna 69 her...he'll let her play and inspect his cock while his ravenous lips and tounge give her perfect crotch a good lashing! hes gonna spread her cheeks wide and get his tounge in her virgin ass...deep! shes gonna push back on him and cumm his face! not till she shakes will he go into her body and unlock that inner slut! now spread 'em as wide as you can and give daddy all that pussy!

you just cant do it!

that jenny...6 feet tall...155 pounds! she used to play volleyball! now she runs...swims...and works-out 5 days a week! she goes hard...even when shes not training she wants to work-it!
thats why her preference in men are black-ones! ones that grab on to her juicy ass and pound away furiously! the ones that dig her deep and make her cumm hard!
now go eat a cheese burger and finger fuck yourself  while you jerkoff!

thank kim!

this is 22 y.o. stacy....her idol is kim khardashian. shes been watching her show since she was 17! she listen to kim on what kind of perfume to wear, how to dress sexy and especially how to wax and stay smooth! hey..she even seen the video..the one with ray-j! she googled reggie bush too..she seen them on the beach. she cant wait to find her a black man to go on vacation with, and it be all bout fuckin! this is her ''im ready to fuck'' look! whadda think?
shes gonna lightly kiss his cock with her sticky lip gloss....then shes gonna stick her wet tounge in his smooth black ass!...its all an effort to make his cock hard as a nail, so she can give him her smooth...slick...tight litlle white pussy!
keep strokin fag...if your lucky he'll shoot it deep!

never too early!

shes 18....and 3 days! shes had sex with 2 bois previously....but tonight shes gonna get fucked! shes in the big leagues now! look how her pussy is steppin up and grabbin that cock! the nipples on her firm little titties will feel like they are on fire in a minute!...her legs will quiver as a new feeling comes upon her....its the beginnings of her first real nutt! it will take her over...she will want more...and he has what it takes to give it to her...she will beg him not to this is what she will want to do all the time...just like you and your constant jerkin!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

cant hide it anymore!

yes daddy...its your daughter!...i know, her pussy doesnt look anything like her moms! her moms pussy is 25 years older and is still tight...thats because shes been fuckin you! on the other hand your daughter has been sliding up and down hr niggas black cock fo 6 months! thats right her pussy is permanantly stretched for black!
theres no money in just fuckin black guys so shes trying nude modeling...her man needs some rims! next week shes gonna do porn!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

they did it!

when the girls were planning thier hen party, they browsed the internet for a stripper! they stumbled across this guy....13 inches...they clicked on his video! they couldnt believe how long it was...they couldnt believe how thick it was...and most of all they couldnt believe how that big monster stood erect and menacing! they all voted and said ''lets go with the black guy!''
they all tasted him before the night was over...and a few of them pulled him aside and asked him to put it in them! it was a mass conversion as all of them are tempted to do it again!

luscious lopez!

this is luscious lopez...she predominately fucks blacks when she does a porn scene! she only fucks niggers in her private life! she only does white guys in porn if the price is right!
when asked why she said ''its because they have big dicks...they're really hard...and they know how to fuck well!''
her perfect pussy is saying ''cum on nigger..fuck me hard!''.....can you hear it?

Monday, August 15, 2011


she cant walk very far in her big sisters shoes....but she can fuck in them! now go spray cumm everywhere while she enjoys her after-school special!
tyrell is gonna show your daughter what guys like ...daddy! hes gonna grab her ass hard and spank it! 'ooh''...she says, and as his hand cracks down on her ass he puts 2 more inches in her peachy little cunt! she dosent know that her brand new pussy is not supposed to take thick, 10'' cocks...but she wants to be down! she stays put to see what her guy has next for her....he wets his finger from the juice running down his cock and diddles her perfect little asshole....he sucks her tit and nibbles her nipple....shes not suspecting what comes the nigger roars he bites down on her nipple...shoves 2 digits in her sphinct and gives her inches 8..9...and 10! her orgasm blindsides her from out of nowhere...''ahhwah..mai gad! she screams into his neck!
the young nig knows no better than to pump away at turns out its just what she needed! its animal instict at its finest....and its between a niggers cock and your daughter! so mind ya business.... pops!

mommy! what were you thinkin!

