Sunday, July 31, 2011

what would you do?

you asked your wife what she would like for her anniversary... she said ''i would like for you to get a big room at the hotel downtown....the ones with the big hottubs! i would like to run a nice bubble bath with roses and champaign!'' she then handed you this pic and said! ''and i would like for you to invite a nice young blackman like this one, to come and fuck me properly!''....''do you understand?''... ''do you?'' ......

craigslist ad!

looking for aggressive black (thug nigger) to service my wife! young and hung to the front of the line...same for dark and smooth! heavy cummers a plus! be open to heavy verbal....she loves telling me that the nigger in her cunt is sooo much better than my useless white thing! as a tradeoff for her calling you a dirty fuckin nigger while fucking her, she will give you all of her holes!....yes you can fuck her ashole as hard as you want!
send pics and stats!


as you can see!.....but the fine print under her massive white tits says ''the things i do fo niggahs only! fuck off whie bois!''

she still cant believe it!

she still cant believe that she craves and finds herself atrracted to niggers! she never thought she was attracted or wanted to be a nigs fucktoy...but thats what its come to!
she craves this.....meeting him again, and sucking his tounge as his big lips suction her face! his big thick hands are mauling her feminine frame, and are inching his way towards her wetness! thats the way she likes it! he fingers her hole as they first touch he is hard and ready for her! she rubs him thru his pants....and when she fishes that black mamba from his pants its drooling for her! just the way she likes it!

follow in those footsteps!

at first, she'd come home from school and hear her older sister getting black-fucked in the next room. soon the sex became more abandon and she got a peek of the many blackboys ravaging her after day! she seen the way they kept calling and texting her sister....and she wanted that same attention! her first cock will be hard as steel....way too big for her tiny virgin hole.....and eager to drill deep into her tightness! to compensate the pain of the niggers huge cock, she will offer him her tiny tee tits to suck and bite on to offset the onslaught of her cunt!
ps...i wanna know what mommy and daddy think of her styling her hair in cornrows?...

Friday, July 29, 2011

asian gals neeed niggahs too!

yes they do! they seen the prowess on the internet....those niggers fucking other asians so hard....making them cumm and cream like nymphos! they wanna try some too! do you think they'll have trouble finding a black nigger to ream thier super-small pussies while they grab all that azz?

american moms!

 she could be a teacher or a lawyer or even a secretary! fact is she found out about the power of niggers late in life.....shes not getting divorced or remarried....she just gonna find time to kneel down and suck...and when she cant physically suck anymore, shes gonna mount him....look him in the eyes and sink her pussy down for him! she'll take his cumm..internally! when shes done she will try to clean tha niggah off her so she can return home and give her hubb a kiss and ask him how his day was!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

thats what you get fucker!

her bf just got home and seen her look..he asked ''whats wrong?'' to which she said ''nothings wrong''
the truth is she was on your computer and when she was using the ''google bar'' and she pressed ''n''...''nigger cock'' came up in your recent search! she followed the link to ''your'' favorite nigs! she was amazed... and soon she got hot...and wet...she felt electric when she touched her clit thru her moist panties! then you walked in! what a downer!
this is all that she sees as you talk to her!

just an everyday girl

shes the kind of girl you may see workin  at th bank...the insurance office or at your local grocery. you wonder to yourself if she has a man or what shes into......

well now you know! heres her bio...she loves clearing her schedule...especially from friday afternoon to sunday night and having all weekend for big cocks! loves giving long head sesssions...big black cocks and the bodies that belong to the cocks...
turn ons...dirty talk and guys that can fuck..cum...and fuck again!
turn offs..weak whitebois and thier bullshit sex!

kick 'em when hes down!

this is melanie..shes 24 and she just posted this pic of her and the new owner of her mind, body and soul for her x bf to see! her bf broke up with her much to her enjoyment....her body was made for big black niggers as you can see! later he will be asked to put his hands on her....down there, she wants to show him how wet he makes her. he will kiss her roughly then suck her pussy very hard with his big lips!.....cant wait for the vid!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

still tryin to figure it out?

are you a married man...trying to figure out how to get you wife to fuck niggers? well ...maybe try this! make her roll the condom on tho! when she gets down to the end and sees how it should really fit a will trigger her cunt into overdrive! let her work her hairy cunt...give her the affirmation that she could take it! kiss her close to her ear! ask her if she likes that big dick? dont say anything about niggers....not until her head starts swivelin like the exorcist nd shes caught up in her fury......then get in on her and ask her if she likes big niggers in her cunt!

