Tuesday, May 31, 2011

after school special!

after school she went to the drug store to get some lip gloss. he had just woken up and was there to get a bag of chips and a soda for breakfast!
20 minutes later this is what happened!
(ps-it took them 10 minutes to walk to his apartment!)
look at her toes point as he crow bars his horny black cock thru her!

you thoughy wrong!

in the throws of sexual mischief you and your fiance hatched a plan to fuck a black guy! your plan was to go to a dance club a pick a nice young niggah! it was no problem getting one as all the blacks swooned in hunger at your ladys fat tits straining her shirt and her mini barely covering her molten sex-pot!
here she is just barely into the backseat, his cock is out and she can feel his hard... heat connecting with her clit thru her thin panties!! hes just started teasing her nipples and she wants you to go away already.......FOREVER!!!!!!!!

baby girl!

mommy just left for work and left her big, black nigger boyfriend home with her daughter! he said he was going to shower and leave....but not before he wrenches on her plump teen tits and stuffs her throat with premium black schlong!
he knows that tugging on her nipple and pulling hard while she sucking will have a direct effect on her clit! look how she clamps her pussy with her thighs as she gets a bolt of nigger lightning shot thru her body!

oh my gawd!

look at her! thats fine white pussy....boi! shes 35 years old and shes in her sexual prime! shes getting exactly what she needs too! a 22 year old nigger, with a rock hard cock that wont quit....he ca control himself as well, fucking her hard and steady till she locks up and shutters hard on his driveshaft! she wore her super stilletos and left them on the whole time, the nig appreciated her shoes and left her a reward for being a good slut!

look at the way she looks at the nigger with her blank stare....e fucked the shit out of her!!!
shes in no rush to get that kiddie pool out of her either!

Monday, May 30, 2011

made for niggers...in the usa!

bored of everything! young stacy will eventually find out what shes really into! dont you wish you were a smooth nigger with a huge, hard cock and balls filled with hot cumm?


look what the cougar caught! young...hard....hungry and horny young black buck! look at how hard hs making her coug nipples! she hasnt even ridden that stallion yet! the good thing about these two is hes a heavy multiple cummer and shes too old to get pregnant! wait till hes about to cumm and she starts smavkin his ass like a horse-jockey, and sreams
''gimme that hot cumm......niggaaahhh!''

are you.........

looking at what i think you are? your totally focused on the fuckin nigger...arent you? your a fag..boi! your looking at his huge tree trunk thighs and the way he clenches his hard ass-cheeks!  you cant believe how flat his stomach is and his bulging pec at the top of the pic is about to make you cumm!
its ok! niggers will do that to a hard jerkin white bitch! have you surrenderd yet? are your fingers getting close to your assshole?

you cant deny it! can you?

whoever says black niggers shouldnt fuck white hot pussy and seed it deep...should look at this pic first!
shes pointing her trim and fit pussy at the perfect angle for him to get alllll of the pussy! and that nig needs to get her wetness down to his balls! his blount and engorged cockhead presses her uterus when he bottoms out! and she loves having a nigger so deep in her body! she loves it so much that when hes ready to nutt, she cant help pressing her ass back at him and coaxing his cock to shoot at point blank range!

makes you wanna lick...doesnt it fag!


her faggot bf has been calling her non-stop for the past hour. her phone is in her bag 5 feet from her, but she cant hear it! the colossal cocked nigger fucked thru his condom 20 minutes ago, but she hasnt realised! the world could be ending...but she dont give a fuck right now! a young, hard nigger is slicing away at her precious pussy and the proof is plain to see!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

ha ha!

back only 50 years ago white america would post jobs sayin
''whites only! blacks need not apply!''
boy have times changed!
shes posting an ad for work!
''blacks only! whitebois need not apply!''
if your not black...you will be deleted!

dream scenario!

white girl has been drinking and driving! normally she would be up ''shits creek!''
thank god for her sake she's got a big wide ass and a big inviting gap tween her legs displaying her tiny panty covered pussy hole! the blackman in chare has a particular weakness for this type of drunk slut!
this is her offering for him to dismiss her charges!
his terms are to hit that juicy white married ass...bareback!

leave this one for the niggers!

shes 5'8'' 165 lbs of nigger fuck bait!
you cant handle this boi! your dicklette couldnt touch her pussy, she has too much ass cheek and thigh!
leave her for the big, strong niggers! the ones with the 10' cocks that know how to fuck women like this to mind altering orgasms!
besides she'd break your little thing...one twist of those hips and your history!
have fun jerkin loser!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

this ones for you jojo!