its moms day to have all the kids over her house to use the pool!...she totally forgot, so she called on 3 babysitters to watch the kids! shes been shopping enjoying the good life of spending hubbys money and running around town in her designer dresses and no panties! she told the girls to order some pizzas and she be back soon to pay for them....she tottaly forgot to go to the atm tho! its ok cuz as she digs thru her purse, the black boy is gettin a good look at mommies shaved, tan cunt! hes chubin up his sweat pants and when she looks up shes gonna see that monster trying to get free from his cotton constraints! mom thinks fast and offers offers her crooked eyebrow as to say ''wanna make a deal?'' instantly..he reaches for his waistband...he hooks his thumbfor the sweats and his hanes....he makes the big swoop around his hardness as mommies eyes go big and her mouth ''o's'' she stands and turns...gathers her dress up around her waist and offers him doggy! she braces herself to be impaled, but feels the heat of his breath and the wetness of his lips and tounge! mom loves that..and before she wiggles on to him he stops....stands and lodges 6 thick inches in her!....its all the moistness she has but help is on the way! as mommies cunty tidal rush comes flooding into action..homey gives her the other 4 inches! she makes the first move and feels every nerve come alive inside..her wetness has got her back..and as she goes big he does too! she frees her tits for him to grab and he does...stinging her nipples! the fuck is fast and quick bt by no means unsatisfactory! her cumm is just as his first wad hits her womb.. they ride out thier nutts together like aman and woman should! mommies just been niggerized...we'll see what happens!

sorry to tell you!

nice ass..huh? dressed an ready for a pack o' niggers! there on the way, and this white slut will get what she wants soon! there gonna go hard too, slappin...thrustin...chokin and lotsa cummin!
but the part you may not have figured out is that thats a 20 yo college BOY!...yup! hes waxed smooth and coo-koo for choco cock! deep in his gymnast ass-cleavage is a tiny little mounds his panties like a puffy pussy...and some of the kinkier niggers will give it some stim while fucking the little cunt fag! hes had all of the niggers checked out, so condoms will not be required! this sluts gonna be fartin nigger cum for the next couple of days! be careful jerkers ....this could b you!

niggers love 'em like this!

twenty years old...but shes been fuckin since 16! all faggot whitebois of that pussy is considered brand new!
oh yeah...shes never came either!....she thought she has but nothin like what a nigger could do! she thought sex was overated till....tha niggah! niggers love that tiny pussy and allll dat ass to go with it too! this one is a real find cuz she gots some titty too!
nothins gonna make that nig feel better than to get her hooked on his cock, and she calls him daddy!
'' the boss, i'll do anything for you!''

its not worth it!....its over!

here she sits in her marriage counsellors office...her hub is not worth the film to be included in pic! its jst a friendly gesture from her to hear what the councellor will say. it was on her divorce attorneys requst for her to go! the oufit shes wearing is for her young black lovers cock to spew on after the meeting! yup her 24 yo nigger will soon be in control of half of that whitebois shit.....livin in dat big house and fuckin all of the bois x wifes holes!
right after this meeting she will leave a go directly to the black cock...she will not pass go and not collect $200!
its all bout bein taken hard.....doggystyle and deep!
punk muthafucker!

nothing else matters!

the rigors of everyday life are of no concern to and cars are of no concern either!
shes discovered the power of black cock and the earthshaking orgasms they provide! its safe to say her ''world'' revolves around her niggers genital region!
however her stud loves the payback! the payback to whitebois...
thats why when he says ''get dressed we're goin out to eat!'' she puts an outfit like this on! it serves a few purposes;
a-she knows looking sexy in public makes her man horny...and he always rewards and never diappoints!
b-it encourages other girls like her to ''go for it''...find yourself a black ''hunk'' and you will never regret it!
c-its more for her mans reasons...but she has found great joy in teasing as well! she loves dressing sexy and clinging to him...letting her nipples display her affection, glossing her lips just so she can lick them and offer her slick tounge for him to suck in public! stick out her hip so he can get a handfull of her plump, slut ass! of course it all done blatantly infront of whitebois like you!....jerk-offs! you cant be a go cumm on yourself!

heres the story!

her husband ''acquired'' her as a mail order bride from thailand..2 years ago! she really loves the usa and the life she has here. she even loved her white hubbies big thick 6'' cock too! it wasso much bigger than those asian guys in thailand! her hubby recently bought her those tits and now realises it may have been a big mistake! she was horny to begin with..but now shes in a constat state of arousal.. you see, she loves towear tight tops to accentuate her new tits..but the pressure of them pushing on her nipples combined with her tight tops has her pussy cocstantly wet!
on a recent shopping spree she bought a dildo to qwell her desires..the dildo happened to be bigger than her husbands 6'' but she thought it should be like that so she could hold on to some of it! well she wound up using all 9'' inches of her dildo..she fond a spot in the back of her pussy that feels really good when activated...she thought it would be so much better if it were a real cock tho!
one day at a starbucks she seen a tiny asian like herself on the arm of a blackman 2 times the size of her husband...he obviously worked out too, as his body bulged from beneath his clothes! it was also obvious that they were having sexual relations from the way they held and touched as they waited  for thier drinks! thats when she had the random thought of why cant she have someone like him!
how long will she hold on to the thought before acting on it? how long will it take a blackman to hit on her? when she goes for it...will she be ''all-in'' and ravenous?

the very thought of thinking about big blackmen powerfully fucking her and hitting the spot that her husband is unable to scratch causes her pussy to leak....leak the real viscous cream that you often see coating a niggers cock, as he fucks the woman deep!