heres an idea!

i love all those housewives that look up to sarah palin...they go out and buy the same glasses as her, they style thier hair like her...and even dress like her!
they should cut-in snippets of pics like this, into her tv show, subliminally brainwashing the wives to go black like sarah does!

how do you think mature women feel?

when a woman like your wife or gf see a pic or vid of a young girl like this sucking and fucking and cumming hard on a big nigger, what do you think they think?
''that little bitch...barely out of her training bra, and shes already cumm harder than i have in 20 years!'' she gonna figure out how to wrangle herself some niggah of her own!


it was your wifes first date with her big dicked black lover, without you! she left you at home to jerk-off and diddle your anus while she texted you!
she came home excited....sauntering as she told you ''ohh my gawd! wait till you see this!'' you werent surprised that she let him nutt in were surprise at how much! she told you ''its alot huh? and its fresh too, i had to let him fuck me in the driveway real quick!'' you got hard when she asked ''wanna suck my cunt..fag?''

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

this is kelly on her dads farm....due to the current economic times her dad has been forced to bring in cheap labor from the south! you guessed it....big, strapping, young buck niggahs! he never liked them..but hed rather hire them then fold the farm.
dad gonna cash it all in anyway, when he discovers his daughter in the barn getting her big juicy ass gangfucked by 12 niggers!

hey daddy....

she asked daddy to use the car to go to the mall....but first she and her friend were going by the park....the basketball courts to be exact! they've been hanging out all day while you were at work....watching your porn....and the way those big niggers tear that white pussy up! they looked at all your files then they showered and shaved each other clean! they're ready daddy, and theres no shortage of niggers in your town!
they're gonna give thier ripe titties and juicy pussies to  big your car! and dad....dont believe her when she says her friend spilled a milkshake on the upholstery....thats a big nutt from a niggahs nuttts! go ahead lick it..see for yourself!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

you tell me!

the substance in question is the creamy white substance locking them together.
is it;
a- the black cock instictivly knowing to cumm in her then continuing to pound the pussy till it ravages her egg?
b- her insticts telling her....calling her to bring her good and creamy down from within....enabling her to take alll of da niggah?
you tell me!

any questions?

i found this pic on the was part of a set that said ''my 18 year old cock!''
there was a bunch of him cumming....thick globs all over his fist! but this was the best and clearest one.....
do you now see what the mystique is all about?
it could stay hardd and pump cum for hours too!
ps..look how the part below the head in light brown bulges out! hammer time sissy!

the result!

his wife found all his porn! yup...all the big black cock pics too! she said to herself ''what a fuckin homo, im married to!'' then she started seeing how bigg and juicy some of those niggers really were! how big and strong they smooth and delicious they were too! she had no choice but to look at the vids you saved and the stories too! she couldnt help but spread her legs and shove your piece of shit bowling trophy deep inside herself! she couldnt help throwing you out into a dumpy bachelor pad either!!
she now fucks niggers in every room of your every position too!
as for you....well???this is what you'll get! its gonna cost you 60 bucks for the hour tho! yup..all you can suck for tha hour you  fag piece of shit!!!

yeah...i know...but so what!

yeah...its a repost, but i was just browsing thru my bbc folder on my computer and found this one...again! these fuckin niggers are making me a gay hubby! im so hard just looking at him...imagining him knocking on my door....punching me in the face, and then grabbing my wife by the hair as he pulls it out of his pants! its as hard as it is in the pic and she protests!!!! she sees it like you do....could his head be that perfect? is his shaft tapering from thick to really thick? is the shaft thaaat lawng? shes wettning already...but then he cracks her ass thru her thin houseshorts! and her juices come like a juice! her  groin swells and her cream is coming too! his first 6 inches will get covered in her juice but his last 3 will get her creamy mess! yes boi that cream is for the niggah cocks like these!
so have fun admiring this pic!....a fuckin homo! niggas like this were made to fuck white women and break thier will! its the forbidden fruit....and more and more ladies are shoppin!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

its all in a days work for mommy!

shes been busy running errands all day! has 5 minutes before she has to pick up the kids at school! her stud lover texted her and asked her to swing by! she said she was busy, can she see him tmrw? he then told her he has to get his nutt off!
so mommy ran on over and immediatedly hit her knees and milked him with her hand and mouth!
she knows to keep her niggah happy! she knows to moan as she sucks him and swallows all his cumm!
now go get the kids!

