Monday, October 24, 2011

she did it!

shes livin her dream....the boi who footed the bill for this vacation has a fat wallet....and a shrimpy boy dicklette! his relationship with this lady is to foot the bill for the hotels...and to film tha fuckin! shes not shy about her addiction to blackmen and thier big strong cocks! she has no problem tounge dancin with a nig ..or grabbing his pipe in public! in fact she goes out of her way to ream whitebois pride, and lets them know...that shes ''nigger property''!
besides...could that pathetic, oversized clit really do anything for her? keep jerkin bitch!...shes gonna strut her stuff and go hit on some gahs!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


yeah..shes finally 18! and she dosent care what daddy says..shes a big girl now! so daddy dont tell her how to dress or threathen her bout boys either!
theres gonna be big trouble when dad finds out...but thats not gonna change what happens in the mean time!
mom caught her!...she came home early! yeah the boy was black....she seen him clutchin his baggy jeans as he hopped the back fence! mommy would of let it slide if it were some light petting from a whiteboi! but upon further inspection mom was very upset! there was no protection she could see fresh wads of cumm everywhere! ''and whats that on your breasts?'' as stephanie looked she seen the bite marks getting redder! all over her chest! yeah! what mom dosent know is that not only did he suck and bite her tits as he deep fucked her daughter!....but theres also 6 thick ropes of cumm deep in her gut! ''wait till your father finds out bout this...young lady!''

daughters lunch break!

she texted him...''im here whre r u?''
the ''him'' is her big dick black lover! yeah she only 18..but hes her lover! and this is where they do most of thier fuckin since she cant entertain at home cuz her parents...he lives at a shelter that dosent allow women!
he'll be there in a minute! he'll sit on the toilet in the public bathroom! she'll do a little booty dance and show him how hott her phattass looks in her summer dress with no panties!
''gadddammn girl!' he says..... as she works her hips! time is short so up with the skirt as she sits on him!...she lets her juice build then gives it to him! '''whaa!''' he says as her hot body houses him in her phat wetness! she does tha fuckin...he just providin! it dosent take long for her to girly she knows shes bein bad! they coincide as she stays down and stirs as he pumps it all for her! its real! its happening as you read...and theres nothin you can do about boi! wit it!

lunch break!

this is how this white wife spends her lunch break everyday! she hustles up to level 4 parking where hes waiting in his car!..hes stroking his cock as she jumps in and dives on it! as she sucks she wiggles free of her skirt! she lays back real quick and lets him give her cunt a good lashing! then its 35 minutes of ''im gonna pump my cumm in you bitch-hard fuckin!'' she coaxes him all the way as she multiples on him! ''cumm babby! cummmin my fuuuuckin..cunt! she slips on her panties and tampon to keep from droolin! she freshens up in the ladies room......and back to work on rubber legs!

proper technique!

remember ladies! when you on your knees...suckin that big juicy niggers cock...remember to keep proper form! notice the tilt on her him access to her throat! her eyes...wide open to show him she right there for him! remember...suck that knob while your lipstick is fresh!....and use your tounge to trace around! dont forget to purr and moan like a kitten either!....especially when he gotta dump that load!

hot for tudor!

