Wednesday, December 28, 2011

do you think you can get her?

would you hit on her? would you? you know shes gonna deny you....but will she even acknowledge you when you try? whitebois know not to!...but on the contrary every nigger that sees her, tries to get it!
some succeed...but only the big...thuggy ones get picked!

wanna watch?

she only fucks deal with it, boi! she seen the way the blacks would lust after she gave in! shes never fuckin whitebois again...never! if you wanna watch her get fucked by a black god...then go ahead and watch! the price of admission is you gotta get down and catch his cumm from her tight box tho!
have you ever seen a more perfect cock?

not no more!

black..dark niggers like this one, used to be looked down upon. not only by whites but by thier lighter sknned brothers and sisters!...not no more!
this little blonde heared that ''the darker the berry..the sweeter the juice''!...or the harder tha cock! this niggah def fills the roll...his dick cant get any harder....he fucks like a mule, and little blondies gonna feel every last inch of what this brother has to give!

little white princess!

she has a white boi friend...but he doesent have a cock like her lover does! she wore the oufit he asked her to wear...she got her hair done.....and now shes going to suck it....then shes hoping he will stretch her good and blast his hot wad deep in her horny white pussy!
get it thru your head boi....niggah cock is where its at!

Friday, December 16, 2011

friday night!

this is what white women are after!....look...and accept it! his cock is hulking! long...thick and hard! look at hows shes lickin it! its making her act like a slut!....and theres nothin you can do....your a white bitch! now jerk!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

she puts the coug in cougar!

she cant show her face!...her hubb is still footin the bills! he bought tha hose...tha benz...and those titties!
at 42 she still got it!  shes going to starbucks like this....then shes goin to see tha niggah! hes 21...and his dicks been hard since he last seen her 2 days ago!
she needs her fix! later this afternoon the cumm in her belly is going to try to meet up with the cumm in her wants to make one big puddle! pooor hubby bitch!

its how she likes it....dont worry!

tha niggah is on his way....and the first thing hes gonnna do is give her a good... hard smack across her face! hes gonna grab that fine blonde hair and chomp her tits like an alligator! no 4play...
''turn around and pull your panties aside!'' he barks!
hes gonna do her doggy...but...wrap..wrap ...wrap! on her ass first! hes hard, and since that first smack in the face she been wettin up! hes been there for 45 seconds and hes poised to ramm it in! hes alredy smacked her good!...chewed her tits....and now hes gonna fuck her doggy! a raping rhino!
dont worry! she loves it! if she wanted tlc from a fem boi....shed be at home! not in a motel! wait till she gets home and see the sludge she has up in her!

are you???????????

are you jerking your semi-hard cock....looking for something to make you hard and stiff? do pics like this do it for you? then your gay and you want to suck black niggers!....say thank you to this young stud! say ''thank you...for making me hard...your black cock is lovely...and im really hott for it!''
say it pussy! afer you say it and read this...enlarge the pic!....then i want you to kiss it! thats right, i want you to kiss the screeen! right where his shaft meets the head....his sweet spot! dont just use your lipps....kiss it with your tounge! you'll feel better!...i promise!

curious cuck experiments

her gay fag hub has been jerkin off... fancing his hot wife getting fucked by niggers for years! hes kept her out of his perverted world till now. hes told her he wants her to try this dildo he bought. she rubbed it all over her mound, but he wanted to see it go in! she finally amused him by saying ''im just gonna put the head in''. she sruggled to fit the head in, but the force, (after her resistance failed) caused her to take the knobby head...and several inches! she fuller than shes ever been in her 41 years!..shes feelin a little pain, but shes also feelin a ''train'' of an orgasm speeding towards her!...shes bracing for impact....but its not gonna help!
by nights end, its ging to be balls deep!...hubbys gon to be workin the dildo as he tounges her ass! dont be surprised when she asks you if she could try a real one!

its why your really here!