has anyone seen jojos avatar? or read her bio?
all the hot black cock blogging has found its way into real white womens lives! or all thier flaunting of thier hot nigger lovers has caused us to blog.... either way!

i hope sweet, fulll titty jojo finds a hot nigger like this one and cant resist the urge to bring him home to fuck in front of her cheap-dicked cuck hub!
make him stroke him to hardness as jojo and her nig tell him what a pussy he is!

bless us and send in a pic of a hot black one up tween your titties jo!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

heres one for you boi!

as more and more whitegirls wake up and migrate to niggers and thier huge cocks, you might ask yourself ''where does that leave whitebois?''

this is what you need!

smooth chocolate baby girl....with hard candy for your faggot desires!

theres nothing more she loves than a whiteboi pretending to be a bitch! suck as you wish boi! let her slide her cummy hard cock over your taint as she threatens to dip it in and make you the bitch you are! she acts like a submissive black girl....and even sounds like one..but when she gets closer to coming her voice changes and she starts grunting like the blackman she really is! sometimes they go primal...she will hold you down and take your hole with force!!!
blasting cumm in you with a death grip on you pencil neck!
i know some of you may like that!!!!!

who would ever think it?

who would ever think that this girl from anywhere suburbia usa, took the plunge!
shes so over whitebois and thier quick, tender, boring sex!
her friend told her about black niggers and thier big horny cocks. she went into detail on how they fuck so strong and how many times they make you shiver and cumm hard during a session!
believe it or not, its no more vanilla sex for this girl! she likes it extremely aggresive! the type of sex only a nigger can put on her!
here she is all white and smiley,  ready to please her man!

you guessed it! those lipps wrap tightly around veiny black dicks and milk tha cumm! she even likes thick loads on her creamy white, fleshy chest!
her favorite place to wear the niggers load is 8.5 inches deep inside her pussy where her uterus can keep it warm and fresh...tho!

this white daughter answers to nigger pimps from now on dad!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

kids today!

this is johnny hes 22 yo! he now goes by joanna!
he lost his high school gf to a black guy!
he even lost his collrge gf to a black guy too! she hit him hard by telling him she met a black guy and she really likes him! johnny tried to change her mind but she told him ''its over johnny.....we had sex.....and it was incredible!'' johnny wanted to know more so he peeped in her dorm window! he seen his x-gf get pounded so good it made him hard! he wanted to be her! first it was watching ir porn.....then he would finger his ass while jackin.......then he started dressing like a girl in public!
johnny soon found out that niggers didnt give a fuck that he had a dick clit! all they cared about was that he had a hot mouth and an nsatiable appetite to eat loads of thier cock butter! hes planning on getting tits next month from all the money hes been making on craigslist! hes gonna get big slutty ones too. the niggers will really love t-ing off on his little shit-hole then!


niggahs chillin!
you cant teach dat swag! its somethin niggers are born with....but you wouldnt know whiteboi!
its drives the white women crazy!
hes doin his thing and shes doin hers!
shes also 10 years his senior, but shes from out of town on business and he was in the lounge lookin for some white hoe in need of a fat niggah cock!

the little nuances!

i suffer from the same affliction! the little things that you see in these pics that gets your fist flyin!!
the way she wraps her legs around his thighs!
yhe pure look of ectasy on her face...eventho her hub is 5 feet away taking pics!
and the best is her hand print on his ass!!! you know she was beating him like a rented mule to pound that hot cock into her wet box! i just wonder if her mind was saying "fuck me ....you fuckin nigger....fuck me hard infront of my weak fag hub!''


daddy wondered why the mini-van smelled like a ymca locker room!
stupid ass! its because your wife cant drive past one nigger without inviting him into the backseat to let them fuck her horny little brains out!!! they hard fuck her and work up a good sweat then thier ass cracks leak onto her seats! theres been more naked, sweaty niggers in her caravan than a slave ship pops!
in fact thats what she secrectly calls that rolling fuckwagon!

message to daddy!

daddy thought he could put his baby girl in catholic school to keep her away from the boys!
hey dad.....do you know what shes studying between 3:00 and 5:00? i'll give you a hint.....its big....its dark and its bigger than the one you have!

future black training!

1 out of every 100 girls in ballet or gymnastics ever go on to use thier skills as adults. the other 99 use it as a jumpstart for thier sexual stamina!
the stamina they need to stay poised for thier long hot fuck sessions wit da niggahs!
karina took ballet and gymnastics till she was 18...the only thing she uses it for now that shes 20 is to pyle drive herself on to  niggers hard fuckpoles!