she is college and shes studying to be a teacher...for extra credits she tudors inner city high-school students! jabar loves that she comes to his house while his parents are working. shes very serious bout her tudoring but jabar cant keep his eyes off her hot body!
she scolds him...''jabar! never mind looking at attention!''...he dosent want to make her mad but confesses...''im sorry, but your so hott, you made me excited and its hard for me to concentrate!'' he blushes and looks to his lap...she does too! as they look his hard cock flexes his loose jeans!..twitching wildly! embarassed!..he asks to excuse himself!...''i..i just need a minute...i can make it go away!'' as he stands to walk to the bathroom! she sees his tent even more! he walks to the bathroom to tame himself....he sits...marveling in her mind at what she just seen!...she feels as if the heat is on...she must see it! she calls for jabar to come out of the bathroom! he sits next to her..embarrased and she says..''jabar if i help you with your problem will you promise to concentrate?'' he says ''yes!'' and she tells him to take it out for her! he does....and she fists it for him!...but as she strokes she realises the heat emminating.....the heft.....and the unbelievable hardness! she smiles as she strokes it...he quickly reaches to her tits for a feel! she asks him..''jabar..would you like to see them?'' she stands and pulls her shirt up and over! she then asks ''jabar..should i take off my jeans too?'' he nods yes...while stroking himself.  her mind is numb and her sweet tiny pussy is running the show now! she needs to have his hard prick buried inside! she lays back and spreads her he looks at her pussy, he sees her lips they part he sees how sticky she is! amazed! he looks to her....she nods! young jabar is gonna cumm in her in 30 seconds but shes unaware due to the feel of his big young cock! jabar says omg! and she now realises he came! her! ''jabar!....did you cumm?'' he nods yes! as he rock back and forth...still in her! shes upset...but realises hes still hard as steel! she relises shes not fuckin her lame one shot boi friend....she pushes back to he does her! jabar settles in and pumps her white cunt!.....his sticky cumm and hard cock make her fuck back at him! they attack each other..primally! now she knows what hott black sex is all about!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


your fucked now boi! jerkin off again...and this pic pops up! did your dick flinch? does this nigger make you harder? jerk faster?....almost cumm? picture what it does to women! jojos pumpin her wet box! she  wasnt planning on inviting one of her studs over tonight, to fuck her infront of her hub....but plans change! right jojo? hey jojo if you bumped into him on your way to work at starbucks...would you smile seductively? or would you just ask him to fuck you real quick in your car?
and by the way its ok that your rock hard lookin at him! am i!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

plz comment!


too late to re-think?

thats the nigger hubb found for his wife!...he seen pics of his cock b4...but it was with his big black hand round it! look how big it is compared to his tiny wife!!! her mind is sayin ''no fuckin way!'' while her mouth and pussy are screaming ''get it....get it!''
all the while her annoying hub is taking pics and video loke a cucky spielberg!
her pussy is gonna win out tonight! first the big black head will make an entrance....and when her cunt butter starts will aid her in slidin down on him! once he starts crackin her ass she will loosen up and take more of him till she loooves it so!

her sons friend!

thats her sons friend! hes been staying over for a couple of weeks.... his fit black body has been talking to her....and shes seen his black pipe outlined in his swim trunks!
shes made her move...and as you can see its paying dividends! the young black is not very sexually experienced....but hes well equiped and can rapidly move his hips! shes cummin her brains out! its her first black cock and nothin has made her cumm like this in her 42 years! god bless tha niggers!
hes barely breakin a sweat and look at her!...she'll want him again and again...he will hone his technique and fuck her even better and better...till he owns her mind and body!

mommy in need!

mommy knows how to find 'em...shes not interested in the size of the nigger...its how big he is down there! her theory is workin by the look of the one in her mouth!...and yes she can suck more than pictured....she just likes to lube the head and tounge tha shit out of his piss-slit, while that whopper behind her tunnels deep!
she chose her sons room to entertain today...its easier to cover up the smell of sex and kinky pubes!

Monday, October 10, 2011

knocked up.....big time!

niggers arent ordinary creatures!...they do it big! and when that sexy white bitch gives them the go ahead to ''cumm'' that pussy!.....well..tha nigger and his prowess dosent dissappoint!
he knocked dat pussy good!


these little rich girls are throwing a hen party for thier friend whos gettin hitched! they thought it would be ''funny'' if they hired a black stripper!
they didnt know he would get fully naked tho!....and they def didnt know it would be so strong....and thick....and hard! they also didnt know that he would be so genorous with the interaction! yup ..he encouraged them to get it hard....''go can stroke it!'' dont tell anyone...but some of the girls had to take advantage of his ''special services''....