say it! ''omg..that nigger has a gorgeous cock!'' i know you said it...good boi! your strokin it again to pics of bbc....and you claim your straight!...its ok! i do it too!
do you know how many come visit here daily? how many confess to me in emails?....alot!
six months ago? i started jerking off with a small finger sized dildo in my ass.....that was 4 dildos ago! the one in my ass as i type is bigger than my own dick! how long will it be till i abandon this blog, cuz im getting fucked by a nigger?....only time will tell how gay i really am!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

they all went black!

i've all of these girls getting fucked by that pack o' niggahs!
but the hot blonde, with the overgrown nig at bottom, made me weak! he looks like he has 14 thick inches....and she looks tiny and ready!

office party!

the girls in the call center decided to hire a stripper for the holiday office party! they thought it would be really funny if they hired a black one!
it took them by surprise when he went full-nude! everyone gasped when he ripped his tiny g-string..clear off his body! his dick sprung....hard and stiff!
newly-wed, jenny, only wanted to jerk on it....but when she felt how electric it was.....and then he put his hand behind her head!....she had to! she hadto feel it....she had to taste it!...and she had to see how much of it she could take!

amatuer mom and wife!

i hope her kids see this! yeah dude...thats your mother! and yes she sucked him...licked his nuttz too! your mom couldnt bear to make him put a rubber sleeve on it either! she was also cummin her brains out when he was unloading too! if you dont believe me check her panties...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

action shot!

this is how she looked when his cumm was shooting from his cock! she wanted him to pull out....but she loved the warmth...especially since they were cummin together! yeah...the ropes made it to her tore into her egg, immmediately! send this out as a holiday card!!! please note her hard nips and his thug tattoo!

bottom of the food chain!

at first he argued with his mom about her black boyfriends! he woul listen to her gutteral moans as they fucked her for hours in the next rooom! it progressed, and soon the black stud would walk around naked! he'd tell johnny to make him food and talk mean to him! mom loved her blackman so much she soon joined in, to degrade him too! one day she caught him in her stockings and panties...he was rubbing her black anal dildo on his balls while jerking! showed him how to take it in his pussy!...''oh feels so good!''.....she said '''when your good and ready, maybe i'll have jamal fuck you hard!'' cum for mommy he'll be her soon, and i have to get ready for him!''

hey dad!

hey dad! have you been wondering what your sons been up to, since his break-up with cindy? you know she left him for a big black guy! well...hes found some black guys of his own! they love having you sub-slut sons big lips suck thier black cocks! they love how his dickey leaks in his panties too! they also love his smooth boi pussy! even at 96 pounds your boi can take 12 inches of black schlong deep!

in your face!

she sunbathes at the park! right by the basketball courts...she loves an athletic nig! it makes her wet when she sees them soaring thru the air....high flyin...then dunkin on a whiteboi! she loves herself a dominant brother...smooth skin and slick! she just lays there, and tha niggahs do tha rest! it wont be long, till he comes for her! those hot, toned legs were made to wrap around his black ass! her core is strong to take his fucking and give it back! her tits pulled tight for his oral assault! whitebois stand in awe as she stands and leaves with him arm and arm! go home and jerk off to them fucking......pussy!


he seen your daughter get excited when her song came on....she started doing her booty dance! homeboy got in close on her...he wanted to show his appreciation! one arm hooked her waist and pulled her tight....the other, blasted her panties into her pussy! ''oooh..that feels good!'' she thought as her mouth opened for his tounge! she wriggled on his fingers as daddy waited outside to pick her up! she told her friend...''tell daddy i'll be a minute!'' as she felt his cock straining his jeans! yeah....she blew him real quick! sucked that cock and hid the load in her stomach!...moments later she was in daddys car!

daddies little girl!

she still loves you dad!....and shes still your little girl...but she like every woman has needs!  she loves to fuck men she just met! ones! she loves hunting for big cock...and she loves the way the fuck goes down, the first time! yes shes had black cock explode in her unprotcted pussy! shes had the contents of blackmens balls in her mouth and stomach! shes kissed them passionately and shes gonna do it again!