Friday, May 20, 2011


this is katie and shes only 18! there is no denying that over the past few months her ass is really filling out! the thing that makes it so noticable is that her waist is staying so slim!
her parents are growing very concerned.....especially daddy!
dad notices how boys and even grown men stare and swear when they see her in public! one day at the mall he seen his daughter across the way talking to a blackman.... a big one! and as he was talking to her dad couldnt help notice how the nigger kept grabbing at himself!
face facts dad....your baby girls ass cannot be kept under wraps! whitebois are intimidated by her and niggers go deliriously primal for her! soon she will realise she needs a big strong man with a big hard cock to work her out! that man will be black.... daddy!
the question is can you handle the fact that a big black cock giving your baby hard nutty orgasms?

natural progression!

at one point in her life hard horny white dicks were great! theen one day she had the urge to stick her fat little hair brush handle on her clit.... it felt so good she eventually plugged her litttle hole with it!
it felt   so full and hard to her! she loved the fact that it stayed hard till she was done!
then one day while on vacation she seen a black guy w/o his shirt on, and for some reason she bet he had  a hard black handle that would do the same thing as her hairbrush handle!
little did she know that he had all that and then some!
she made out with him earlier in the day. he made her feel so sexy in his big hard arms and as his strong hands gripped her cheecks with authourity!
here she is before going out with him tonight! do you think he'll find her sexy? do you think he will like her plump little thighs?

Monday, May 16, 2011

your all fucked up...whiteboi!

your fucked up....aint you?
your having trouble deciding if you want to be the white bitch getting her pussy splayed open!!! or the big nigger getting his cock milked as he snaps away with his camera phone!!!
either way i bet you would rather be one of them then stroking yourself like a spineless piece of shit!!!!

the plan?

the plan while on vacation was to get one of the big black local niggers back to the hotel so wifey could milk him while hubb took pics! well after her nipples got hard and cherry hott she wanted to rub it on her clit and opening... once she felt his burning spear sizzle her, she let it penetrate! her next move was to take it deep!
hub couldnt brlieve she had nigger dick in her bareback and exploded involuntarily! she seen this as encouragement an went wanton on him, moving and stirring like an 18 yo! when they came to, she had a puddle of black natives bum-rushin her egg! pregnant and 50, way to go grandma!

heres to her 3 previous white boifriends!

every boy and man lusted after her since she was 15! shes only had sex with 3 bois in her life and she never sucked any of thier dicks!
shes now property of this niggah here! is it a surprise that she cant stop sucking his cock and ingesting his cumm? she will suck him anywhere...anytime and always swallow! can you get a bad asss white girl to do that for you? can you get them to call you daddy and beg you to cumm in them....pleeease?
her tits are puffy cuz a baby is growing inside her! now be a good boi and cum and move on!!!!!!

excuse me, are you familiar with this area?

her gps broke and she asked the friendly looking blackman for directions while she was filling up her car!
go away whiteboi! do you see how bigg! and thick he is? the canal that delivers his cumm  on the underside of his weapon is as strong as your arm! do you wish you were her for an hour? if noone knew what would you do?

take that!

her fiance' is rich! he has a great job in daddys fortune 500 company! he give her everything she wants and needs! cars...jewelry...houses ...vacations......he can even eat that pussy like a bandit!
but when it comes to gettin her itch scratched way deep inside, she has to defer to this dumb nigger with a dongg!
he cant read and he makes $7.50 an hour, but hes creamy chocolate and can fuck like a rabbit with his donkeys cock! she cant stop him when hes ready to cumm, so she lets him coat her ovaries with a thick blanket of nigg jizz!

can you do this?

women find him sexy! especially when they see his big hard and thick cock! when they feel his tounge wrestling thiers or pushing in thier asses or slithering in thier pussies....they go bezerk!
but when the niggah does this, they are sure to give up your pin number to the almighty nigger king!
look at her expression...boi!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

check out this link


youve seen theses two before
-rock hard body building black guy, ultra hard tool, pierced, black fuck machine
-perfect middle age, fat ass, bob haircut, ultra-horny, needs it very hard

these two are what its all about!! black stud fuckin that horny white pussy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

sick niggah!

 wassup whiteboi? does this make you scared? huh, you faggot! its always hard and always ready! nothing makes me happier than sinkin ma cock inta ya wife or dather, but if yo want to suck ma cock wit yo bitch mouth...den dats cool! i let you taste the thick drool from ma tool!
ps- loook how his hot cock fogs the glass up!
look how shiny the head is! that was meant to blaze a trail into white womens souls!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

island cock!