its not always fun for tha whitegirls!

stacy fucked up! 2 months ago on promnight she went to a party! the drinks were flowin...and when her whiteboi date fell-off from drinkin too much...she hit the dance floor! she was feelin it...and when tha niggas put tha moves on her, she went wit it!
one thing led to another, and before she knew it, her dress was bundled around her waist...her panties pulled to the side,  and a big nigga knob was pressin in!
he fucked her deep and hard, and when he had enough he slid it deep and fired hot, virile wads at point blank range at her egg!
he moved on to other whitegirls, and he hasnt returned her calls! shes told him shes pregnant and she dosent know what to do! her tits are swelling and her parents are concerned with her behavior!
its unfortunate for her but i sure cant wait for the pic of the black baby boy suckin her fat titties!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

leave it alone...boi!

you know these girls are for niggers only! right? you know not to talk to them....they are just for jackin purposes only!
pic1- she manicures her schedule so she can fuck niggers all day everday...and she knows what to wear to get em harder than steel!
shes maturing fast...her hips and ass are growing daily, her waist is still trim tho! natural selection will award her to ''nigger only'' status soon!
look at those lips! you wanna see a big nigger cock in her mouth..dont you? you wanna see him roughly play with her tits, as she begs daddy to give it to her in her big phat ass...dont cha?
she used to be punk-rock....but the niggers showed her boi friend just how weak he was! to be fair,  she was ougrowing his faggot ass anyway! those big hips and tiny waist are strictly for the biggest thug cocks she can find now!

weak ass bitch!

Monday, July 11, 2011

its all daddys fault!

thats her fathers head she jamming on the niggers big cock! hes the reason she spreads her legs and lets them fire hot wads of scalding cumm inside her! thats right...daddy computer is not so protected, and his daughter has been watching daddys porn, looking at his stories and seeing his posts, commenting on how he'd love to see his daughter get niggerized!
he was hiding in the closet, when he came and made a noise! she made her daddy come crawling on over and get his throat reamed! how many niggers can say i fucked daddy little white girl...and pops sucked me too!

suck that tounge...faggot!

whiteboi insisted he wanted to watch! his wife told him..''well then your gonna have to do what he says...hes the boss!'' hub never knew he was gonna have to suck nigger pre-juice from his wifes tounge tho!
when shane said ''hows my niggah dick taste?'' white boi said ''good...your cumm taste good sir'' as shane and your wife giggled, she returned to sucking!

suck that tounge...faggot!

whiteboi insisted he wanted to watch! his wife told him..''well then your gonna have to do what he says...hes the boss!'' hub never knew he was gonna have to suck nigger pre-juice from his wifes tounge tho!
when shane said ''hows my niggah dick taste?'' white boi said ''good...your cumm taste good sir'' as shane and your wife giggled, she returned to sucking! it!

heres what i love bout this pic!
-that whiteboi has got the best seat in the house, and if the nig misses a beat and falls out..whitebois gettin a black eye!
-that the niggers dick is huge!
-her shoes and her trim pussy! no beef curtains..
- and the way she pushes her pussy back at him so her cheecks will not hamper him, allowing full penetration!

the look you could never get from her!

shes been focusing on the way her black lovers hips have been rhytmically fucking her! constant...smooth power, like a cadillac! but the niggah just struck a nerve in her!....she gonna cumm! shes only inches from her hubbys face, but shes got that 1000 yard stare! her orgasm will creep up on her...but as it gets will blindside her! in her delirium she will clamp her pussy and clench her body close to his! it will trigger his nuttz to release deep in her! its a natural reaction on both thier consciousness! it s the way it was meant to be!
now go get a towel..boi, or better yet suck it out!

deal with it..... dude!

 while you were away on business, your wifes large mouth and ass became acquainted with the big niggah down the block! now that your home, she wanted you to see and experience what niggers  and thier big cocks and giant balls taste like!
you protested, as she smacked it on your face....your dick leaked, but you still didnt suck it!
she then calmly lifted his cock and in that same position..slid her mouth onto him! she stopped and demanded you ''lick his balls if your scared of his big cock!'' you did as you were told as she moaned while sucking him! eventually you were curious and sucked him!! it took a while, but eventually even gulped his cumm into your fag belly!
and as natural prossion creeped into your life eventually surrendered your tiny ass-pipe to the big juicy nigger!

the last straw!