Friday, December 9, 2011

shes gonna be late!

its after closing time....when she left to go out you were arguing with her! the clubs are closed and she hasnt returned your phone calls!
she should have changed her answering machine to say..''sorry i cant get to the phone right sucking the bouncers black cock right now....then im going to let him destroy my pussy!..leave a message!''

fuckin pussies!

look at that pussy! lick that fag! suck it too....make it nice and hard for your lady....make it hard so she can tell you how useless you are...and how deep her niggah is!
cuck bitch! his wife stuck her weddinring in tha niggahs ass! she said ''if you want it better suck it out of himm....till then im gonna fuck him!''!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what did you think?

this nig here can suck his own cock!! its true...he just leans forward..bends his neck slightly and he can take a couple' inches no prob....the thing that he dosent need to suck it...thats what your wife is for! and you thought you knew all of her duties! ha! shes taking pics for her screen saver...after she gets in on camera shes gonna lick his balls and work till tha tip! once its good and slimy shes gonna sit on it! then shes gonna whimper! thats her duty...bitch!

what are you gonna do?....bitch

you should of known better than to take your hot gf to a club, packed with niggahs! you hate to dance....but she dosent, so you sat in a booth while she dissappeared in the throng of niggahs! you finally spotted her...there was no mistaking her, and what she was doing! you wanted to run up and stop them....but you didnt! instead you hid behind a column....watching her..spying! there was no mistaking she was giving him full mouth....and the way she rubbed his ribs!! you were a bundle of feelings...but oddly turned on! you spotted her lower half first you thought she was having trouble standing, on one... leg in heels! but then you noticed a rhythm to her hips!....omg! was she getting fucked.. you thought! dont worry bitch she not fuckn him!....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

hey bro...your girls bout to cum!

she just finished watching the game at the sportsbar!..her bf had too many beers and wings and hes passed out!...he shoulda known better! his gf shoulda known better too!...wearing her team jersey in pink....little denim mini....stockings and heels! she made every dick hard in the place! she had to open her mouth and make a bet with the niggah, thinkin her team had it wrapped up! well her team blew it...and now its time to pay up wit da pussy! as it turns out it wasnt so bad...tha niggah made her cumm really hard!
she used to go to the spa once a week and get an oxygen facial. now she just pays for the room...she gasps for oxygen as she nutts hard...then gets low and lets all those creamy, thick sperms coat her face!
look at the angle...hes drivin in deep! thats her look of confusion...torn tween pain and pleasure! her switch is about to flip...and her orgasm is goin to blindside her! ton of bricks to her face! wham! ....

hey not finished with you!

you didnt want her hangin out with jessica, because jessica had a black boyfriend! jessica told your daughter how good jemarcus was in bed! she told her how big he was, she told her about real orgasms felt....not the type of orgasms you have with a hairbrush or a whiteboi...but a real one!
well jemarcus recently dumped jessica, and he bumped into your daughter at the mall! yeah....hes teaching her how to tounge his piss slit! hes also gonna teach herr how to lick asshole! daddy your daughter would hae been better served to smoke crack instead of spreading her legs for jemarcus! some can kick crack! but theres no getting away from the feelin a nigger can put into a girl! go ahead dad..put your foot down...see what she does!

hey dad...go fuck yourself!

hey dad.....were you wondering what goes on  when your daughter gets home from school?...before you get home from work?
well..i'll tell ya! she hurries she got mommies stockings as requested by her ''friend''. she freshened up, and put a little eyeshadow on! shes gonna start him off with a little ''head''. yeah...hes cummin in her mouth!...yeah, she eats niggah nutt!
she then is gonna dance for him...shes gonna shake her ass and spread her holes for him! shes then gonna strip for him....then its a little more suckin, just to make him, super-hard! shes gonna ride him, reach back and rub his balls too! then its some doggy style..would you believe she just fucks back at him? its true dad..she a real whore for bbc! when he gets ready to cumm, she spanks herself....wiggles...then thrusts back and stays deep!

bad mommy!

mommy is usually home by now....but as you can tell, shs cummin...again! her kids are home from school, and no sign of her! they call dad...'' you know where mom is?''
''yes i do kids!..shes on the other side of town, in a hotel room....shes doggystyle, with a big black guy, fuckin her! she cumming right now!''....''do you know what cumming is?''