she hates her hub!...and his cheap.... faggot cock! he thinks hes a man with power! hes just a white pussy boi with daddys money!
here she is making his coffee...''heres your milk bitch!''...'' courtesy of that ''nigger'' who blasted inside of me!''

she got a new attitude!

the kids are grown and away at college! the divorce from her hub...who now likes final! her new hair-style and attitude is takin over! moms is goin for hers! thats the 22 yo mailroom clerk from her office! she loves double fistin his hard black cock! she also loves tounge fuckin his black ass! thats it mom...dig that tounge in...make that nigger go primal till he flips you over and fucks you a good white whore! dont forget....your tubes are when its time....wrap those legs....grab his ass and tell him! tell him to slam that cumm deep in mommies cunt! go on do it!


yess...her fiance bought her those tits...and yes, he gives her everything she ever wanted....the benz.....the house....the vacations!
and yes...when she sees a hot black stud givin her attention...her breathin rises....her tits heave....her body contorts as her chin tucks and her ass pushes out!
she wants to fist his cock!....get it wet so she can lower her top and have him slice thru her tit flesh....yesss..she has no control when it comes to hard-fuckin..virile niggers! she wants to do it now!....right in the stands at tha ball-game! shucks!....she'll settle for him just comin on her chest and drownin that diamond pendant her boi bitch has bought fer her! she got his number tho....and later tonight shes gonna throw on a black panties! no doubt shes gotta have it in her!....

helpful hubby!

she was stuck in traffic, comng home from work! she told her hub to prep her ''man''....''i'll be home soon!''
barely out of her work clthes she drops to her knees! she tells hub..''you got him nice and hard!..were you suckin it?...huh were you suckin his big cock ..fag?....thats it...jerk that little clit for me as i mount ma niggah! watch me fuck this stud...bitch!''

starter dick!

shes just starting out! but they will both learn thier places soon! she will eventually crave a ''fuckin'' not this fumbling...experimental bullshit! she will want a fullsized cock stroking her insides.....building her up! she will want her perfect tits mauled as the cock flexes within! a good crack on her ass, signals her body to start ''gasiming''! as the nig feels this he pulls her by her suburban hair...crashing her balls deep! fuckin her like she never knew she needed it! she encourages him to...''fuck mee!''....thaahhuh mai puussssy!.....thake ittt!....she groans loud....ohh mai gawwwdt! as he holds still....buried...firing off hot globs at her egg!

as for whiteboi ...he will discover he is more adapted for jerkin...lingerie...and butt-plugs!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

just thinkin about bbc...

just thinkin of the way it filled her up....just thinkin about the mass that moved within her...she needs a moment! dont bother her! she feeling hot and needs some air on her tits! her lipps are she imagining shes about to suck him! she not touching herself cuz she dosent want to cumm just yet!
but the instant she touches herself.....pow! rocketing her her hips push her body stiffens!
just thinkin.........

she said ''fuck it''!

shes out with the girls! shes been thinkin about all your whiteboi bull shit! and shes been thinkin bout all the offers she been gettin from niggers!
shes never cheated before tonight...but when the levee breaks and they take the plunge....they go hard!
3 different niggers fucked and came in her in one night...the first night! the hot part is her expression in pics 2&3....thats ''niggahlust''
''fuck mee....fuck mee niggah!'' ''and shoot that hot cumm in my cunt!'' is what shes sayin to herself!
cant wait for hubb to see the vid!

can you make a girl like this melt?

the nigger taking her pic has his shirt off...and his hard cock is staring at her!...its bobbing and wagging as he talks to her! his deep voice is getting to her and she clamping her legs cuz her pussy is flooding with slippery juice! shes can see the nigger is all that and she pulls her dress tight to show him what she got! her heels...her assss...her hair....and she tucks her chin to her shoulder to signal him to ''cumm and get 'er!''
can you that? shrimpdick....outtashape....weak bitch!