daddy was torn to pieces when he found out his daughter  was having xexual relations (fucking) with niggers! he was really tore up when he found out she was pregnant with a black baby!
hes got over his daughters indescretions now that she has two black children and a third on the way! her belly and tits have been swollen for the better part of 4 years! daddy just found out that his wife has been stepping in for her daughter in the last tri-mester to milk her ''black-daddys'' cock for her daughter! yes... mom steps in to relieve her daughter daddys nuttz so he wont stray! her daughter has been told by her doctor not to fuck cuz the baby is so big!
but theres more for daddy....he just found out that his son is a cross-dressing, cocksucking homo! what makes it worse is that he only sucks niggers! poor daddy!

is this what you wanted? it?

all the stroking to white girls cumming...and coating nigger cock with thier creamy cumm! those big dick nigger images! the dirty stories of your wife having to fuck her nigger boss! all that has led to this!
is it what you thought? your wife looking right thru your pathetic, cucky face! they have been joined at the hips all weekend and they cant stop! she thinks that your becoming very annoying and she wished you would leave them alone already! if you make it this only have a little bit more to go till your single and gay!

moments like these!

its moments like these....i wish i were a big, rock solid, stud..niggah! strolling the shirt and a pair of thin shorts! theres not much sun today....perfect for some indoor pipe layin on a thick white chick like this one! as i talked to her she'd have to notice my niggah cock gettting as thick as the railing shes holding on to! i'd love to be the first niggah to make her cumm hard like a woman should!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

she dont give a fuck!

if mommy got to rent a room...hit her knees and suck a niggers cock, 15 years her junior, just to get that itch scratched real deep.....then thats what mommy gotta do!
until yo grow a thick, hard cock that could fuck like the wind with it!
stroke your cock...finger your ass! but this bitch got needs to fill!

are you a gay homo?

is this what some of you desire? to have a nigger all to yourself?
to have a strong young nigger fuck you like a white bitch? to have him tounge and kiss your ear....right before you throat his cock....and then go totally crazy as you let him finger you like a high school slut? you know hes gonna spit on your hole and show you how niggers do it! hes gonna fuck you till you love it!
try it homo! might like it!
look how hard it made his white, fag dick!

it works both ways!

i know some of you out there have done some crazy things for women....neglect reponsibilities or spend too much money chasing the pusssy!
what changes do you think shes gonna have after it starts sawing her pussy? after those huge orgasms start ripping thru her after another...stronger and stronger!
bow down to niggers...whiteboi bitches!


you went out to the club with your were talkin to some spent some money on them, buying drinks!
but at the end of the night they hooked-up with 3 hot niggaz! they left ....gigglin and laughin with them! they all got fucked deep and hard..and came too!
you and your buddies pretended not to feel like losers but deep down you did! you know the girls made the right choice by not fuckin wit your little  dickie!


what does this outfit beg for?
a) a whiteboi who dosent workout, and is weak...and cant really fuck cuz his cock is small and is always tired from jerkin off too much!

b) a nigger who trains like a beast...lifts weights, runs and plays basketball! whos cock is large and gets hard at the drop of a hat...and can fuck like an animal!

you tell me!

thanks mike!

heres another sent by a follower!

thanks jackson!

this was sent to me by a follower of whackinaway!
everyone copy this pic and send it to every whitegirl you know!
thats nigs cock is insane!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hold on..honey!

shes only 4'11 and shes taking 11'' inside her!!
you gotta love it!
look at the way she grips those sheets preparing for the onslaught!
look at her pussy grippin his cock...theres no room for error here...its a precision fuckin, and she got the right niggah fo tha job!

he'll do it for the fuck of it!

normally..that hot stud has young white newbies sucking his cock and riding it....
so how did he wind up with a cougar in training?
her husband always wanted to see her get rough-fucked by a nigger! and since shes dingy enough it was easy to convince her!
homeboy normally dosent do 'em this old...but he couldnt pass up the oppourtunity to fuck the shit out of a white woman in front of her cuck hubby and fuck both of thier lives up!
right now homies sayin at least her niplle points up on her saggy tit!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

good luck ....honey!

good luck wit that!

so young!

shes not gonna suffer like her mom did! years and years of lame ...boring sex with her weak dick pussy father! this is her third time having sex and she hit the jackpot!
shes glued to the wall like a gecko...her foot looks like it belongs on a monkey and shes gonna play a tune on her baby clit while his oversized...rockhard cock drills real orgasms on her till her knees fail!