Monday, December 5, 2011

down boi!....your goin down!

all the whitebois look over her fence and watch her take in the sun! she always looks good and smells even better! she knows they peek...whackin their pee-pees to her!
today shes gonna show them how a hot bodied housewife get fucked!.....hard! shes gonna show them how a woman cumms hard! shes gonna show them for future they know that they can never make a woman cumm like she will!
''hey bois....start blowin each other now!'' you will never compare to a blackman in the sex department! and sex is?...everything!


this is vanessa...she just turned 18! shes fresh to the u.s.a. and shes attending junior college for english! shes so excited to be here! shes making so many new friends!..this is a pic her friend is taking for her facebook account. shes so surprise at how friendly everyone is to her! shes also surprised at how many of her friends are going out with blackguys! all her friends tell her stories of why blackguys are ''the shit''! she hasnt done it yet, but since its sooo socially acceptable, she seriously considering it! they told her that the cocks are soo bigg and hard....and they always wait for you to feel good first! it wont be long, till she shows up on a cell phone video with 12 inches piercing thru her cheeks....her cunt flem coating the cock, as she creams ''harder!''....hang in there boi!

too much black cock, causes this!

this is johhny, he goes by johanna now! hes 25, and he lost 3 of his gfs to black cock! he lived with the last one, and witnessed her getting it good from the closet! he knew he could never satisfy any woman the way the nig did his girl! in fact he was in awe! he left his girl and went on his black cock! he figured out that this is the best way to get hot nig dick! you'd be surprised at how many straight blackguys will turn a blind eye and let johannas lips suck thier cock! johanna got a deep throat a loves large loads to swallow!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


her mom was a petite asian caretaker...she took care of an elderly black woman, she was full time so she lived at her house! the elderly black woan had a son who would visit from time to time. one night after a few beers, he stuck his giant cock into the caretakers tiny asian hole! he filled that pussy..and he stayed stuck in her while she came on him! he plugged her good!

this is the result of that night.... 19 years later! her hunger for big, dark dicks is just as big as mommies was!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


she paid for the room.....she made the call to him...! she toldhi to get comfortable, while she changed into somethin more comfortable...
to her surprise...he was already naked......and fully erect! this is her reaction to seeing him like that!

is she the one to let everyone know bout bois?

if your a fan of big nigger cock and the white girls who fuck them....then you know about kim k! she somehow turned a sex-tape of her and some niggah named americas sweetheart! all the girls wanna be like kim.....moms are interested in what she does too! i was following her escapades closely when she was frolicing with the dark boys...and thier big cocks! you might of heard she married a!!??
usually they marry whiteboi.....then go black!

well she got married to a pretty whiteboi bitch....guess jerkin off to her is over!

.......wait! shes lasted all of 6 weeks with that punk! its over! look at the also says he wouldnt touch her! you know whats gonna happen now? shes gonna do her talk show circuit....shes gonna tell everyone (girls and housewives) how important sex is in a relationship! shes gonna blurt that chis isnt into her sexually....maybe she'll say that he has a tiny dick!...maybe she'll tell america that she prefers blackmen...shes gonna tell 'em to try chocolate! is this the begining of the black fuckathon? are whitebois near extinction?........

only time will tell, but its probably the opening of the floodgates for women and girls to openly seek black cock!

heres your answer!

people ask why i dont capitalise, when i blog. its because as i jerkin off to the pics i post! its hand is stroking my perverted dick and my other hand pecks alternates, working the dildo thats in my ass! true as well! if you never tried banging your ass while jerkin off to big nigger need to!
look at that niggars shroom!...i heard you! you did zoom in, and said ''fuck'' like a little amazed bitch!