you thought it was a joke.....?

i forget this homos name! but hes got sme hott vids out there...he too had the love of his life, snatched from underneath him by a big diced black nigger who knows how to fuck! whiteboi is mad...but more jealous! thats why he went from fuckin black dildos to real black cock!
this boi actually shoots big cumm loads....but he usually finishes by turning himself upside down while jerkin and pounding his ass and shooting his cumm in his own mouth! im not kidding either!
i'll try to post the vid.....this dude is fucked!

found this....enjoy

this lady loves to dress up and go hunting for young niggers to suck! her hub loves it too! he dresses her and drives her around.....hes even the photographer!
notice how all the niggers are different! shes swallowed more loads than kleenex!

i love that she always gives hubb a good angle for the photo! thank you! slut.....

just 4 her niggah

she met him last night at tha club! shes been fuckin him all night...and morning....right up till gametime! her bra and panties are laying in pieces back at his place! she didnt even have time to comb her they were fucking goin out the door and she blew him in the car while driving to his nephews football game! she sees you lookin too! she dosent care what you think either! deal with it whitebois! shes got a pint of that niggers ball-butter in her tryin to sack her egg....right now! after the game shes gonna get more too!
thats how it is! punk bitch!

keep'll cummmmm!

yeah....are you happy she came home? well shes been out gettin fucked in her hot body by a young nigger! he fucked her in this same position....behind the club! his cumm deposit is swimmin around....10 inches deep inside her! her hub listens to the details of how good he hard he nasty it was.....and how hes gona have to beg to see the load! and no hes not lucky enuf to eat it from the source!.....he gonna have to wait for tha globs to fall to her heels and drip from the patent leather! thats whats left for you! punk.....

another boi turned black fuckhole!

look close....thats his ballsack...tangled up in that panty crotch! uh huh! thats another boi who is taking his internet browsing to another level!
dosent he look good in his moms lingerie? good thing there is inexperienced black guys at his guys with big horny cocks!
this black ''nerd'' hasnt figured out how to fuck a girl yet....but hes figured out how to get some hot ass from a whiteboi! hes already turned out 2 bois and hes workin number three right here!

what is it about....?

-do whitebois like seeing precious tiny white pussies getting overstuffed and aggressively fucked by really big.....really big huge hard nigger cocks?
....and how many of us are yet to discover the truth within?

about time!

its saturday night...and little debbie has been having trouble with her bf....hes so insecure bout his girl...he thinks shes cheating! she hasnt yet..but since the big fight shes givin in to a black boys request for a date! shes shaved...tight and ready! is he!
do you think the sex will be hot? do you think he will get it all in on the first session? will she have a special love fo  niggers on sunday morning?
tell me faggots....tell me!

this is for.....

all you hot cunts that were born with a tiny white dicklette! the ones who realise women and girls dont want what you have! the ones who have made the choice to suck and fuck real men!....niggers in particular....big dick...hard-pumpin....primal..niggers!
this pussy even decorates his bedroom like a fag.... his high-school friend is on his way to fuck him now!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ya know it!

she cant be with her man tonight so shes texting him....''i miss you daddy'' miss me? ''
shes a butterball....and when he gets back in town, she gonna melt onto his really thick....hard cock.....and cumm like a whore!


this niggah is a pro! yup! dat black cock is for hire!
whatever you want.....niggah can bring it!
he a freak too! you wanna watch the wife get tore up? he can do it! you wanna fel like a cunt bitch....he can do dat too!
$250 an hour min...2 hours!
hey guys hes so couldnt get your hand around it!
after fuckin with him you'll be wearing panties and a butt-plug to work!

she'll treat you right....boi!