you and your wife discussed ''it''. so you took a trip to the islands! the one inhabited by tons of horny niggers! she strutted around the pool all day in her slut bikini and heels! you watched her walk and as she passed the nigs thier shorts would tent!
here she is show casing her coco cock for her and her hubbys documentation!
it big huh? yeah it is! and its only semi hard! that nigger has 2 more inches in lenght and 1 more around once her little pink tounge starts flickin at his piss slit!

for tha love of it!

shes not a porno star!
shes not seeking revenge on her husband!
shes not drunk or incoherant!
shes just reached a point in her life where she needs to cumm very hard from a proper fucking and she chose wisely!
a bigg , thickk niggaahh!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

yes they will!

hey daddy! i may live under your roof now, but i just got accepted at state! that means i'll be living at the dorms....the co-ed dorms! and its 2011 and with no segregation that means there will be black boys in close proximity as well!
dont worry i wont climb on and fuck them right away! i will take it slow, i'll let them kiss me and grope me at first....let them suck on me and taste my white body! then i will wrap my little hand around thier thick cocks and jerk them as i drool on the head!
things will progress eventually, but i finally see my self going all the way when i let his stiff cock rub my panty covered pussy as he bites on my nipple!
thats when i get on my back...spread wide and tell him to fuck my little white pussy!!!

choose your weapon!

if you were a creamy white pussy with juicy tits and a bald smooth hole (which you wish you were!) what would you choose?
a- a lazy, undersized, weak, white penis that cant muster up any momentum
b-a big, lean and mean, nigger fuckpole that keeps bringin it, and bringin it till your body racks and stiffens in a thunderous girlie nutt!

thats it only 2 choices and the answer is clear!
thats why she is on her knees infront of her master and your about to make a mess on the carpetby yourself!.....loser!

whiteboi fucked up!

she wanted you to take her out dancing! but you just wanted to stay home and jerk off to interracial porn like an addicted teenager! well........your done now!
look at the girth on that black cock! its just what she needed! look at how happy it made her and shes already looking forward to have him fuck her again!.....and again!
the same way you look forward to jerkin off!

the aftermath!

you seen them out at the club! you peeped them roping and grinding on each other! you thought they were perfect for each other. a hot sexy white girl with solid thighs and a hard juicy ass! a cocky niggah, chocolate and toned....a real fuck machine!
while you went home and jerked off with your finger in your ass, he was turning her into a grade "a" whore! heres the proof! its ok to spurt on yourself now....boi!

Monday, May 9, 2011

bet you'd never guess!

i bet youd never guess she loves thug niggahs! well neither does her hubby!
you see her at the starbucks every day and you think shes a white girl who would never fuck a dirty nigger!
she fucks alot of niggers.....every chance she can! she loves to be treated like a whore....a slut! if you dont fuck her hard fast and deep.....then move on! and if your a faggy slow pumpin, inadequate whiteboi....then keep jerkin and enjoy the pic and stay out of the way!

u wanna?

 hey whiteboi? you wana see where this big, thick, juicy piece of niggah cock goes?
well then look below! careful not to blow your load! i know its alot for a fag jerker like yourself to handle, but if it makes you feel any better, she cant handle all of it either, but she workin on it!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

yes she did!

go ahead click on the pic...boi! do you see how fine she is? do you see  how big and thick that niggers cock is? she made him take a shower so she can tounge fuck his shithole, lap his balls and get him really hard! shes then going to get on top and ride him! shes going to abuse her own pussy and she will love it!
and you will too......faggot!

not anymore!

she used to be embarrased of the fact that she had a ''thing'' for niggers! none of her friends knew that she would creep down to the hood, to get fucked properly!
nowadays she lets them cum to her apartment and fuck her well! she even comes downstairs to meet them dressed as a horny whore! she even leaves her windows open so the whole apartment complex knows that she only fucks black niggers with big thick cocks!

hippie bitch turned bbc cuckoldress!

she was once a happy faithfull wife! but she opened her eyes to her hubs secret harddrive, and discovered black men and thier beutiful juicy cocks!
hubs dream came true, as he now sucks hot niggah jizz sreaight from his wifes hairy niggah lovin cunthole!

blackroom casting couch!

you've heard of backroom casting couch? well this is blackroom casting couch! thats right, its where white girls come to get jobs, and thier desperate for the roll! when they get there, they are taken back by the big casting niggah! he tells them about the part  and they follow his request...till he sinks his enormous black cock, inch by inch into thier tiny, wet hole!
in some cases the girls bring thier faggot whitebois along and have them sit in the lobby to overhear them getting black fucked!
you should see a whitebois face as he hears his girl scream ''fuck meeee niggah!''