Friday, December 2, 2011

well done1

this is what his weekends are made of! that black missle just came from hs wifes pussy! hubby gets the cumm cuz hes a real faggot!
the bro sayin ''drink it faggot!'' as wifey fingers his ass! she says ''good boih!...hows the niggah spunk taste, baby?''

no joke!

its almost comedic, how big and thick some of these niggers are! do you really thin shes gonna listen to anything you have to say, after ''it'' goes in her?
stay where you are, keep jerkin....the end is near!

christmas shopping1

look what dropped in while your wife was shopping at macys today! ''whewww'' she says as she handles him by the trunk! in her mind shes lookin at the first 5 or 6 inches....she thinkin bout it! theres no way she can go near the base tho! look at the thickness down there!

hes the custodian at macys....hes been sizing her up!she went to the ladies room, and hes in his mop closet! the rest of her is sexy too! fat ass and sexy heels! shes not gonna suck him or back up on it today! in the future she will have no choice, as hes infecting her mind! shes just gonna milk him! she'll end up using both of her hands...some drool too! when she sees the copious cumm drool, she will feel proud of herself! he pussy will haunt her, till she returns!

tha result of gettin fucked hard, by niggers!

this is the result of fuckin big, black cocks for years!
she used to have a cute pink sphinct, that was the size of a dime! she used to have pink,trim lips, that barely made a fold! those days are long this girl never met a nigger cock she didnt want to make wet and warm! theres been 2 cocks in her pussy at the same time!...her ass too! she laughs at whitebois and thier practice dicks! bois are beneath her....only grande choco cocks need apply!

fuck off!

no respect!

hey boi...not only does this shiny cock, hard nigger, fuck your wife after you leave for work.....but he drinks all your beers and tries on your shit! your wife like to role play with him too! that big... thick cock has been in her!...alot! she laughs her ass off when he wipes his cock clean on your pillow and towels! he even combed his kinky cockhair with your toothbrush!

real pain!

thats melissa...she 35 years old! the useless piece of shit in the background is her hubby! his job is to film the action tonight!  her reaction to the huge nigger cock is real, shes so excited it amazing! her hub bought her a house, and she never reacted like that! the niggah is ugly....but she doesnt care. his lenght and thickness, makes up for it! shes the typical woman next teller or cashier! would you think she'd go apeshit for big black niggahs? well heres the proof, punk! she gonna suck his big head and tounge his piss-slit! then shes gonna let him dunk that donkey cock in her! thank god for porn or you would be blowin your buddy right now!

tha new niggah!

yeah hes a new school niggah! theres becoming more of them each day! im no talkin bout his big hard cock thats shaved smooth! im not talkin that hes good lookin with a crisp haircut!
thats his house....not some milf hes stickin! niggahs be gainin wealth nowadays too! athletes....rap stars....actors and comedians! instant millionaires! when you combine the fact they have lots of money and they fuck so good! out whitebois, niggahs are comin hard for tha white pussy...and they're goin to get it!

ya fucked up....boi!