thats a black torpedo...destined for you mouth!...its gonna make your asshole into a pussy too! shes a niggah.. so its gonna get bigger and harder too! bad news is you may be too old for her.....she likes high school and college bois! she dosent tell them that she has a big black cock....she dosent care...she'll fuck them up if she has to! she usually dont have to the time the introduction is done....thier ready to play! and after entertaining that cock,theier usually ready to try it on! that lady cumms alot too! big...thick...creamy loads!
dads dont be surprised if your boi wants to get married!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

are you afflicted?

dou you jerk off daily?...for hours? you know your what people call a ''jerk-off''! dont worry its more common than you think! right now theres millions of jack-offs just like you...doin the same thing!
is your dick too tired to fuck your woman afterwards?....dont worry your not alone there either! thats why white women are throwing themselves at niggers in alarming rates! when they have made up thier minds to do it....they go all out!
all that frustration.....pent up anger!....they turn it on a nigger! and ths is what the niggers offer in return! lots of it! many times as her schedule will allow!

oh....and do you find yourself getting soft while batin? do you often find that a pic like this, gets you hard again? haah! dont worry....your not alone again! try surfin this site when your fuckin your woman! show her this pic....hes 19....and thats about as soft as he gets! he just pumped out 4 lie! thats hw niggahs roll! dont worry it'll all come out one day...front page! then you can be a gay as you want! till then....keep on jerkin!

now its time....bitch!

yeah....shes been fuckin that young black buck at her office for six months! and yeah...her interest was piqued when she found your homo internet cookies! ''what a fuckin fag'' she thought! then she did her own ''googling''...then she started warming up to that sales rep....tha black one! his tight suits...the women all drooled at his hot ''buns'' all the girls seen the way he looked at your wife! they said ''girl..hes ht for you...honey!''
well she made her move...and he fucked her! he loved her tightness...and how horned up she was for it! they decided to make it regular!
she seen his posts on ''niggasrule''....and how he'd love to see her fuck niggers...and how he'd like to take a crack at suckin one!
todays the day she confirms his suspicions...she just finished telling him shes goin away for the weekend....with her lover....a younger...well guy! she also called him by his fake user name....he couldnt put up a fight!
heres what she said as he slid to his faggot knees!.....''thanks for turning me on to black guys.....they really are a blessing! and i love the way they fuck my body! yes...i love black cock....i love it deep and hard..something you are incapeable of doing! im going to fuck him all weekend...but dont worry, i will send you pics and maybe a vid, when we're not doing it! i'll send it to your ''cuckboy17'' email! yes i know your password! now show me how you suck it deep....maybe i'll bring him here next weekend for you! hes harder than this rubber...and waaay hotter! wuld you like to suck him hard then watch me cumm on him? thats a good hurry he'll be here soon and we have plans!

Monday, October 3, 2011

believe it!

i'd show you the rest of her outfit....but you'd cum too quick! this is how tha niggah wanted her to show up in the hood.....and she did it! she took the bus in her panties! only her sweater mini-skirt....heels...and bald pussy! shes come this way to fuck....he knows it and she knows it!
and now you know it! you can cumm....pussy boi!

determined to be down!

its her first moments of fuckin wit niggahs! and shes determined to make him like her! look at those baby blues lookin up at him!
''does it feel good?'' she asks feels great...but the nigger says ''make your mouth like a pussy...take it deeper...take it in your throat!'' she does it, cuz she wants to be down!
shes not gonna make a fuss when he wants to feel her smooth pussy w/o a condom...and shes not gonna tell him where not to cumm either!

yeah daddy....its her!

yeah you bathe her as a clothed her....and did everything you could to make sure she had everything life had to offer!
yeah...its her! believe it or not...shes lovin it! shes screamin at him ''harder'' right now! shes splaying her ass for the rest of his cock too! only niggers get her nutt dad! she'll settle down soon....but as for the near future she has plans on fuckin every young black nigger she can!

happy birthday!

look at his cock and ball set! thats enough to make women cheat! mix in the fact that hes a super-hard bodied....athletic..pussy pounder...and the deal is done!
game over whiteboi! you lose in every category that matters!