your gf wanted to go to the 50 cent concert, so you bought 2 tickets! you were shocked when you picked her up and she was dressed like a total slut! her make-up was thick and you could make out her tiny panties thru her skirt! when you got to the club you were a little intimidated from the large group of thug niggahs! she...surprisingly was extra bubbly having a great time! the niggahs were sweatin on her as if you were invisible, they were comin strong, walkin up on her and talking in her ear! you started getting pissed off when she would talk back...right in thier ear then waiting for what they had to say back to her! she would giggle and interact as you stood by ''stewing''! to make matters worse, one of the entourage asked her if she wanted a better look...she said yes and he lifted her up on the side of the stage! you watched her dance from down below... this was your view! you watched her dance like a stripper as the bass pounded! you watched her as she talked to the guy that got her backstage! (hes the big nigger rubbin his cock next to your gf) you clearly seen his cock getting bigger as she danced away! they would talk when the music stopped and she didnt look down for 20 minutes! then you noticed a wet spot on her grew and grew till ou could dlearly see her lips thru her drenched croth gusset! 50 finished his set...and as the people headed for the doors your girl and him spoke! she finally kneeled to you and said ''hes 50 cousin, and said he could get me in to the after party to meet 50! he said he could only get me in tho! she begged and begged as you said ''go do what you want...bitch!'' and left! whiteboi threw in the towel as he felt his girl was hot for niggers that night! he was right! the drinks and the music had pre-heated her pussy! only moments after whiteboi stormed off in a tantrum, homeis cock was buried in her! he took her doggystyle while standing in a backstage hallway! she fucked back at him and soaked his balls! the nig hid the fact that he was going to cumm and shot a big wad of spunk in her! she didnt really mind tho, he felt so good. so good that shes his ho! thats what happens when your weak ass goes in the niggahs turf ..punk!

todays the day! daddy....

shes 18 and shes had sex before, but shes never been ''fucked''! but that one piece denim skirt she begged her mom to buy for her is whats gonna seal the deal for everyone! that skirt...combined with the tube top clingin her chubby tits, are gonna send the nigs into a frenzy! black hornets....swarmin! the skirt is one size too small and is barely covering her fat-ass..the tube top is showin her puffy nips too!
after school she goes home with her friends...the nigs are close behind! of her friends invites them in!.....before you get home from work, one of them will have lifted her skirt as pictured....he will pull her panties from her body!....thats his pre-cum..shimmering on her ass as it jiggles! thats all the clearance his cock needs, as he pushes thru, past her thighs and cheeks! 4 inches in and hes stuck! hes used all her juice up... he pulls out till only the head is in, he wraps his fist around the denim strap, like a bull rider would, the detigh denim connects his grip as he pulls her back! her body did good in the 5 seconds it took him to get a grip, she replenished her canal with lots of fresh, viscous juice for him! she needed it too, as that 9 iron swung deep! whack...whack...whack he drove for 4 minutes straight! crack! as his hand reigned down on her ass! the rutting continued as he got verbal! '''you like that?''....'''huh?'' she could only moan as he did what he wanted! crack! again, as this time the sensory voltage tasered her young clit! only 18 and shes about to cumm harder than her mom ''ever has! shes rubber now, this catatonic state has caused her legs to fail, its ok cuz tha nig gotta good grip! he fuck her like a heavy suitcase and buries his nutt into her! i just hope she can clean up that sludge pond and vacate the nigs b4 daddy comes home!

fresh teacher meat!

shes 25 years old...just out of college! she wants to teach elementary school, but those old bitties wont retire so openings are hard to find! she substituted some...and apprenticed, but she needed a steady job! she landed a job as a special education teacher in the inner city...(thats means all niggahs). the high schoolers couldnt believe thier luck when ms. simpson showed up! they would wear sweat pants to class and flex thier hard-on at her!  one of them flexed it so hard it popped out past his waistband! she couldnt believe it! as nasty and rood as it was, she couldnt believe how big and rawkus it was! she stood stunned, as he said sorry and tucked it back in! it still levitated...sprung like a doggy! this behavior went on and on! she was even humped by a student as they gather to  leave the class. the nig knew what he was doing too, as he waited for the day she had on a thin dress, so she could feel his heat! he pressed it to her butt and found her ass cleavage. his hard bone dug up against her crotch and bluntly poked and slid on her! three pumps to be exact...and the last one pushed her panties in bout an inch! as the student flooded past her and left, she was there alone to retrieve her cunt-wedgy! flustered! this went on and on till her will finally broke! shes finally gonna let on of them take her....a big one! after she feels that black stallion run thru her bareback she will nevver be the same! she will want it everyday till she gets caught! young hard black cock, that can fuck like fury! go cum in your fist...jerk-off!